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This is a really weird question but here goes. So on Mark III armor, there are these little ridges and dots on the armor plates.

Does anyone have any suggestions on what I could use to create the ridges and dots on other models? I was thinking greenstuff or maybe some wire but I just wanted to ask if anyone had any suggestions or had done this before.

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Modelling putty, nylon fishing line.
for the rivets you could use styrene rod or putty

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The contents of water filters is what I use for studs and rivets. You get quite the variety in size and only require a touch of superglue.

Just drill a shallow divot where you want them to go and glue them in. Very effective I think!

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Space Marine Scout with Sniper Rifle

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Hadn't thought of any of those things, thanks for the tips.

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-Percy de Rolo, Critical Role 
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Nail art kits also come with a lot of mini everything.
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A Youtube scratch build creator I've seen a few videos of uses dollar store plastic diamonds for rivets on vehicles and buildings. Just a dot of glue and apply with tweezers. Not sure how the size will compare since I haven't yet bought them myself, but they might be a cheap option for the armor rivets.

Yet another Youtuber I've watched carves spare sprues into a mostly circular shape and then slices off bits for rivets. If you use this method it won't be as even, but you can control the size more easily. Free except your time and effort plus glue and you have full control over size and shape.

Youtube scratch build creators are an excellent source for ideas since you can see them in use.

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If you're looking for heads and shoulder pads to match, Pop Goes the Monkey on Shapeways has a wide variety of SM conversion parts. https://www.shapeways.com/shops/popbits?s=0

I can't personally vouch for them yet, but their items look good in the pictures. I want to say Spikey Bits is how I first found them, but I can't recall for sure.

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