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Made in us
Longtime Dakkanaut

Sacramento, CA
Sacramento, CA – After an incredible twelve-year run, Secret Weapon has been unable to weather the combined impacts of the pandemic, and Brexit. The month-over-month loss in sales in all categories will force us to cease operations some time in the coming weeks. As we prepare to clean out the warehouse we will be having a “Going out of Business” sale to move our non-resin products.
All new sales of resin products have been disabled, and all remaining products have been listed at steep discounts to move immediately. The sales portal has been taken temporarily offline to give us time to process the remaining customer resin orders. The website will re-launch the week of 23-August and be active while supplies last. A warehouse sale will be announced for larger and remaining items.
We have spent the past several months negotiating a partnership with one of our international trade partners, but that fell apart at the eleventh hour and we have no choice but to shut our doors.
We are working with Eric at Every Little War to continue work on the “HD Bases” Kickstarter campaign, and updates will continue while we transition the project.
What happens next for Secret Weapon will likely be up to the bank at this point, and we will work with them to find good homes for our other assets.
I founded Secret Weapon 12 years ago so that I could leave behind a business development career that had me working 80+ hours every week, had given me acute hypertension, and a stress-induced bleeding ulcer. I had written the business and marketing plan while I was bored at work, and when I decided to leave that job behind because I wanted to be home with the child we were planning to have, it was my wife’s idea for me to launch Secret Weapon. Later, she would convince me not to take a job that would have been a great fit… and the next month sales increased almost 400%, and I had to hire my first part-time employee. Twelve years later I am humbled by this community. Your support for Secret Weapon, and its employees, is something I had never experienced in more than 25 years of business administration.
It has been, and remains, a pleasure sharing in your creative passions.
Thank you again,
Justin McCoy
Secret Weapon Miniatures, Inc.

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Sad to see but not surprising based off of the past year and previous clearances they've done.

I know reaper makes their paint so I'm wondering if the weathering line will just end up there.

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