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Made in gb
Regular Dakkanaut

chigwell, essex

The 39th Eoforwich Pioneer Corps.

Its no surprise to anyone who's followed my work that I love guard armies.
My last one (the 111st royston rifles) was an experiment in simple basecoat and wash/highlight painting on highly converted models.
I think it worked out pretty good all told.
looking back at it now I can see that although intended to be a generic go-to guard army with ties to classic cadians, steel legion, dkok, elysian droptroops and a fair degree of idea poaching from everyone's favourite rubricist, a certain mr Apologist, all in one army, it does indeed reference all these but to an effect that washes out a specific regimental style in a sea of mixed-weapons, armour and a lot of flectarn fatigues...
And in truth, although t'was indeed intended as a quick-job paint scheme, I know can do far, far better with very little extra effort as far as painting is concerned these days.
my carcharodons are slowly reaching a natural end as far as the project is concerned, I've touched on pretty much all the originaly intended things I wanted to cover in the project; better-scaled marines in various armour marks, rt inspired reiver beakies, palanite scouts, better bikes and classic rhino and of course the current project of the heavy intercessor termies, all with the classic retro and rogue trader and second edition references within.
my planned fallen angels have hit a dead end creatively and I may or may not return to this as time goes on.

so what to do next then?

more guard of course!

I figured I would choose a single aspect/design-cue and stick to it more solidly this time round.
Also, its a perfect opportunity to utilise all the new techniques and skills I've sharpened up on since doing the sharks and the fallen one, mixing it in with what I did on the 111st RR's and see whats occuring.
so I needed a theme and went for the grimest-of-the-grim trench-warfare setting as this meant, with clever stylings, the army could be used as loyalist or rebellious guard depending on how I was feeling at the time and whomsoever my opponent may be...

so dkok then?
HA! don't make me laugh bitterly...
I know I said I just got a new job but it doesn't pay THAT much LOL. who's does!?
no seriously its indeed the perfect style but is rather overdone and in truth I've never been wowed by fw's resin quality on infantry if I'm honest. never got all the fuss.
still anvil on the other hand? yes please. the regiments range is a thing of beauty and it's interconnectivity makes it the obvious choice for avid converters.
I'm going to go for a simple short greatcoat and the brodie-helmet-gasmask heads as its a nice mix. I really dig (pun intended) the british look it gives, a design cue that gw seem to have overlooked in the guard ranges over the years.
think about it;
steel legion - ww2 german paratroops
dkok - ww1 french/german hybrids
cadians (classic metal) - ww2 us troops (the plastic ones are clearly starship trooper inspired)
catachan - nam/predator muscle-men?
valhallan - ww2 soviet
mordian - traffic wardens?

look, I could go on but you get the point I'm sure...

anyway this:

will be the generic troop look.
I will be adding lots of kit and trench warfare stuff from gw though. same for the weapons these will be imperial and a few bits from the gsc range (not as much as the 111st did though, just sgts and officers). I'll be adding subterainian excavation kit as I did on my royston rifles engineers but instead of having explicit engineers units within the army I'm going for a simple riflemen's company that instead has trench/sapper design elements across the board.
due partly to the fact that ive just been informed by one of my new colegues that gw have pretty much ditched all/many of the specialist dkok units over to 'legend' units. making future game support somewhat unlikely. considering how long its likely for me to take to get anything playable sized on this project thats not a good start so I'm playing it safe and keepiing it simple. just as with the space-sharks...

the colourscheme will not exclusively reflect british ww2 though. thats where I'll be taking a bit from the germans again...
another idea for this army is to only use current paints in the citadel range, allowing for dead paints to be easily replaced as the project continues.
as I've not got the resin yet (hell, its not even on order yet!), and to make this opening post more than just a mass of rambling text, Ive dug out an old steel legion I had unpainted and given the scheme a dry run:

as you can see I've gone for the classic muted greens and browns you expect from guard but in more detail and coherance than I've ever managed to conjour up before on a guard mini.
instead of the boring old plain kahki fatigues of the british trencher's I've elected to go for germanic camo scheme again, this time pea-dot not flectarn.
flectarn was great for the other army as it is tecnically a more modern camo but has a retro feel to it that suited the loose theme of the royston boys that would swing violently between ww2 and modern warfare in the minitures among the squads.
this time I wanted a dowdier brown scheme with accents of green, not t'other way round and as such peadot is ideal.
the colours are simple.
here's a basic lowdown on the process for those wanting to emulate it.

base the coat in steel legion drab. (how appropriate, eh?)
then it time to go dotty, equally dot over the basecoat with the following paints, overlapping and joining some dots together into coudly blobs as you progress, keep the paint as thin as you would for highlighting, you want colour not texture :
deathworld forest (this will hardly show at this stage but is needed for variation later on, its why we do it first as its easily overlooked when applying it)
Waaagh flesh
Loren forest
cadian fleshtone (yes you read that right, trust me go look at real pea-dot if you dont belive me)
abaddon black

now, you want to grab some zandri dust and highlight all the edges and creases going over the camo too as if its all just the same plain steel legion drab underneath.
also add some areas of scratches and weathering around collars, cuffs, elbows and pocket areas too, try to keep the scratches +/- going in the same direction in bunches.
this is to emulate the fabric wear that has rubbed the camo-stain away somewhat, revealing the plain kahki material neath it.

