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Made in gb
Longtime Dakkanaut


BA battalion

HQ1 WARLORD CPT in Terminator armour Combi-melta+ thunderhammer Warlord wl traits Artisan if War, Heroic bearing Relics icon of the angel, mastercrafted thunderhammer

HQ2 Lemartes

HQ3 Librarian dreadnought + meltagun psychic powers quickening, wings of Sanguinius

Tr1 8 Assault intercessors

Tr2 5 Assault intercessors

Tr3 5 infilrator squad

Elt1 7 terminator assault squad lightning claws

Elt2 company champion chapter champion relic blade of triumph wl martial prowess

Elt3 5 Sanguinary guard Encarmine Axes

El4 7 Vanguard veterans (jump pack 7 lightning claw 6 shields 1 bolt pistol) Quake bolts

Elt5 4 Sanguinary guard Encarmine axes

Elt6 4 Sanguinary guard 3 Encarmine Swords 1 Encarmine Axe

FA1 1 attack bikes heavy bolter

FA2 1 attack bikes heavy bolter

FA3 1 attack bikes heavy bolter

Dt1 land speeder storm

Dt2 land speeder storm

Dt3 land speeder storm

Dt4 land speeder storm

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CPT in terminator armour, 4 man sanguinary guard with axes vanguard veterans and terminators in deep strike

Company champion and both assault intercessors in reserve

Lemartes forlorn fury

Basic missions - (unless obvious kill mission)

Blade of Sanguinius (Terminator Captain)
Oaths of moment
Relentless assault

Basic idea is T1 lemartes has moved 24" RR his charge with +1 and hopefully destroys a DS blocker and scores relentless assault. While the non deepstriked portion of the army moves on to objectives the middle of the board or into terrain as relevant and any heavy bolters are used to cull deepstrike blockers. Infiltrators hide in midfield terrain and try and channel enemy away from one flank

T2 vanguard assault intercessors and company champion come on from a flank hopefully with +1 to hit from quake bolts reroll charges and +1 to charge the company champion and double fight strat on the larger assault intercessor squad hopefully smashing a hole in the enemy's lines

T3 Terminators the deepstriking (also +1 to hit termie strat) sanguinary guard from deepstrike and terminator captain being more flexible drop and charge in another block getting reroll charges from the captain. Hopefully able to breach to my target character from blade of sanguinius. Librarian dreadnought and the other two sanguinary guard squads if alive support these assaults. Land speeder storm can deny overwatch through shock and awe if appropriate. If not LSS and attack bike position on objectives or suicide for relentless assault

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