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Made in us
Fresh-Faced New User

I've decided to go back to my first love of wood elves I havent played the new list so any help will be great.

Highborn- Wild Rider Kindred, Spear of Twilight, Armour of the Fey, Annoyance of Netlings, Great Stag  

Noble- Hail of Doom Arrow

Spell Singer- Lv.2, Calaingors Stave

Spell Singer- Lv.2

10x Glade Guard
12x Dryads
20x Eternal Guard- Champion, Musician, Standard, War Banner

6x Wild Riders- Standard, Warbanner
3x War Hawk Riders

5x Way Watchers

Any help would be greatly appreciated I'm up in the air about all of it execpt for my highborn and wild riders other wise any help I would LOVE.

Made in mt
Fresh-Faced New User

my advice would be-

2 units of 8 dryads not one of 12

2 units of 10 glade guard---very effective

no eternal guard, too slow for what they do

an eternal kindred hero with greta weapon and hail of doom arrow- find space for him.

in that kind of army I would prefer two level ones with four dispel scrolls.

The lord I use has the spear of twilight and also has the item where he and the unit he is with can come out of another forest (cannot remember the name) Very effeicient. and nasty surprise.

Made in us
Fresh-Faced New User

Ok so I've decided to give my lord the Moonstone of the Hidden Path instead of his Armour of the Fey then I changed the War banner in the Wild Rider Unit to Banner of Zenith for march blocking. I Also dropped my eternal guard to 16 to find the points for more dryads. And Dropped the War Banner in that unit to make the noble part of the Alter Kindred with a Great Weapon. Right Now I'm trying to decided weather I want War Hawk Riders, Glade Riders, or War Dancers more or which one would be more effective I guess.

Highborn- Wild Rider Kindred, Spear of Twilight, Moon Stone of the Hidden Path, Annoyance of Netlings, Great Stag

Noble- Hail of Doom Arrow, Alter Kindred, Great Weapon

Spell Singer- Lv.2, Calaingors Stave

Spell Singer- Lv.2

10x Glade Guard
8x Dryads
8x Dryads
16x Eternal Guard- Champion, Musician, Standard

6x Wild Riders- Standard, Banner of Zenith
3x War Hawk Riders

5x Way Watchers
Made in be
Regular Dakkanaut


I would personally suggest to actually leave all the eternal guards, since now there's less of them they will be even more useless, won't fit the whole WE tactics  and just cost you even more points. You could drop them for some glade riders or more glade guards. Glade Guards are the "epitome of WE" for a reason. Swapping them for another 10 glade guards with maybe a musician would leave you with 60+ points.

If there's a specific reason why you will use the treeman and only the treeman, you should definitly keep it, if you just want the hitting power, you could put some treekin, starting with three and see what you can afford to put extra. This will cost you at least 195 instead of 285. This leaves you with another extra 90 points, giving 150+ total. These can be used for another core unit, maybe those glade riders, maybe more dryads/glade guards, as all of these core units are fabulous in their own way. You can ofcourse add some more treekin. You did ofcourse use a calaingor's stave, so maybe you were focussing on tree singing, in that case the treeman has more use.

A last thing that crossed my mind is that, if you like punchy skirmishers like dryads and sturdy elves like eternals, why not using your extra points for a handful of  wardancers? They can add quite the punch.

I lied, the true LATEST thing that crossed my mind is, maybe instead of the alter you could use a scout or waywatcher kindred and maybe add a waywatcher, and the stone of hidden path could make a great annoyance for your enemies, as they could constantly be shot from everywhere. But that's not really a superbe argument, as your army can already do that as it is now.

Good luck with the army and I hope my 15 minutes of yappin' was of help.
Made in us
Tilter at Windmills

Manchester, NH

It feels like too many points in too few models/units.

I'd go with 20-25 EG or none at all. Remember that you need to be 5 wide to get rank bonus in 7th. Eternal Guard can be badass; combined with a Treeman they can allow the WE army to fight other armies straight up (though anyone who shoots will put a hurting on the EG), but they need the right support. A Battle Standard Bearer is key for allowing them to re-roll their Stubborn break tests. Of course you need a durable Noble or Highborn to lead the EG to make them Stubborn. Either the 3+ ward item, or the Annoyance, and/or the Amber Pendent with a great weapon, allowing him to strike and kill the enemy models which would otherwise swing on him first. Of course you need flanking units to put the hurt on the enemy- Wild Riders, Dryads, Wardancers, that sort of thing. Cheap Great Eagles make great diverters for enemy units. Of course, you can only take one (as opposed to two) if you have a Treeman, but he saves you points over the more expensive Waywatchers, and can march block almost as well (better if there isn't good terrain in the enemy DZ).

I think you really only need 3 characters. If you're going strong magic you need a L4 and a L2. If not, you really only need a scroll caddy (L1 with 2 scrolls) or two, combined with combat characters and units like Warhawks or Glade Riders to charge enemy mages and kill them.

My own "standard" build tends to be the L4, L2, and a noble, combined with 2-3 units of Glade Guard, 1 of Waywatchers, 2 small Wardancers, three Dryads, a Glade Rider unit, a Wild Rider unit, and some Warhawks. Lots of hit&run skirmishy guerilla warfare goodness, fighting on my own terms only. I haven't been fielding a Treeman or EG, though I've seen strong lists do very well with them. It tends to be a choice between the magic or the Stubborn combat units, because you can't afford both in 2000pts.

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