yes, I am aware that I've asked you to highlight the thing before you've even washed it. this is intentional so while you're at it,
base the helmet (and any other armour areas on another model) in waaagh flesh and highlight/chip/scratch it with loren forest followed by a lighter highlight of deathworld forest.
the mask is basecoated loren forest and highlighted with deathworld forest and deathguard green.
the bedroll (or some larger pockets or "soft" kit if you want on another model) is castellan green highlighted with deathworld forest and deathguard green

brown leather
(this can be applied two different ways across a mini and is ideal for belts pockets and holsters too, feel free to swap this about across the army. it won't effect the overall unified look. but will add some contrast and character to induvidual models)
on this one, the light leather on the main belt and webbing is done with mournfang brown highlighted/scratched with steellegion drab and zandri dust.
the dark leather on the gloves and gogglestrap is done with rhinox hide also highlighted/scratched with steellegion drab and zandri dust.
the grey plastic/bakelite grips on knives and pistolgrips/stocks etc are done with skavenblight dinge highlighted with mechanicus standard grey and dawnstone.
do the same greys on the trou. or if you prefer you could also do the trousers as the bedroll was painted if you prefer green to grey... both work fine as far as the scheme goes.
the black leather on the boots are simple abaddon black base with highlights and scratches in skavenblight dinge followed by mechanicus standard grey and dawnstone to the top edges only. from the bottom up drybrush rhinox hide to emulate mud/filth.
metal-work is simple 50/50 leadbelcher/abaddon black base. folowed by nuln oil wash (gun only, leave the buckles and goggle-rims etc for now)
flesh is simple ratskin flesh base, follwed by a second base of cadian fleshtone. then pick out the eyes using asministratum grey and abaddon black and highlight the skin with cadian fleshtone mixed with a little white incrementally to taste.
the shoulder badge is abaddon black with a simple skavenblight dinge highlight for the disc, the lightning bolt is just a simple base of mephiston red. thats all

the highlights might look plenty odd at this stage. do not fret. the next step is the magic one.

now wash the entire thing (minus gun) in 70/30 agrax earthshade nuln oil wash
(this is not really a true ratio of what I use I actually use 2.5ml of nuln oil put in a 24ml agrax earthshade pot. what ratio is that anyway? I'm a complete spaz with maths and ratios. anyway thats what I use all the time for this so I always have a pot pre-mixed. In fact, I never use agrax on its own anymore... this was the closest I could get to devlan mud using the current citadel range)
once dry the highlights will have blended everso gently with the undercoats and bases creating a beautiful transition between the two.
now you can simply go back over any bits you want to re highlight with the final highlight colour used from each stage respectively.
this is especially vital of the highlight and weathering on the jacket with the zandri dust.
this time around you can do it everso more slightly than before, the neat highlight colour appearing as an even lighter colour on itself in the wake of the heavy wash phase.
simply highlight the lightning bolt on the badge with plain mephiston red over itself again.
use neat leadbealcher (I've used boltgun metal here, but I've lodas of that left but leadbelcher would be fine) to chip and highlight the metalwork.
while you're at this, you can also feel free to add some tiny metal scratches to the helmet or other amour edges as you see fit but I've not on this one.
abaddon black the goggle lenses and go over them in high gloss varnish.
base of choice and he's done!
I'll admit now the base on this was an afterthought, I'd much rather have done the bases with greenstuff soil with cork rocks and crackle effects and all that as on my space sharks but this was only ever a test mini so this simple flock, leaf and grass was all he'll get.
metalwork is a bit lacklustre too but as I say, this was not the focus on this model... its all about nailing the other parts of the scheme.
the next lot in resin will be better, I'm sure!

so more soon?

I sure hope so or making this whole thread was a real waste of time LOL

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Made in us
Sneaky Chameleon Skink

Oh boy another OSJC army project! If your space sharks are anything to go by, this will be a real treat!

Anything I say, unless expressly noted, is my own opinion. Take it as you will
My Blog: https://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/0/796348.page#11061568
Now painting seraphon for Underworlds! 
Made in gb
Fighter Pilot


Anvil Industry are great - I’ve used so many pieces amongst my Flexberg infantry already. A dedicated project would be glorious!

I’ve no doubt your efforts are going to be excellent, are you aiming for platoon strength initially?

I’d love to do another Guard project... Must stay strong and try and finish the last one first!? And then it’s a question of Anvil Industry? Pig Iron Productions? Wargames Atlantic? Sigh....

Made in fi
Shas'ui with Bonding Knife

Another legendary army in the works eh? Can't wait to see the results!

Made in be

Kleine Brogel

It's always great to see anther IG project!

I'm using Anvil for the arms on my troopers. They are a really great company!
I think your paint scheme is very striking and can't wait to see an army of them.

- Box

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Made in gb
Regular Dakkanaut

chigwell, essex

thanks guys. good to have some fans already! as such I've decided to share some wip shots.

