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i am wanting to start putting together a death guard army and am curious how many poxwalkers i will need. my goal is to initially start with a 500 point force, add to it to get to the 1000 point size next, and then in time grow to a full 2000 points. to start i have acquired 80 poxwalkers and im not sure how many i actually need at the 2000 point mark. most sample list i see run between 20 and 40 poxwalkers. is there a consensus or best guess for an appropriate amount? i plan on trying to trade the excess poxwalkers off but im not sure how many that is. i dont want to trade off too many and then have to scramble to find more in the future. at the same time i dont want to have figures sitting on a shelf that i cant really use. any suggestions or help would be appreciated.
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I'm not sure anyone can say. Not just because the DG book is very new - but also because there will be many new books in the future that may alter the meta significantly.

I'd keep at least 60, even if 20-30 are probably not going to make it to the table very often.
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If you plan on running Harbinger's with Typhus then you might want around 60-80. Personally, I don't see needing more than 60, I think I ran 40 in my last 2k game and did fine.


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I prefer to bring at least 3 units, something like 10/10/20 or 10/10/18. 10/10/20 always better than 20/20, more units could aim for more objectives in early game. No reason to take a unit with 11-14 models, since it would suffer obvious disadvantages against enemy blast weapons.

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Start with 3 units of 10. Then play them and see how it goes. 3 units of 10 is the minimum you need for 3 troop units in a Batallion. You don't want to assemble and paint 60 and then find out you don't need so many. Painting 60 models can be exhausting.

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There's no rule of thumb for Poxwalkers. They're great with the new Codex, but they didn't fare too well as 8th edition went on.

I have 90 and used them in 3 games. Got sick of the FAQ changes and shelved them. Have yet to use them in 9th, but thinking about it.

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thank you guys for the suggestions. i think i will hold on to sixty and try to trade the rest off. while i dont expect to use all of them for my initial force i figure ill eventually grow into needing them.
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