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Just as the title states, what would happen if somehow a Slaaneshi force would find the Drukhari stronghold?

Would they be annihalated?, would they flee at the sight of the One Who Thursts? Would you be able to summon Greater Deamons or are there wards preventing that? etc...

...or would they be welcomed, seeing how a lot of their interest is similar.

Just curious what you guy would think.
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Theirs would be a fate akin to other invaders of Commorragh. Most probably a dreadful end thanks to overwhelming concentration of Dark Eldar force.

The Emperor's Children's entry into Commorragh might have been orchestrated beyond their knowledge by a Drukhari warlord puppeteer in order to ruin a rival's day. In that case they might be able to make it out alive after achieving a limited objective, if they are lucky.

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As well as every other incursion into Commorragh, it would do damage and eventually escape or die. Commorragh is huge and has many sub realms on top of the "core" as it was.
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It would very much depend on how they got in there and who got them in.

Having said that, I would think Vect would want them eliminated immediately to avoid drawing the gaze of Slaanesh.

Depending on the size and power of the force, they could be eliminated by individual kabals on Vect's orders, by the Black Heart themselves, or Vect could unleash his castigators (as happens in path of the archon), or if worst came too worst, he would simply aim one of his captive suns at their force or seal off the sub realm in which they are ( though I think this would be unlikely, as it could give Slaanesh a psychic foothold in Comorragh).
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They definitely wouldn't be welcome. The drukhari aren't afraid to die because they can be brought back to life under normal circumstances, but if a chaos god can snatch their souls, there's no coming back and they know it.

There are wards that protect the city, so summoning daemons is normally impossible. Those wards and a steady diet of torture are the only thing protecting the drukhari's souls from Slaanesh. Even in realspace and without any daemonic shenanigans, they'd lose their soul in short order, so any kind of chaos activity would doom them real fast. If a chaos incursion does make it in Commorragh for whatever reason, it'll be treated as a major threat and dealt with quickly (and probably involve a lot of opportunistic backstabbing at the same time).

Vect has used a daemonic invasion to get rid of his competitors at least once: he got a warp rift to open inside the sub-realm of Shaa-Dom, then sealed it off from Commorragh and let the daemons do the rest.
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Commorragh isn't considered one of the most defensible places not on the map because of its formidable defences. Its considered such because every single citizen is a murderous super human psychic vampire, and invading Commorragh is like punching a hornets nest.

Those emperors children would kick up a fuss, maybe topple a district or two, really ruin an archon or twos day. they'd definstely get that far. But once they where noticed by the people who really matter, forces would mobilise, and collateral damage isn't a word in the drukhari dictionary. They'd get pi ked apart by a dozen different factions. Vect would want them dead, witch cults would want them captured, haemonculi covens would want them...in worse ways than the previous two.

Could chaos or renegade astartes make a home there without anyone caring too much? Yes. But Slanneshes own? Nope, once they drew enough attention they'd be dissected.

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Why is everyone assuming that if the EC went to commoragh it would be an invasion. It would probably be for one hell of a party
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mrFickle wrote:
Why is everyone assuming that if the EC went to commoragh it would be an invasion. It would probably be for one hell of a party

Because they're just ignoring that the EC are slaanesh worshippers. The drukhari are unlikely to even risk torturing them - they'd be killed as quickly as possible.

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Yeah they wouldn’t last terribly long at all.

There are untold billions of Dark Eldar within the dark city. And none of them are what you might call friendly. There’s also significant numbers of other Xenos.

A lot of damage would be caused - but if things got truly out of hand, Vect would just seal off wherever they are. They may not be hopelessly trapped, but they wouldn’t be bothering anywhere Vect didn’t want to be bothered.

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Commorragh is a city in the same way the Emperor of Mankind is a normal human. Commorragh is outside of reality, it is an "infinite" city in that it is far, far larger than a planet and can be continuously expanded. It would be suicide to attack them.

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Depends on how much support daddy Slaanesh decided to bring to the party, because presumably if the Emperor's Children somehow reorganised themselves in their entirety to invade Commorragh it wouldn't be for a casual Tuesday raid

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The EC stand no chance, and the other issue that a "serious" invasion of Commorragh would also be opposed by the Harlequins, as well as individuals such as Eldrad.

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mrFickle wrote:
Why is everyone assuming that if the EC went to commoragh it would be an invasion. It would probably be for one hell of a party

Because the Drukhari hate/fear Slaanesh above all others. No quarter would be given.

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