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Which of these would be the worst (among the ones listed) life to live in 40k  [RSS] Share on facebook Share on Twitter Submit to Reddit
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Been Around the Block

Let's assume you suddenly find yourself in the world of 40k, and soon as your poor brain picked up what as going on, you discovered that you were reincarnated as...

1.A newbie guarsman sent to Catachan (no, you're definitely not a jungle fighter) for no specific reasons
2.A Craftworld Eldar OUTCAST who also happened to got his SPIRIT STONE SHATTERED, now hunted by the Inquisition because you were being confused with some big names.
3.An Ultramarine, and one of Cato Sicarius' subordinates, to be precise
4.An Ork Weirdboyz...but, as all the above, all your human personalities and traits are preserved, so you'd take a peek into the Ork community with our standards and values.
5.An Eldar child discovering that Shalaxi Helbane is knocking on the front door, this time it isn't just an illusion.
6.An acolyte of the Inquisition, sent to neutralize some unknown xenos activities because your inquisitor failed and died (and obviously you were the closest imperium thing those bureaucratic ass could get their hands on). The
thing is, you have little to no experience regarding xenos as a whole, and the targets are necrons.
7.A dying shard of Khaine (you probably just got strangled by Calgar or something, or perhaps some cool space marine protagonist mutilated you with a grenade) bumped into a healthy, fully functional shard of the Nightbringer.
8.A young human psyker who lives on a planet with a crime rate like Nostramo, both of his parents died in some tragic events, and he's gradually indulging in warp-related stuff and arcane knowledge.
9.An Eldar soul in Slaanesh's bowels.

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Despised Traitorous Cultist

Maybe it's just that consuming anime for year has destroyed my mind. But 2, 4, 6, 7 and 8 seem more like endless sources of hijinks then anything else.

But to answer the question: 9 definitely seems like the most awful.

-"For the Ruinous Powers!" 
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Terminator with Assault Cannon

San Jose, CA

#8, but only if there were pearls falling to the wet cement and you had just come from the opera....
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Been Around the Block

Racerguy180 wrote:
#8, but only if there were pearls falling to the wet cement and you had just come from the opera....

So...a Konrad Curze 2.0? Lmao, another Batman reference.
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United States

Isha actually is probably the least horrific out of all of them. Is she being held captive by Nurgle? Yes. Is she fed his plague soup and gets sick? Yes. Does she recover? Yes, she is the Aeldari goddess of healing.

Being an Aeldari spirit in the "stomach" of Slaanesh is probably the worst. Your Aeldari spirit is essentially immortal because of your strong psychic presence and Slaanesh is an immortal warp entity that like to torture any Aeldari for sheer pleasure. Torture for eternity? No thanks.
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Longtime Dakkanaut

Yeah, gonna have to go with Psionara with #9. That sounds pretty nasty...

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Humming Great Unclean One of Nurgle

5 and 9 are the same thing, and the worst.

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Been Around the Block

 NinthMusketeer wrote:
5 and 9 are the same thing, and the worst.

How about 8 and 10? I mean, being consumed by the warp or kept as a trophy by Nurgle sounds terrible as well.
Made in us
Longtime Dakkanaut

A lot of these don't seem to qualify as "lives" that you "live." Like, #9 is literally an afterlife experience rather than the experience of a living mortal.

And I'm not sure manifesting as a canon god is a concept that quite makes sense. Like, Khaine is sort of kind of a dude with like, an established personality and consciousness. If you manifest as one of his shards, are you really even Khaine? If you manifest as Isha, are you actually a warp entity made up of the concepts of sacrifice, protection, the harvest, etc?

So if we disregard the options that don't make sense or don't involve already being dead or moments away form death... The eldar stuff is still more pleasant than a single average work day as a human. Being a marine would involve lots of physical suffering, but your average day would be more pleasant than an average human's.

I think #8 is the winner. You're constantly in fear of some mortal shittery. You're on a path to experience some daemonic shittery. You don't have the comfort and support structure of the eldar options. You don't get to pal around with the ladz like the ork boy. You have to work for a living unlike the marine.

EDIT: Given the way the question is phrased, I'm imagining that our experience ends at the time of death. So any of the options that make it sound like you're going to die in a matter of moments would be pretty brief experiences. Like, it sounds like #5 would amount to one bad afternoon.

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