So my first batch of stuff from anvil arrived and I decided to get stuck into the project.
Did I stick to what I said and create a nice even squad of riflemen in the appropriate uniforms with the appropriate kit?
did I, funt!
hell no, at the advice of my surpervisor at work, I went straight in for kill-team-esque harden veteran squad.
I had been chatting with him about my intentions and he was convinced, looking at my previous endeavours, that I'd get bored or tied down in misery with reams of infantry with no narrative behind the models.
he reminded me the beauty of kill-team squads is that you can condense and coaless all of those ideas for the army all in one squad. Allowing for higher quality and less quantity.
I took this idea on board some, going for an initial five man hardened veteran squad, armed and kitted out with appropriately trench-fightery stuff.
this way if I still felt like doing more after, I still can.
A descision also made more vital after the idiocy of forgeting to order rifles to go on the models I'd already ordered, DOH!
I figured I'd cobble something together then remembered the sprues and stuff I had left over from the royston-rifles project coupled with the palanites and gsc atalan jackals gear left over from the space-shark-scouts...
looking at the gsc leftovers I had loads of stuff I could use for that industrial/trench theme I so wanted on the backpacks and kit.
also the the pump-shotgun from the bikes was a must as it just screams ww1/ww2 trenchgun...
so first up:

Ive decided to adopt the little trick of altering the 'ground' on the base to emphasize the desired pose somewhat as I did on the heavy intercessor/termies I had recently completed. I've found it works real-well on guard, better than I'd thought it would to be honest.
the first of the two has the aforementioned gsc-atalan-jackal shotgun, the backpack is an ogryn pouch with a pickaxe head from the ig tank sprue grafted to a goliath grenade shaft. the smallpocket/bullets are from the dw sprue and the grenade can be found from orlocks or the stormtrooper kit.
The second has the gsc crowbar from the bikers and, as it looked kinda huge, I went for a two handed pose with some real menace.
as he was now unable to hold a gun, I chose the biker bag with the pump-shotty in it, shaving and re-sculpting the bag with a knife to remove the embossed cult icon.
the dagger is cadian.

the obligitory breach loading grenade launcher. yes, although a staple of the vietnam conflict era, the dkok range has made this fit in to the early industrial-war setting with ease. Who was I to argue?
Again pillaging the gsc-bikers sprue, this was was carefully trimmed to blend the muzzleguard and the body to the stock of an anvil rifle arm-set.
Its about 40% bigger than the anvil breach-loader but I rather like that. it makes it feel more like official gw guard than 3rd party, and thats the intent on these... the backpack is predominantly a heavy intercessor pocket-bundle with a cadian knife and grenade added. the bandolier of grenades are a trimmed down set of 'shells' from the ogryn sprue. (I'd used the gsc ones on one of my heavy intercessors and although I had anvil nades they looked tiny!)

So next I decided to tackle the rifle issue.
I had a few nihilis lassers from the van-saar kit knocking about and thought of those.
using the mag assembly of a standard lasgun (cadian,catachan whatever) on it's side attached to the anvil rifle arms stock, then simply graft the nihilis on that, creating a lookalike to the german fg42 paratroop rifle (or sten if you prefer) that also has the sideways mag variation.
In truth it worked excellently but felt far too large and also far too high-tech for my liking.
I figured I needed a simple rifle look not too far away from the dkok's long rifle. but I wanted something with a lot of wood on it, surrounding the barrel more.
I should have got some of the bolt-action rifles from anvil as they are ideal proxies for a lee-enfield or the like, with a bit of tweaking could look ideal.

I imagine this working as a semi auto-rifle with the bolt mechanism working to release the mag...
(I will be doing this once my second anvil delivery arrives, I've ordered in dribs and drabs as my ebay sales are the exclusive revenue for this project at present, so If I don't sell, I can't buy)
why not use the anvil phase carbines? well In truth its too 'third party' looking.
All imperial official lasguns in gw's 40k ranges have the same muzzle and magazine style despite the other changes to stock, etc. so I figured to get this to look how I want it, like an official gw regiment, using the standard mag and muzzle is a make or break caveat. end of.
that will cost me I'm sure but is vital for the effect I'm after.

so then, what to do with all the nihilis ones?
well I discovered I had also some victoria lamb leg sets left over as well as some anvil heavyarmour torsos...

perfect to represent some Storm-Troopers!
essentially a superior remake of the royston rifles 'dark-eyes' grenadiers, these would allow me to use up the heavy torsos, vikky lamb legs and the nihilis lassers as hotshot rifles. they'll look a lot more high tech and chunkier than the regular rifles and as such perfect for the role.
the lighter fatigues on the legs instead of greatcoat suggest that the guys need more mobility and speed, approprate for shock-troops and the heavy torsos are the ideal representation of carapace armour.
this is also the perfect place to use the brodie heads without gasmasks on the sprue up too as the respirators are too long to fit within the gorget of the armour.
all greatstuff.
simple cadian grenade and intercessor pocket completed the look of "travel-light, move fast".
Looking at them now they are so reminiscent of 'the phantom's' personal guard from 'the league of extaordinary gentlemen'.
thats another plus too. the quazi-steam-punk setting of that movie is +/- exactly what I'm gong for anyway so thats a bonus!
I figured a squad like that would need a hard-ass leader. step up the veteran-sergeant:

Using the gsc axe from the bikers was a great way of showing a powerweapon thats a little more archaic looking and a less 'showy'.
The bare head is from the FW cadian upgrade sprue (had that for an age, first chance Ive had to use it as its rather small tbh), as I'd used this I simply stowed his lid across his back.
The hotshot laspistol is an old reclaimed laspistol (already painted) with a bit of rod added to add the hell-gun look I wanted.
flash-bang nades are from the palanites set.
god I'm at it again, aren't I ? just look at how much he is posing up a storm! (pun intended) bad habits picked up from the space-sharks methinks!

