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Made in es
Thrall Wizard of Tzeentch

Hello there,

As title suggest, I would like to purchase some bits from this company, but since it is from Russia and I have discovered it very recently I don't know if I can trust them my money right off the bat... So I would like to ask people about their experiences with them, if they are a serious bussiness in terms of orders, time, quality of the products, and whatever you might want to comment.

In case anyone does not know about them, this is their website:


Thanks in advance!
Made in gb
Implacable Skitarii

North-East UK

I've bought some of there heads for my IW a while back.

They take a long time to deliver but I'm happy that I did as their stuff is excellent!

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Made in es
Thrall Wizard of Tzeentch


I made an small order too with some bits, so when they arrive I will post a little review here.

Made in nl
Krazy Grot Kutta Driva

The Netherlands

I made an order and I did not get a reply nor confirmation (other than the PayPal one), and the funds were directly transfered to the contact mail address (piriney@gmail.com). It took a little over a month to arrive, and the quality was excellent.

Recently they added an automated order-confirmation-system which now originates from order@liberdaemonica.com, and this looks like a proper shop-receipt. The problem is that they state that you get notified when your order ships, but I still haven't received any notification (and it is now more than a month later). There is also no response on questions to the Piriney@gmail.com nor order@liberdeamonica.com.

I hope it is in transit, but I would exercise caution. Ofcourse, when the order arrives or I hear anything from the seller I will check back here to rectify if needed. After my first order I didn't worry, but now I am starting to worry. I will give it some more time and maybe there is a good reason for his abscence, with all the protests and other stuff going around Russia.

EDIT: The seller reached out and stated that he did sent tracking, but it probably was lost by my Hotmail account. This happens sometimes, also with other automated shop systems. I got tracking and it is still on its way. Good stuff!

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Made in ie
Furious Raptor


They just seem far too expensive for what you're actually getting, regardless of quality.

40 quid for a few upgrades for 5 marines? Maybe if you're just looking for some different heads it's fine.

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