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Fresh-Faced New User

Hey guys, had a quick question about rules interaction for the following scenario;

Valorous Heart Canoness is within 3" of a Celestian squad of the same order and gets charged by lets say a dreadnought. Dreadnought manages to land a hit that wounds. Canoness fails her save. Would she then make her 6+ FNP vs the damage inflicted and failing that, could those be passed on as mortal wounds onto the Celestians who would then also get a 6+ FNP?
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Been Around the Block

That should be how it is done, because if you think of think of it this way, they are jumping in the line of fire to sacrifice themselves to keep cannoness alive. I do not see why they wouldn't get a roll too.

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Mysterious Techpriest

Otherwise it also argue that a FNP can be taken if you lose a wound - in this case, the rule says if you WOULD take a wound. So
its an either-or scenario and only one roll can be taken.

While there's no current FAQ, earlier rulings said that that wasnt possible (albeit on the same model).

To me, its clear in the rules that the Celestian takes the FNP and not the Canoness.

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