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Made in ru
Fresh-Faced New User

Agents of Imperium: Cullexus Assassin 100 pts

Patrol Detachment
Astorath 150 pts

Tactical Squad 90pts

Company champion (warlord) with jump pack 95pts
Warlord trait - martial exemplar (for reroling charge)

Sanguinary guard - 120 pts

Vanguard Detachment
Death Company Captain (melta pistol + thunderhummer) 150 pts
With second warlord trait - the imperium's sword

Captain (melta pistol + thunderhummer) 130 pts
with icon of angel (second way for reroling charge)

Death Company Marines - 2 thunder hummers, 3 inferno pistols 165 pts

Sanguinary guard 150 pts

2 squads of Assault terminators with teleport hommers (hummers + shields)

Vanguard veterans x5 with claws

Vanguard veterans x10
Serguant with hummer
3x storm shields
6x claws

The idea is to start game with terminators and DK on the table, then remove terminators and use company champion, astorat, icon of angel to charge by everything on 2nd turn. Cullexus is planed to be used for scoring objectives.
I usually go second, so I'm planing to hide terminators behind buildings and move as many units as possible to reserve. On the other hand, if I go the first one, I can redeploy my DK to kill something big. I am still thinking about changin assasin to librarian in terminator armor.

What do you thing about roster at all?

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