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Buttons Should Be Brass, Not Gold!

Soviet Kanukistan

I'm having grotesque amounts of trouble dealing with these guys.  Their DEF is high enough that I'm not hitting them with warjack attacks, and their ARM is high enough that I'm not killing them with AOE.  With the unit attachment, I'm not scaring them off the table either.

Purge range on a bile thrall is 8" as is the range of Venom.  The IFP have effective threat range of 13.  Whatever I run up to try and harm them will probably die to the rest of the Khador army.  How do I overcome this?
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Crafty Clanrat

Austin Metro

Well, purging was actually erratta'd down to only 6 inches, but thats still the best way to go. The lich's breath of corruption spell also works, and his high focus means you'll hit on average rolls. Skarre's has flys kiss and blood rain spells, and Dhenegra has venom, scourge, and dark seduction (your opponents will learn to loathe that spell when you start taking over guys with multiple attacks). The new bane knights can also make short work of them.

The thing is, most khador players keep their IFPs in tight formation to get the extra armor, so 1 bile thrall moving up and purging can catch nearly all of them, and if it doesn't, then purge another one. And if the rest of your opponents' army kills them, well so what. Your 41 points for a minimum unit just killed 100 or more, a great exchange by any measure.

Made in ca
Buttons Should Be Brass, Not Gold!

Soviet Kanukistan

If the purge is 6" that gives the bile thralls a threat range of 11.  Which is unfortuantely still less than 13".  Do you have any suggestions on keeping them alive until they get a chance to purge?  Deneghra's death rage leaps to mind, since even if they are not charged, mortar and bombard templates will mangle them good.

Made in us
Regular Dakkanaut

Remember that as Cryx, Corrosion is your friend. Any attack that causes corrosion is the bane of a lower DEF, high ARM 1-wound model. They might shrug off the attack, but odds are they die next turn.
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