But its not it yet, I was looking at the atalan jackals sprue again and relised I potentially had the perfect use for the wolfquad!

an ammo-runner's atv!
Ive used all manner of imperial guard nades and pockets etc to kit it out as supply runner's quad.
the idea being that this baby, runs back and forth along the trench edges (friendly side, of course!), dropping off ammo and supplies to the riflemen on the line where needed and going back to pick up more from the armoury-store.
note the added mud and filth that will, of course, be added to at the paint stage.
there will not be a rider. This is intended as an objective marker really but will most likely be just as fun to paint as it was to build!
and yes, I'm aware of the irony of having a grenade-belt across the engine-block and a fire-extinguiser not six inches away on the front mud-guard. lol

So thats all at the minute as I'm waiting on more stuff from anvil to get more done... yes, incuding some rifles.
will probably be building more before the painting actually starts but I figured I should share something now anyway, just so you know this project didn't suffer the same fate as my fallen angels...

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Made in gb
Water-Caste Negotiator

Haha, love the teddy bear!

Made in au
Automated Space Wolves Thrall

These are looking awesome.

I can't wait to see some more!
Made in gb
Regular Dakkanaut

chigwell, essex

thanks guys...

Big guns never tire...

yes, for a change I decided to do some armour.
I had always planned to have some artillery pieces in the 39th, then remembered that I'd still not done that bomard conversion that I've had sat in a box, unloved, for over 12 years now!

made out of the left-over bits from the valkerie (the one that I turned into an F302 in my royston rifles thread), an old leman russ and a bunch of plumbing junk and an extensive bitzbox.

A good excuse to test out the armour/artillery colourscheme for the 39thers...

as you can see I've gone for a skavenblight dinge basecoat and black wash, then I've done the edge-highlight as on my green tanks but this time updating the detail to utilize the techniques I developed doing the carcharodons, the chips and dink additons.
then instead of further highlighting, Ive done a second layer of 'highlights' in metal.
then Ive washed the recesses with watered steellegiondrab as this makes a great dust/rust/grime effect without going too far.
I did this first on my f302 and then again on my scout bikers. So I knew it should work.
drybrushing the bottom and tracks with rhinoxhide finished the filthy trencher look I wanted...

here's a close-up of the 'interior' details behind the doors (twas one of the old russ kits with the seperate wheels etc...

as most of the deck (made from the back ramp of the valk) is taken up with the immense gun*, including the rear access, the engines must be under the gundeck and in the tank's sides, as on a chimera or basilisk. as such I turned the sponsons into exhaust sections and added some appropriately shaped pipes to match those found on a FW DKOK centaur artillery tractor:

Even though I don'y own any of these I felt It looked fitting this way. Good rule is to match as much to existing gw lits as possible after all...

*the gun, is, in turn, made from the flight-stand mount and side doors of the valk, with plumbing fittings, a big penlid and bits of the valk missile pod, supported by ig tank-sprue ram joists all held together with the earthshaker pivots. the two bits on top are from the russ exhausts, therefore referencing not only the official FW bomard model, but also the old epic one. shown here in one of kevan downey's conversions:

which is a HUGE influence on this one. as are all of his conversions on all of mine. he's truly a tread-head legend...

the extended driver's compartment is made from a cut down dewalt driver bit box:

and is unfortunately very wonky. this thing must have warped over time in the box I've had it in for so long...
meh, nonetheless it shows not in these angled shots and I can live with it by saying its the stresses of the gun or that she took a hell of a hit in the past or whatever. its no biggie really.

the rear out-rigger is just tankguards on a dozer ram.
also the shell-loading mech is an old white-metal ork stormboy backpack, mounted on a trackguard with stowage doors from a landspeeder, all mounted on a dozer-ram strut.

the observant among you will notice the camera-sight and winch from the vindicator sprue, the second of these modified a bit of an IG tow cable. this old girl gets stuck in the mud very easily, needing to be tugged out more often than not, another possible reason for the hull warpage?
also borrowed from the speeder sprues are the hop-up steps on the rear, alongside the screen from a marine bike as a pickup for the fore-end camera-feed and a console from the valk as a controle-panel.
the little lamp on the front is from a apothacary backpack and the hatch is also astartes. (I just love the detailed look of these hatches).
the 'interior' details inside the tracked section's little doors are bits of the interior of the valk, plus another marine bike screen in there too...

afaik the rest is basic imperial guard vehicle sprue stuff or scratchbuilt from plasticard or cardboard.

this was real fun to build and just as much fun to paint...

will definately use this colourscheme on the artillery pieces in the army...

what now?
some actual guardsmen next!

...about time I know...

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Made in gb
Regular Dakkanaut

chigwell, essex

So, I bit the bullet today and did one of each of what Ive got built so far, one of the shotgun veterans and the grenadier sgt.

as you can see this guy is ready to science the gak out of heretics in the trenches...

with the stormtrooper sgt you can see i opted to change the pose some since last you saw him.
as a nice little reference to rtcw and where eagles dare, I've got him clutching the everso stealthy and secretive bunch of dynamite that oss agents used on covert ops...
also with his hellpistol gone I opted to use a kroot pistol with a lasmuzzle grafted on to replicate the look of something more akin to a musket or sawn-off shotgun in looks, yet still a hotshot laspistol as far as wysiwyg.
I love its winchester-reloady/triggerguard bit and its chunky-ass, yet rounded wooden grip. much better and fits in with the whole full-stock look I'm going for with these...

