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Made in gb
Regular Dakkanaut

Deathwatch Rhino

Having made a large number of Deathwatch Veterans, I decided to create some unique, heavily converted Deathwatch vehicles for them to ride into battle. I imagine individual squads driving into hordes of xenos alone and needing serious fire power to stop them from being overrun and overwhelmed. I have added a pintle mounted Heavy Flamer and Assault Cannon (not shown) to cover the front and sides, smoke launchers to obscure them and a Heavy Bolter to cover the rear. The large icon was based on the Deathwatch Icon from the Corvus Blackstar on top of "scripture"and made to resemble the icon on Deathwatch Veterans Shoulder Pad.

I made individual Deathwatch tracks bearing Deathwatch Icons - VERY time consuming but I think will look super effective when painted and weathered.

I covered the whole of the left side of the Rhino with scripture to resemble the Deathwatch Shoulder Pad. The Corvus Blackstar scripture was used as a base and after a lot of time and effort, the whole left side was covered. Milliput was used to mask where joints in the moulds were - I added some purity seals in some locations where the join wasn't brilliant and a large Deathwatch Icon was added on the door to finish. Once painted, I think it will be a really striking vehicle. The pintle mounted Heavy Bolter can be seen in this shot as well.

The rear hatch had more scripture added with another Deathwatch Icon to finish.

A Deathwatch Icon was added to the right hand side door with minimal more embelishments.

I created a scratchbuilt large Deathwatch Icon to cover the top hatch. The pintle mounted Assault Cannon can be seen on the floor in front of the Rhino.

I really enjoyed making this vehicle, making tracks, scripture and Deathwatch Icons and started to think about other vehicles I could build ......

Deathwatch Storm Raven

I wanted to add as much fire power to help insert and extract Deathwatch Veterans and added a pair of Lascannons (replacing the spotlights), Heavy Bolters and Twin Assault Cannon on top. The pilot had a Deathwatch head and Shoulder Pad added. The front ramp had a Deathwatch Icon added.

I purchased a mould from Shapeways of a much larger size of Deathwatch Scripture and used this to cover the majority of the left hand side. I added a Deathwatch Icon on the side hatch and moved the Hurricane Bolters back to accommodate the hatch. I converted the missile launcher to have Twin Assault Cannons and a Lascannon instead.

I added scripture over the whole of the left wing and another Deathwatch Icon was added.

This shows the rear left side. A converted Deathwatch Icon was added to the tail and rear hatch.

As the Storm Raven is far too short, I added a couple of centimetres of plasticard (you can see the extra white plasticard in this picture). A few rivets were added to finish off the extra armour. The Hurricane Bolters will be added after painting.

This top view shows the extra armour (black plasticard) and the large Deathwatch Icon (originally created for the Rhino Top Hatch).

I am in a converting and building phase at the moment but once the weather gets better, this will be undercoated and painted.

Deathwatch Land Raider

I have been planning on making a Deathwatch Land Raider for a few weeks now in a similar style to my Assault Land Raider........

I wanted to have the Land Raider rear moved to the front.

I have had all the pieces ready apart from the left and right hand sides and have continually been checking bits sites and ebay but there have been no new updates. So I had to reuse left and right tracks that I had started on another model.

The white plasticard is from the previous conversion. I plan on only covering the left hand side with scripture (only where the white plasticard currently is). The next 2 scripture pieces can be seen on the right. Once the scripture has been finished, I will then wrap the tracks around the sides of the track units.

Some of the Deathwatch Icons I plan to use on this Land Raider can be seen to the right in this picture. I have spent a lot of time making individual tracks, alternating between Imperial Eagle and Deathwatch Icons..............

I hope to show some new updates in the near future.

Made in gb
Furious Fire Dragon

Midlands, UK

Those look like a lot of effort has gone into them, and I expect they'll look great when painted. Very much looking forward to seeing some more!
Made in us
Stealthy Sanctus Slipping in His Blade

Some backwater sump

That scripture work is amazing! You're completely insane. Glad you didn't have to do it all by hand.

New Career Time? 
Made in au
Incorporating Wet-Blending


That's beautiful.

