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Backporting new Units to 3rd-7th statlines.  [RSS] Share on facebook Share on Twitter Submit to Reddit
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Made in us
Longtime Dakkanaut

This is a general index/dump thread for the assorted oldhammer threads, of the assorted units that have been added since 8th. This is about figuring out stats for backporting them to older editions (5th/7th), the roles they might play, or whether they could even exist as variants/upgrades to existing units instead. I haven't added Primaris into this (yet), but will gradually edit these accordingly while fielding suggestions on how to reasonably backport certain units. E.x., I am imagining the Atalan Jackals and Wolfrunners would be Guardsmen-statline bikers, save with WS 4, I 4, and Skilled Riders representing their -1 hit-penalty from 8th/9th. The Lord Discordant would most likely be a custom mount upgrade for the Warpsmith that turns him into a "Walker Chariot" of a sorts.

At any rate, this is the current list of things to backport, and a WIP...

(PS: Should there also be separate threads to backport subfactions and relics too?)

=Dark Angels=
Ravenwing Talonmaster

Dark Apostle Disciples
Exalted Champion
"Lord Discordant"
Master of Execution
Master of Possession
Greater Possessed

Tzaangor Shaman
Tzaangor Enlightened

Lord of Virulence
Plague Surgeon

One of the big questions is still how to handle the large number of 'specialty' buff-solos that have been added to 8th, and whether or not they should be represented by introducing more "Command Squad"-style retinues for army HQs, or whether they should exist as limited slotless choices, akin to the assorted "advisors" that Imperial Guard get. The other question is whether to backport 8th-style Cult Ambush rules.

Sanctus: The Silencer Sniper Rifle has Psyk-Out/triggers a Perils of the Warp. Soulsight Familiar grants Ignore Cover and extra attacks.
-Alchemus Familiar

Atalan Jackals & Wolfrunner: Atalan Bikers are WS 4, BS 3, S 3, T 4, W 1, I 4, Ld 7, Sv 5+, Atk 1. Wolfquads have 2 wounds and a 4+ Save. The unit has Skilled Riders, and thus gains +1 to Jink saves.


-Cryptek Variants
Royal Warden
Skorpekh Lord
Hexmark Destroyer
Skorpekh Destroyers
Canoptek Reanimator
Void Dragon Shard: Haywire instead of Fleshbane.
Ophydian Destroyers:
Canoptek Doomstalker

The assorted Orktober vehicles. The Deffkilla Wartrike is essentially a Bike Warboss, with perhaps some additional rules for Grapnel-Klaw. The other Buggies are most likely AV 10, Open-Topped and with 3 Hull Points. Cost is the question, as usual. The Rivet Cannon and Mek Speshul had stats which were also on the slightly-crazy side as well; backported to 5th/7th from 8th, they would be the equivalent of a S7 AP 3 Heavy 4, or a S9 AP 3 Assault 9. For the Mek Speshul, I am in favor of looking to 3rd edition's rules for "Blasta Weapons" and saying that the Mek Speshul is normally AP 5, AP 3 within 12", and AP 2 within 6".

-Rukkatrukk Squigbuggy: The Squig and Heavy Squig Launchers essentially add up to three shots, but with 8th/9th only allowing you to target two rather than three units as it's a one-shot and two-shot weapon, rather than three one-shot weapons. The Bitey Squig is S5/AP2 and alas fairly pointless. The Boom Squig is S7/AP 4, small-blast. The Bile Squig is S 1, AP 4, Large Blast/Poison(4+).
-Shokkjump Dragsta: May forfeit normal movement to remove itself from the table and immediately redeploy, as though arriving from Deep Strike. The Kustom Shokk Rifle is S8, AP 2, Assault 2. The Targetin' Squig grants Precision Shots, the Grot Gunner grants BS 4.
-Kustom Boostablasta: The Boosta Blasta may make 'free' independent flamer attacks from its left and right arcs, similar to Gauss Flayer Array or Lasgun Array rules.
-Boomdakka Snazzwagon: Shrouded by default.
-Megatrakk Scrapjet: The Scrapjet has Tank Hunters. The Rokkit Kannon counts as S8, AP 3, Heavy 2/Blast. It also has two twin-linked Big Shootas, and its Nose Drill operates akin to the GSC Drilldozer, but at S8 AP 2.

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Made in us
Gore-Soaked Lunatic Witchhunter

Cryptek variants do sometimes correspond to Cryptek harbinger-of-whatchamacallit in the 5e book. Ravenwing Talonmaster mini was Sammael in a speeder in older books, you could make a generic Land Speeder HQ if you wanted.

My interpretation of what to do with the Orktober buggies is in the Ork book in my signature; I've interpreted them all as weapon configurations on the Warbuggy statline.

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Regular Dakkanaut

Have you attempted to try the other way as well? I wouldn't mind seeing all the old special characters and units from 3rd to 7th be brought up to the new standard.

Somethings like Necron Pariahs, Lord Solar Macharius, etc.
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