I must apologise for the yellowish tint to these shots but light was poor at the time and I was rather eager to share, LOL
I hope you can see from these that these are at present the pinnacle of my painting prowess to date.
Ive utilized all Ive learnt doing both my last guard army and all ive learnt doing the spacesharks and thrown in a few new teqniques for good measure and I really feel this has paid off.
I will not be rushing this project, doing no more than two or three models at a time to prevent the usual sloppyness and rushing that is bound to happen otherwise when batch painting squads-worth of peadot camo!
so slow and steady wins the race on these...
more soon...ish
Made in gb
Regular Dakkanaut

chigwell, essex

So, still no more guard painted...
Ive been rather busy of late but I have been scratchbuilding some bits for the artillery side of the force.
Yes, I know what you might be thinking; "eventually you might have some guard on your guard thread, right?"

the answer is yes, as I'm more than half way through painting the first batch of shotgun veterans I started...

however I was doing a rummage through an old box and found some unfinished and odd things I decided to work on as a bit of scatter terrain:

first up some 1:35 scale barrels (what we used to use back in the day for 40K terrain barrels as the old ones had ugly joins on the lids/bottoms/ and these dont...)

as you can see, they are a bit of an experiment in weathering effects. the centre one is done purely with paints, the left one also uses crackle and corrosion (gritty) technicals to added effect and the one with the embering timbers has both of these effects to show burnt and just a bit of rust around the bottom... I even used the crackle on the wood (previously a chip fork I believe) to make it look pre-burnt...

next is some tarped ammo crates.

these are made out of the ends of some cheap spirit levels from my old job. I added the brass etch eagle plates and the tarp is the old, watered pva on a coffee-house paper napkin ploy of old...(the coffee-house ones always seem to have a good tarpy texture)

finally I cut down a vindicator shell (I've had this for sometime now) to proxy as an earthshaker shell...

this one is a bit of a visual hint for one of the upcoming scratch-builds... I'll leave that to your imagination for now...

*Ive added some direct links below the images themselve because for some reason they re not showing for me on here...

** just uploaded them to google images for now... damn this with mediafire. why the hell have they disabled direct linking to images? madness...

***ah feth! just found out that they are only visisble if you're a user logged into google... forget it... use the links

**** signed upto imgBB. so should work now...

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Made in gb
Regular Dakkanaut

chigwell, essex

so I got my finger out today and finished that five man shotgun veteran fire-team:

Sawn-off shotgun guy. as you can see, this one uses a backpack and weapon from the atalan jackals set and some spare shot-shells on his chest rig from the fire-warrior set.

again, with a gsc double-barrelled shotgun, this one has the full-sized gun, which matches the cut-down version featured on the previous guy. his kit is an astartes grenade on a palanite enforcer pocket, an imperial shovel (mated to a mk3 marine chainsword handle, to represent an extendable grip) and a pocket from the eliminator sprue.
as well as this you will see a unique piece of kit, specific to the Eoforwich Pioneer corps, the Frag-charge:

Little more than large grenades, Frag-charges are similar in size and operation to meltabombs yet serve a very different role. used exclusively as anti-personel charges, these can be set as traps or simply thrown into an enemy bunker to "pacify" the room prior to entrance. cumbersome, heavy and very crude but certainly effective...

to make this Frag-charge was simple. its just a necromunda goliath nade with the stick removed. to make it really obvious that it is different to a regular frag-grenade, I diceded to paint it a simple black, place it on its side (as opposed to on end as nades are usually placed) and also add the astartes grenade (which is a pretty big grenade itself, compared to a cadian one, anyway) as a sence of scale.
this model's pose is also an attempt to create the sense of "going over-the-top", charging across no-mans-land toward the enemy. Sprinting like a madman, got to move fast to get close enough to use that shotty to best effect, eh?

pump shotgun dude. this guy you may remember in its unpainted wip state.
as you can see this is where the goliath grenade's stick went, onto the imperial guard pickaxe handle.
the big pocket is ogryn, the nade tempestus-scion the small pocket dw and again with the fire warrior shot-shells. the shotgun is, of course, from the long suffering GSC atalan jackals set.

again, one you've seen in WIP, this grenade launcher guy features the gsc launcher, the shells are from the ogryn sprue, the backpack a heavy intercessor pocket, the knife, cadian, as is the grenade too...

here's a squad shot featuring an appropriately trenchy backdrop...
really loving how these came out. really got that dkok/trench warfare feel but with their own sense of identity thats really starting to flesh itself out as I go along...

most likely the stormtroopers next and theres also some riflemen on the brew too, still got a spaceshark to finish as well but thats another story...

oh, and no, Ive not yet resloved the mediafire issue. its pending an answer from them before I make any hosting changes so for now, just click the links to view this stuff...

