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My wife and I have spontaneously decided to try Necromunda over the weekend, so we're looking for a bit of guidance here. The chosen gangs are Delaque and Palanites, but were unsure what to buy exactly. Delaque only has the gang pack available, so that's a straight forward decision for my wife.
For the Palanites I prefer the look of the Subjugators, but I'm not sure how they square off against a full gang. Should I rather go for the enforcers instead? I love those big shields ...

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Well armoured models can be a real pain for opponent’s in the early campaign, and indeed in one off, non-campaign games.

In short, they’re far more apt to win battles of attrition, as relatively few gangs have much access to effective armour.

Honestly? The best advice I can give is to just go wild. Field whatever you want, get a feel for the game and where your tactical preference lies. Don’t worry about efficiency or anything like that. I actually find the game gnarlier and more fun when I just cobbled together a gang from whatever models I’ve built.

To my mind, it better reflects the not brilliantly funded militia aspect of the game. It’s more of a challenge to make whatever you’ve got work, and I for one find that fun (other opinions are available, nobody is playing the game wrong!)

Though I would say the game really comes into its own when you’ve got at least half a dozen players in a campaign. You’re pretty much guaranteed a solid mix of gang types, especially if each player’s selection is kept secret until the first game.

But as I said, these are just my preferences, and absolutely nobody is playing the game wrong.

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My wife and I are learning Necromunda as well. We are playing from the 2017 box game with the Escher and Goliath gangs. We are also only playing the gangers "as they come" from the pre made player cards.

What we have found so far is its best to take your time with the rules. Start playing with just the basic rules and add to them as you get comfortable. We have not even gotten to building our own gangs yet and we find it works well to learn a new rule or two per game we play.

Good luck and have fun!
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