And now I need those moulds!

edit: cripes, no I don't, they're expensive

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Made in gb
Regular Dakkanaut

Bellerophon wrote:Those look like a lot of effort has gone into them, and I expect they'll look great when painted. Very much looking forward to seeing some more!

After I finish the Land Raider Bellerophon, I have a few jet bikes that I wish to convert into Deathwatch livery! Painting will probably start when it gets warner outside.

The Power Cosmic wrote:That scripture work is amazing! You're completely insane. Glad you didn't have to do it all by hand.

My milliput skills are basic The Power Cosmic. There's no way I'd attempt to sculpt all the scripture!!!

kb_lock wrote:That's beautiful.

And now I need those moulds!

edit: cripes, no I don't, they're expensive

Thanks kb_lock - I find shapeways really good however, some of the pieces are expensive and then you have to add on the £8.00+ P&P which is annoying!! I normally buy a couple of things so the P&P doesn't seem so bad. I knew I was going to do a couple of large vehicles and the thought of having to add multiple small moulds and to try and fill all the gaps would spoil the overall look I was going for.

Quick update:

I've managed to attach all of the large scripture panels on the left hand side. I now have to carefully use milliput to disguise all of the joints to give the impression of one large area of scripture. After the milliput is dry and cleaned up, I plan to use a scalpel and then a small amount of razor saw to cut the hatch outline. A Deathwatch Icon will then be added to the middle of the hatch to finish this side view. I hope to have more progress tomorrow.

Regards, Phil.

Made in gb
Regular Dakkanaut

Progress Update

With a bit of milliput, I disguised most of the joints. I wasn't concerned about the ones to the rear as I knew I was going to carve a door hatch there. After a lot of cursing, I got to this:

I added a Deathwatch Icon to the door to finish this side. I wrapped the moulded tracks around as well.......

This is the starting point for the front:

I used the large Deathwatch script mould from Shapeways as the starting point for the front hatch, making it larger than the original one. I followed the line of the trackguard to maximise the amount of internal space. I don't see the point of having a top hatch. Plasticard was then used either side of the hatch, What you can't see in this shot is I added some plasticard with some "tread" pressed onto it on the rear of the hatch. I will need to add a small amount of milliput to the top of the hatch to hide the join between the milliput script and the plasticard script. I needed to fill in the gaps where the top hatch previously was,

I've added a large Deathwatch icon to the ramp and some rivets to make it a bit more realistic. To give some more protection to the occupants, I also cut down some frag launchers and added them to the track guard - so just before the ramp descends, the frag launchers will clear a path. I need to add some plastic rod at the bottom of the ramp to make it look like a hinge and this view will be complete.

This out of focus shot shows the rear before I add in the engine and to - you can just see the white plasticard "tread" in the front in this shot. I had to decide what angle I placed the engine and how to model the top. More to follow soon....

Made in gb
Regular Dakkanaut

Update time:

Here's what I did with the rear. I did think about sloping the engine to make it sleeker, but in the end I went with this vertical option. I used some plasticard and milliput to fill the gaps. I used some tichytrain rivets to finish.

This is a shot of the top. I placed a large Deathwatch icon and made space for 2 turrets. Milliput, plasticard and rivets were used to finish. I want to have 3 pintle
mounted assault cannon but I'm not having much luck locating any from any bits suppliers at the moment, so I'll keep an eye out.

I've gone with 4 assault cannons per side. This Deathwatch vehicle is fielded when they are facing horde armies - imagine the amount of bullets 13 assault cannons would generate.

If anybody has any questions, just ask.

Regards, Phil

Made in gb
Regular Dakkanaut

Update time

I've gone through my existing range of vehicles to see what I could convert for my Deathwatch Army and found a few Land Raiders, Predators and Dark Talon I could use:

Land Raider 2

I made templates out of plasticard and then cut out from "scripture" the inserts for the door and the armour. I added a number of magnets to the front hatch to have replaceable weapons.

I decided to go with the same tread design as my first Land Raider, so after lots of milliput moulds and cleaning up, I got to this finished shot. I added another large Deathwatch Icon to the front hatch as well.

I only added scripture on the rear hatch on the right side.

I'm hoping that this Land Raider shouldn't take too long to paint, only the scripture and Deathwatch Icons will need to be painted as I had already painted and edge highlighted it previously.