I've just joined imgBB to host these images, however I've left the mediafire links for now in case that goes wrong too :roll:

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chigwell, essex

'nother day, 'nother model, today I've done one of my aforementioned artillery sratchbuilds:

visually inspired by a german nebelwerfer, this is clearly based off of a chaos vehicle sprue's havoc multi-launcher.
this has been mounted onto one of the seats of the valkyrie thats sitting on its front.
the grip handles are a tow-cable thats been sliced in half and the tow hook is off the marine vehicle sprue.
the axles are simple plastic rod and the wheels are made out of the drainage slots from plastic hanging-baskets. (the holes were already in there, that and the fact that the thing looks like a dkok artillery wheel, and I had them already anyway, is why I used this to make the wheels, rather than card/washers or whatever you fancy)
the front shield is an old leman russ side-door-hatch.
paintjob is the same as on the bombard.
what is it then?
I dunno, missilelauncher proxy? or just perhaps some rather nice terrain? either way, its obvious visual reference to a trench-warfare smoke-launching-missile-platform cannot be denied.
I can just imagine this sitting at the trench edge, firing off smoke-missiles preceeding an 'over-the-top' charge across no-mans-land...

btw the chaos multi-launcher is one badly cast bit of a model... not very nice detail at all, thanks be it was mostly covered in trench-grime and paint-chips!

the next artillery piece you'll likely be seeing from me will be somewhat more impressive in scale than this...

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How big is it? If it's fairly small, it could be a Quadlauncher? It's well designed for sure, I totally would have believed it to be a kit!

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chigwell, essex

Thanks gwyn! I'm glad you think so.
as for size? she's pretty small, each of those tubes holds but a basic missile, making them +/- the same size as a spacemarine or imperial guard missile launcher, so far too diddy for a quad launcher thudd gun...

all in, its about the size of a basic imperial guard heavy weapon. see here:

trooper freeman was getting bored waiting for the tech-adept to come and give the faulty launcher the omnissiah's blessing and prepares to make his own "adjustments"

also, got some more barrels done.

I think I nailed that purpley-reddy-patina rust tone these things always have. a base of gal vorbak red followed by the same mixed with some mornfang brown sponged over. then sponge over some rhinox hide and some wash with virmin fur (scrag brown in todays money?) wash and then a bit of a scuff with some dark metal. simple...

sure hope trooper freeman keeps that crowbar away from the second one on the left there...

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Could be a Mortar Crew then?

That rust patina really is fantastic, great job!

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chigwell, essex

oh, no, I've other plans for the regular mortar crew...
heres some better pics of the shotgun-veteran squad again, this time on my trademark starry background (and with better lighting!)

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Crowbar! Half-Life 3 confirmed?! Anyway, these turned out great once again. Really like how the greenstuffed bases add more depth & dynamic posing without the usual 'tactical rocks' ^^

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Love the flecktarn like camo, how long does that take you to paint?

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chigwell, essex

 MobileSuitRandom wrote:
Crowbar! Half-Life 3 confirmed?! Anyway, these turned out great once again. Really like how the greenstuffed bases add more depth & dynamic posing without the usual 'tactical rocks' ^^

yeah, not a fan of the tacticool rocks myself. Always looks a bit 'man-at-C&A' If you know what I mean. and yeah I know my sharks are very much pose-up-a-storm but they too tuse this approach...
this creates the same effect as the rock-stars yet retains the filthy trench-mud look I'm hoping to achive, thus making more thematic sense...

 Guardling wrote:
Love the flecktarn like camo, how long does that take you to paint?

the pea-dot alone? around 50 minutes on four minis. but that does not include the highlighting or all the other stages.
all in the four took around six hours.
four doing everything prior to the wash stage then a couple of hours the next day to finish extra highlights, gloss and the bases and assembly.
not a big deal to be honest as I've done so much similar work on the royston-rifles that its second nature on the camo now.
I must also add that thats taking my time. stopping evry now and then to drink some re-caffe and flick through a mag, mow the grass, wash up or whatever just so I'm not perpetually hunched over the table staring at minis and brushes...
one day perhaps I'll do a hit-it-hard method and see how long it really takes... or not... supposed to be a casual enjoyable hobby not a grind afterall.
I think the quality would drop enormously if I "busted them out" as I'd get fed up quickly...

Automatically Appended Next Post:
been at the scatter terrain again:

this time a nice pallet to go with the barrels.
I figure its +/- the right scale for the barrels? making it 1:35 scale? I dunno. its 2 inches square, which still looks pretty big for 1:35 and tbh its bleedin' huge against the guardsmen but whattayagonna do? the original 'battlefield accessories' set had the same 1:35 scale barrels two types of boxes and some tank traps AND some 2inch square pallet thingys. ok they were chequer-board metal jobbies but still. 2" square pallets so this is my basis for this monstrosity!

its made from 13 2" peices of coffee stirrers superglued onto 9 5mm cubes of balsa. in the exact manner a real pallet would be. go look at one. its the same (unless its a euro pallet of course. they are not square and turf pallets are different too, no blocks just strips, but thats a different story alltogether.)
rather than paint the model as usual, I opted to simply stain it with watered agrax and some spot staining of watered brown and chestnut ink.
a bit of grey and green washed and drybushed after it was dry and then finally the nails drawn on as simple little slitty dots with a fineline marker.
looks ok I think. well, fine for something that cost me nothing but time, inks and a bit of balsa!

