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Made in gb
Storm Trooper with Maglight


Any thoughts on this list lads?

Battalion {strike force 1500pts}
HQ: Tank Commander
Punisher Gatling Cannon
2 Multi-Meltas
Heavy Flamer. X3

TROOPS: Infantry Squad
Mortar Team. X4

ELITES: Platoon Commander
Laspistol & Chainsword X2

Command Squad
4 Plasmaguns

Command Squad
4 Meltaguns

4 Storm Eagle Rockets
Heavy Bolter.
Tank Ace: Full Payload on both
{-1 CP Tank Ace}. X2

Sorry if there’s any formatting issues? My phone appears to be struggling with Dakka today?
Let me know what ya think guys!

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Made in us
Dakka Veteran

So, it passes the hordekill test. (no problem!)
It passes the armorkill test (probably dead leman russ a turn, between manti and your own tanks).
It struggles to stop deepstrikers from getting at the armor, or alpha strikers.
Compteitive marine or harliquin armies would rip it up in a turn or two, though. Cause you have half your list in 3 targets and they don't have shields.
Looks fun to play -- with that warning about competitive marine people bringing eradicators out of reserves. I really like the tanks, and in my own hands I would give myself an astropath at any cost, to strip cover from the enemy's marine equivalents when I fired 120 s5/-/1 shots into them. I am guessing you will abhor the witch, sometimes, with this list, so no astro?

What regimental traits do you intend?

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Guard gaurd gAAAARDity Gaurd gaurd.  
Made in gb
Storm Trooper with Maglight


Hey Duke!

So I figure with 4 infantry squads I can prevent deep strike at least to an extent; atm we’re limited to the double kill zone/incursion minimum size. ...interesting to note you think I’ll struggle against Harliquins as they’re present in my local meta... was hoping between the flamers on infantry/tank commanders and sheer weight of fire from 3 punishers I could deal with clown elves... 2 full payload manticores will go for haywire carrying transports/bikes, flat 3 damage should cause some trouble?

I try not to play psykers in general as I often run into daemons, thousand sons, & eldar... and with those guys on the board the guard psych options always feel kinda underwhelming? And Abhor the witch against eldar is a nice option to have ☺️

Unsure as to regimental doctrines but probably just go Cadia for access to relic of lost cadia against chaos? Makes sense too with all my troops being Kasrkin
Made in us
Dakka Veteran

With cadian, and used as screens, I would shift from a short range / non LOS mix to a longer range shooty mix. In your troops. Since you are rich in antihorde, maybe focus on making the troops a valid anti-marine threat (in current meta that's never quite a waste) while preserving their anti-ork potential, at least some.
so a plasma gun (2 S7 or s8 out to 24 inch, using your intrinsic rr1) and a heavy bolter (3 shots direct sight, but s5 with -1 ap and can kill a whole marine a hit.) This way, you don't have to make the infantry move, necessarily, to get into flamer range, and when you have already perhaps locked fields of fire down on a target, you can reroll a lot of stuff while shooting at it at +1 directly.

That's really the only thing I can think of to tune you to the doctrine directly, it gives you a few dead marines at range, potentially, where before, your lasguns didn't affect them. It means you kill a couple fewer orks -- if the orks happen to be inside 12 inches -- but I find when only one unit per side can overwatch, putting an overwatch specific weapon like flamer into each infantry squad wastes points, especially for a doctrine where the troops like to sit on their butts and shoot.

While I know cadian mortars can be very good, screens don't have the luxury of hiding behind LOS all the time to use them, so I reckon go with the bigger guns.

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Guard gaurd gAAAARDity Gaurd gaurd.  
Made in gb
Storm Trooper with Maglight


Cheers Dude, I’ll be sure to let you know how it goes!
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