I just need to decide which sponson weapons to use: Hurricane Bolters, Quad Heavy Bolters, Twin Las Cannons, Twin Frag Cannons, Heavy Demolisher Cannons or Quad Lascannons!

Land Raider 3

I also had a black undercoated Mk2b Phobos Land Raider that I thought would look good in Deathwatch livery. Using the plasticard templates, I cut out the "scripture" inserts again and then using a rhino hatch as a template, cut out "scripture" for the door and an icon was added at the front and on the hatch.

I made a small conversion to the existing tread, removing the middle skull and replacing with a Deathwatch icon. Another large Deathwatch icon was added to the front ramp as well.

I hate edge highlighting, so this will probably take a long time before it gets painted!!!

Deathwatch Dark Talon 2

I had one more Dark Talon semi built that I thought could be converted to a Deathwatch flyer....

I had already undercoated it white, so I'll need to re-undercoat it in black when I get around to painting it. When the Dark Talon first came out, I bought loads of bits from bits suppliers in sales etc. and have built at least 6 of these now. The only thing I haven't got is the clear plastic canopy. I'll keep an eye out on ebay and bits suppliers but in the end, I may just make a quick blu-stuff silicone mould and make a new one out of milliput. I can always paint the "clear" windows black or red - they can always fly by sensor/video feed and don't actually need to see out of the windows!

I added scripture all over the left wing and a large Deathwatch Icon. Whilst building my Land Raiders, I came across 8 Lascannons that I could use on the Dark Talon. I chopped off the barrels and added magnets, so I can swop out the Lascannons to other weapons if I want.

At the moment, I plan on having an Avenger Cannon, 2 Volkite Culverins and 8 Lascannons on this Dark Talon.

I added Deathwatch Icons on the underside of each weapon mount and added Lascannon batteries to the rear as well.

And to finish off the construction, I added Deathwatch Icons to the tail.

"Baal" Predator 1

Like my Rhino, I added "scripture" to the front with a large Deathwatch Icon. I added milliput to the trackguards to remove the gaps and make it look more streamlined. I changed the tread design as well, going for alternating small Deathwatch Icons. The Twin Assault Cannons fell out when I accidently dropped the turret. I'll add these back on when I finish painting the rest of the vehicle. I also added a Deathwatch Icon to the top of the glacis plate of the turret as well.

Again, using plasticard templates, I added "scripture" inserts to the left side. I converted the Heavy Bolter Sponson to Assault cannons by adding spare Assault Cannons from another Baal Predator Turret spares that I had. I also added a pintle mounted Twin Heavy Bolter from the Master of the Ravenwing kit that I had available.

I added more "scripture" to the rear hatch and added a large Deathwatch Icon. The trackguards were also smoothed out with milliput.

This shows the magnetised sponson weapons I have available for the Predators: Plasma Cannons, Heavy Bolters, Lascannons, Assault Cannons, Multi Melta and Heavy Flamers.

I've almost finished a second Predator and will add some more updates soon.

Finally, just to show you that I do paint - here are some completed Deathwatch vehicles I've finished:

Deathwatch Termite

Deathwatch Corvus

Deathwatch Storm Talon Interceptor

Deathwatch Dark Talon

Till next time.............

Made in gb
Crushing Black Templar Crusader Pilot


Awesome work, and truly mad (in a thoroughly 40k way) to plaster the vehicles with scripture. I was planning to add something to my dreadnought shoulder, but this is fantastic!

Thanks for sharing

Relapse wrote:
Baron, don't forget to talk about the SEALs and Marines you habitually beat up on 2 and 3 at a time, as you PM'd me about.
nareik wrote:
Perhaps it is a lube issue, seems obvious now.
Made in ca
Fresh-Faced New User

Man, amazing stuff! I recently picked up some Razorbacks and a Vindicator for my DW Army. Can't say I'd be pulling off anything as amazing as this though!

Thanks for sharing! I'll definitely check back for more.
Made in gb
Regular Dakkanaut

IGtR= wrote:Awesome work, and truly mad (in a thoroughly 40k way) to plaster the vehicles with scripture. I was planning to add something to my dreadnought shoulder, but this is fantastic!

Thanks for sharing

Thanks IGtR for your kind words!