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Nice project! The guardsmen look ace, especially with the pea dot camo. Looking forward for more.

The scatter terrain looks convincing as wel.

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chigwell, essex

thank ye.

'nother two of the stormtroopers done:

This one's pose shows off the fg42 inspired hotshot-nihilis lasgun a treat.
you can see how I simply mounted a lasgun mag assembly onto one of the anvil riflestock parts, then just grafted the van-saar lasser onto that.
painting it as wood stock gives it that high-tech yet oldskool look I realy wanted to convey.
Its chunky enough to be a hellgun against the regular rifles (yet to be revealed, and yes, I must paint some regular riflemen soon, I know...) yet its still sleek enough to not look as rediculous as the hyper-chunky hellguns I made from the reiver grapnels on the royston rifles' darkeyes...
the tankbomb is off the atalan jackals sprue and the nades are a cadian frag and a pocket/gasnade(?) combo from the riever sprue to give that 'elite' feel...

This one uses another atalan jackals component, this time the bag of dynamites to again convey some of that sabotage/demolition thing I was going for and you'll also see he has his GW citadel minitures box on his back too! lols, no I know it looks like one of those but imagine this is a box of tools or further explosives etc...
to pad him out some he has the space marine pocket triplet and another cadian nade.

more soon...
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Such lovely efforts, mate, they’re coming out just great. The colour scheme is very nicely done.
Seeing your vehicle conversions is a right treat too!

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chigwell, essex

Thanks Ragsta.

although the colourscheme is more germanic than british it helps cement the ww1/ww2 feel that is the desired effect here, but the use of more modern equipment such as molle vests and the like is added to make it more 40k and also to reflect that captain america war-time suit that he wore. no way such tech was available then but it looks retro enough to feel right.

Three or so Alan Parsons records and a few cups of recaff gets a couple of riflemen done today:

you can see how the rifles came out now. rather happy with the result. I like them a lot more than the fw dkok lasguns tbh, retro and realistic yet clearly of imperial design. they remind me of the lasguns on the blackstone fortress chaos traitor guardsmen. but a bit more sensibly proportioned for these models.
the backpacks are the leg pockets off of primaris infiltrators/incursors.
really nice for adding that dkok backpack look. the new pockets have nicer detail but standard tactical marine (or mk4 kit pockets would be much better, in truth, they have crisper detail) would do fine, I'm sure. I may yet use these on some of my forthcoming models for a bit of variation in the troops.
the sgt/watchmaster has the ridged lid to denote his rank and the suitably nasty punch-dagger/brass-knuckes comes from a bloodbowl dude. I felt that a set of brass-knuckes are suitably trenchy themed but the hugeness of this specific one absolutely on-par with 40k's weapon stylings

I've been musing on the squads a bit and realise that I've subconciously been building this with second edition rules in mind.
a quick look of the recent codex shows me that infantry sergeants can no longer use lasguns. grumble, grumble.
however dkok infantry can use them. they are called watchmasters not sergeants I believe...
so perhaps I'll use the dkok as a proxy for the army. they are close is asthetics, after all...
that also makes more sense for the shotgun veterans I've done which, as a squad of five are currently illegal.
so use them as engineers? well fine, yeah but the grenade launcher has to go.
so that will go into an infantry squad and I'll make a new shotgunner model to make the five-man engineer team I need.

I'll post more as soon as stuff gets done...

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These are REALLY nice... I love it
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Those knuckles are great, wouldn't want to be on the receiving end of those!

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chigwell, essex

Thanks folks!

been toying with the idea of designing a lascarbine for some of the veterans in the force.
I decided to go with something akin to the elysian accatran, bullpup lasgun.
however unlike my previous attempts for the royston rifles, based on the tau rifle mixed with the lasgun, this one is based on the spacemarine mk4 flamer ad as such is much shorter and ideal to represent a short pattern las-carbine:

although only at the mock-up stage at present, I'll be sure to post some shots when I've done a guy with one.
I feel it looks a lot more integral and comprehensive than the other design I did. espescially the carry handle/sight.
the round circley bit is aslso a lovely visual tie-in to the grip/stock on the dkok lasgun design too which is a nice bonus...
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osjclatchford wrote:thank ye.

'nother two of the stormtroopers done:

This one's pose shows off the fg42 inspired hotshot-nihilis lasgun a treat.
you can see how I simply mounted a lasgun mag assembly onto one of the anvil riflestock parts, then just grafted the van-saar lasser onto that.
painting it as wood stock gives it that high-tech yet oldskool look I realy wanted to convey.
Its chunky enough to be a hellgun against the regular rifles (yet to be revealed, and yes, I must paint some regular riflemen soon, I know...) yet its still sleek enough to not look as rediculous as the hyper-chunky hellguns I made from the reiver grapnels on the royston rifles' darkeyes...
the tankbomb is off the atalan jackals sprue and the nades are a cadian frag and a pocket/gasnade(?) combo from the riever sprue to give that 'elite' feel...

This one uses another atalan jackals component, this time the bag of dynamites to again convey some of that sabotage/demolition thing I was going for and you'll also see he has his GW citadel minitures box on his back too! lols, no I know it looks like one of those but imagine this is a box of tools or further explosives etc...
to pad him out some he has the space marine pocket triplet and another cadian nade.

more soon...

