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[Necromunda] New Esher and Goliath plastic weapons and upgrades from GW  [RSS] Share on facebook Share on Twitter Submit to Reddit
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Everett, WA

I was able to look over the new plastic weapon and upgrades sprues on GW's site where I noticed that these were cherry-picked selections from FW's existing line of resin products. While I'm never against things going plastic I am disappointed in the small quantity being produced. The upgrade pack contains two identical sprues which are a bit cheaper but have only one of each weapon type which means immediate duplication. On the plus side, there are plenty of new heads and with FW being sold out this may be the only way to get certain bits.

So, what do you think about the new plastic upgrades?

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Purposeful Hammerhead Pilot

I'm seeing this change into a plastic kit as GW pushing more for Necromunda into becoming a more accessible game to the mainstream. This coincides with the new computer game launch as well as with the starter containing an errata'd version of the rulebook.

Resin can be difficult to work with for beginners. Furthermore, I'm not sure everyone even knows that Forge World makes models for Necromunda, FW is usually not stocked in FLGS either.

I have to wonder why the are selling the sprues in pairs though? Guess they are expecting so low sales for these that they need to recoup the tooling costs twice over from anyone who want these. But this will be good for the ebay/bits market since everyone who buys a kit can sell off their other sprue's bits

Made in gb
Last Remaining Whole C'Tan

Gluing fiddly resin bits to plastic is a hassle everyone can do without.

Overdo the superglue? White stains on the plastic, likely somewhat textured too.

Not enough? As much chance of them sticking to your fingers.

So having the option for plastic is a godsend for me. Plus, being plastic it’s an absolute doddle to further kit bash, such as hand and weapon swaps. And if you glue something on, and it looks crap? You’ve got time to do something about it, and if your careful it won’t affect the overall model.

Bring on the other sets, thankyouplease!

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