Zopyrion wrote:Man, amazing stuff! I recently picked up some Razorbacks and a Vindicator for my DW Army. Can't say I'd be pulling off anything as amazing as this though!

Thanks for sharing! I'll definitely check back for more.

Thanks Zopyrion. I like to convert things - Check out the following update!

Update time:

Deathwatch Corvus Blackstar

I managed to finish a worthy base for my Deathwatch Corvus Blackstar - why have one dead Genestealers when you can have lots of dead Genestealers!!!!

Deathwatch Dreadnought

On the same theme, I wanted to show a Dreadnought ploughing through a host of dead Genetstealers.............

I can just imagine the mess his left foot is about to make in the carapaces of the dead Genestealers!

I had to hollow out a lot from the carapace of the dead Genestealer under the right foot.

Deathwatch Land Speeder Storm

I have always wanted my Space Marines to be similar to our Special Forces, having special weapons and enough ammunition to remain in a fight. For my newer models, I have added silencers on the end of their bolters and posed them in "Special Forces" poses. On that theme, I wanted a Special Forces vehicle which would pack a punch in case of a fire fight - I imagine my small force of Deathwatch veterans, having to fight without hope of a quick reaction force to help them when they kick a hornet's nest. Let me introduce you to my Land Speeder Storm......

I won an almost completely built Land Speeder Storm on ebay and wanted to kit it out with enough firepower to cause serious damage to any xenos scum!

I used an underslung Twin Assault Cannon from an old Master of the Ravenwing kit I had and is controlled by the pilot. I added the obligatory Deathwatch Icon on the front plate - let the enemies see who has destroyed them!!!
The front gunner is armed with a Twin Heavy Bolter (taken from a new Master of the Ravenwing). I added a further Twin Heavy Bolter in the turret cupola and Heavy Bolters in each side.

This shows the right side gunner (with his magnetised boots!) armed with a converted Heavy Bolter - I had to chop and swap the ejection port and the ammo box around to make it more practical. I used parts from Zinge Industries to use as a pintle mounted stand for the Heavy Bolter. Once painted, I will stick the torso onto the legs and I will get a closer fit than currently shown in the photo. For more realism, I have added a pistol to each of the 5 Deathwatch veterans and the 2 side gunners and cupola gunner, they have bolters attached on their hips. I haven't added the Chapter specific right shoulder pad - this is the last thing I will add before I complete the paint job.

This is the left side gunner. You can see that I will need to slightly alter the Twin Heavy Bolter in the turret so it fits better.

This is the plan view. I've had great fun building this vehicle and hope I can do justice in the final paint job that I'll undercoat tomorrow.

If there are any questions, just ask!

Regards, Phil.

Made in gb
Regular Dakkanaut

Deathwatch Land Speeder Storm

I managed to finish my homage to Special Forces vehicles yesterday from a rescued ebay Land Speeder Storm:

So the weapon pay load is 2 Twin Heavy Bolters, Twin Assault Cannons and 2 side pintle mounted single Heavy Bolters. I decided to crew the vehicle with Deathwatch Veterans from less common Chapters (from Shapeways):

Storm Warriors piloting
Imperial Castellan co-pilot
Halo Dragons Pintle mounted turret
Dark Hands Left side operator
Knights of Eternity Right side operator.

Each of them have a holstered Bolt Pistol and the standing Veterans all have a slung Bolter. The compulsory Deathwatch Icon was added to the front glacis. The Twin Heavy Bolters and Assault Cannons were taken from the Master of the Ravenwing kit. The side pintle mounts were from Zinge Industries with the single Heavy Bolters from the Attack Bike kits. The turret cupola was taken from the rear Taurox hatch.

This shows the front right side. Everything was edge highlighted - painful, but looks good! The base was made up of my compulsory dead swarm of Genestealers and Hormogaunts!

The right side Heavy Bolter was converted to have the ammo box on the right side. I really like the Chapter Badges on these Deathwatch Veterans.

This shows the left side. Luckily the side gunners have magnetised boots to stop them falling out!

I had great fun making this and painted it in record time for me!

Deathwatch Jet Bike 1

I felt if any Chapter would still have access to relic jetbikes, the Deathwatch would. I converted the front Left Side to have the usual Deathwatch scripture and then added a large Deathwatch Icon. I wanted more Dakka, so I added an Assault Cannon in the front. I converted the lance from Grey Knight weapons and a Deathwatch Power Sword.