I love these two! Phenomenal work. These have the right mix of hightech and WW2 for my sensibilities. Also, they'd fit right in 2000AD, which has become somewhat of an obsession for me lately (Mainly the ABC Warriors, Nemesis, Strontium Dogs & Rogue Trooper, that is)

osjclatchford wrote:Thanks folks!

been toying with the idea of designing a lascarbine for some of the veterans in the force.
I decided to go with something akin to the elysian accatran, bullpup lasgun.
however unlike my previous attempts for the royston rifles, based on the tau rifle mixed with the lasgun, this one is based on the spacemarine mk4 flamer ad as such is much shorter and ideal to represent a short pattern las-carbine:

although only at the mock-up stage at present, I'll be sure to post some shots when I've done a guy with one.
I feel it looks a lot more integral and comprehensive than the other design I did. espescially the carry handle/sight.
the round circley bit is aslso a lovely visual tie-in to the grip/stock on the dkok lasgun design too which is a nice bonus...

Looking good to me! I think it looks even better than the Van Saar bullpup <3
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chigwell, essex

thanks a lot tauist!
those stormtroopers were just an excuse to use up old legs and torsos but have become a solid part of the force now! they are helping to cement the look of the more elite side of things. still ww1/ww2 in general style but with molle vests, high tech gear and all that jazz to emphasize the far-future-war of it all... glad thats coming across!
as for 200ad? I've fond memories of the 70's/80's collection of mine of old... I too loved all you've named and not forgetting dear old ace garp... great stuff... you got me thinking now, hmm... wartime looking abc warriors thats an idea...

also Its never really occured to me that the regular van saar lasguns are bullpup. but I suppose they are arn't they. its not for size advantage though, is it? as they are almost the same size as the kanrael (cadian) ones. still I had been wondering just where the magazine is supposed to be on those. thats why I added the mag assembly and rifle stock on my stormtrooper's nihilis lasguns. I felt it added a bit of practicality to them and also helped that it looked rather fg42-esque with this detail added...

anyway, one of the aforementioned vetrans

still wip but enough done to show off the new carbine design somewhat.
(he will most likely end up in a command squad with a few similarly armed friends and a company commander at some point)

this guy features the anvil 'plate carrier torso' that (although unlear in this image) features some extensive molle details, making it a great link to the heavy armour torso's I've used on the stormtroopers, yet its lightweight enough so as not to confuse with the stormtroopers on sight.
its the collar/neck that does it on those. as soon as you see that where the helmet and collar almost touch, creating an almost knightly vision-slit effect you know they are different to the rank and file.

anyway, I was looking over the veterans/engineers with shotguns I did before and realised that if I am fielding them as engineers they lack a very important detail; carapace armour!

so 'what to do?' says I.
I figured that the eoforwich pioneers are not the dkok, sure so why not have a few differences hither and yon. got to have their own flavour in there too eh?
so if the stormtroopers are grenadier versions of the rank and file infantry, simply more armour and higher powered rifles, then I can do something similar for the engineer side of the corps too!
so an idea was born:

the 39th elite engineers aka the 'hammer hogs'
these guys will be essentially, to the current engineers, what the grenadiers are to the infantry.
They are little more than heavily armoured walking shotguns, scouting ahead and providing cover for the unarmoured engineer specialists as they go about their work, guarding the labrynthian subterrainian tunnels to prevent counter-attack...
rulses wise they'd just be another five engineers with shotguns to flesh the engineer squad out to ten.
or just an alternate looking other five man engineer squad. whatever really, just fun to create something thats unique to the EPC and not just another dkok/cadian/eleysian clone army, like what my royston rifles became a bit int he end.
oh they've got character, don't get me wrong. just a little too much if you know what I mean. left them looking really disperate. something I'm hoping to avoid in this army. I hoping that even with different armed models, keeping them rather uniform per squad/fireteam it will not 'break-the-bank' of the unified look of the force... just let me know if you think I'm going to far at any point...

really this is just another excuse to model some more no-nonsense guys like the stormtroopers but with shotguns because, shotguns!
visually a fair mix of the engineers and the grenadiers, these guys will use the same 'plate carrier torso' as the above pictured trooper and feature the similar shorter tunics as worn by the grenadiers (this time using anvil's putee legs in place of the vikky lamb ones) too, keeping the "travel light, move fast" asthetic already employed by the grenadiers.

the weapons will actually be anvil's KSG shotguns.

yes, a rather contraversial choice, as they are a very modern, bullpup design. I feel they will create an elite and high tech feel yet (with wooden stock effect in the paint job) still feel akin to the shotguns used by the engineers I've previously modelled.
of course it helps they look like the stargate atlantis triple barreled shotguns too

FYI, I'm still waiting on anvil to restock these KSG shotties so I'm afraid you'll have to wait for pics of these till then.

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I am having a ball following your work! High quality painting and extremely imaginative use of bits to make new products- what a treat!

The pioneers and shotgun vets are terrific, realistic in their mass grouping but individually pleasing as well. The bombard though- a real gem. I like how you reasoned out what the 'internal integuements' must look like based on a form follows function model. In a very small way I tried to do something like that when I built a C2V half track. Your model is quite superb with a fusion again of quality paintwork and imaginative application of unusual bits (a Dewalt Bit Box, indeed!).

Rock on.

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