I added a White Panther shoulder pad (from Shapeways) and a holstered Boltgun for when the lance is lost. I have completed another jetbike - I just need to finish the base before I take any pictures.

Any questions, please feel to ask.

Made in gb
Regular Dakkanaut

Deathwatch Rhino 1

Finished my first Deathwatch Rhino today. To give fire support, I added a pintle-mounted Assault Cannon and Heavy Flamer at the front.....

... and a Heavy Bolter covering the rear.

Deathwatch Predator 1

To help against swarm xenos (i.e. Tyranids), I give you my Assault Cannon Predator.....

I used an old Baal Predator for the turret, adding a pintle mounted Twin Heavy Bolter.

I added Assault Cannon sponsons (Predator Heavy Bolter sponsons with an Assault Cannon barrel from another Baal Predator)

This shows the Deathwatch Icons on the front and glacis plate of the turret.

I didn't quite finish edge highlighting this Predator, so this will be finished first thing tomorrow.

I have another Predator I want to finish tomorrow, as I'm in a painting mood at the moment, so best get as much of my backlog done!!

Regards, Phil.

Made in gb
Regular Dakkanaut

Deathwatch Predator 2

This is the front view of my second Deathwatch Predator armed with multiple Lascannons. The Dark Tone came out really shiny on this Deathwatch Icon - I may use some matt varnish to tone it down. I really like the skull with the "I" on every other track. I also added a pintle mounted Frag Launcher to the turret.

This shows the left side...

..and here's the rear.

Finally, here's a plan view of the finished vehicle.

I'm just re-edge highlighting the last of my Land Raider, sponsons and turrets. I'll add some more soon.

Regards, Phil.

Made in gb
Regular Dakkanaut

Update time:

Deathwatch Land Raider 1

Here's my first Deathwatch Land Raider finished. I added a large Deathwatch Icon to the front ramp and smaller icons on every other tank tread. I added a Twin Frag Cannons in the front turret on this version.

This shows the left side. I added scripture to a number of panels and the side hatch. I also added the usual Deathwatch Icon on the side hatch. You can see the Twin Frag Cannon sponsons in this shot.

This shows the top view. I added a pintle mounted Assault Cannon and Heavy Bolter in the top hatches. Edge highlighting is the most time consuming task!!!

I wanted to have the option of fielding different weapons. So I magnetised, re-painted and edge highlighted the following:

Quad Lascannons and Twin Lascannons

Twin Frag Cannons and Heavy Plasma (this can be swopped with Demolisher Cannons) ....

... and Quad Heavy Bolters,

For turret variants....

Twin Multi-Melta, Heavy Plasma, Twin Plasma, Twin Heavy Bolter, Twin Lascannon and Twin Frag Cannons.

Terminus Ultra variant.

Plasma variant.

Heavy Bolter variants.

I've just finished my second Land Raider and will post shortly.

Any questions, please ask.

Regards, Phil.

Made in gb
Regular Dakkanaut

Deathwatch Assault Land Raider

I managed to complete my second Deathwatch Land Raider - based on the old WW1 British tank. I wanted a Dakka Land Raider, capable of decimating hordes of enemies, so I maxed out on Assault Cannons! In total, it has 12 Assault Cannons,1 Heavy Flamer, smoke and Frag launchers.

This shows a close up of the front ramp. I added Frag launchers as an additional weapon to be discharged just before the Deathwatch Veterans storm out of the front ramp. The large Deathwatch Icon was made from plasticard and milliput. You can also see the tracks are the same as my first Deathwatch Land Raider.

I added scripture across most of the left side and a smaller Deathwatch Icon on the rear hatch. You can see the Quad Assault Cannons here as well.

This shows the fairly plain right side - bar the Deathwatch Icon on the rear hatch.

This shows the top view. I added a large Deathwatch Icon and an extra hatch. This allowed me to have 2 pintle mounted Assault Cannons and 1 pintle mounted Heavy Flamer.

I've now moved on to painting my Deathwatch Storm Raven - updates to follow.

Feel free to ask any questions.

Regards, Phil

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