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Dakka Veteran

Plano, Texas

FoW has been pretty popular around my area, and I've been thinking of getting into it... but I'm on somewhat of a budget.

Most people suggested I do a panzerkompanie, and that is fine with me, because I love the StuG tanks. How does this look for a 2000pt StuG kompanie?

Company HQ: 2x StuG III G's

Panzer Platoon: 3x StuG III G's

Panzer Platoon: 3x StuG III G's

Assault Gun Platoon: 3x StuH42's

Comes out to 1980

Another idea was to take a Ferdinand instead of the StuH42's, because I really like the look of the ferd... but I also like the StuH's, and they add more models to the overall army.

Also, I was wondering.. would I run into problems if I used the StuG III F/8 model in place of the StuG III G? They have the exact same stats, but I like the F/8 better, aesthetically.


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Madrak Ironhide

Also might want to wait. Are the new rulebooks out yet?

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Philadelphia, PA

Standard games are 1500 pts. I don't believe that you can make a StuG III company with the current army lists, but that may change as of today as the Africa & Ostfront Compilations are out today 7/6, as well as the mini-rulebook for owners of the current rulebook. The V2 rules proper will be released next month as a separate hardback.

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Fresh-Faced New User

Depending on what your facing the army could be effective. My best advice is to drop 1 Stug plt and add a panzergrenadier box. It will add 20-25$ to the price but it will be much more effective on the field.
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Freaky Flayed One

Hey all,

I play at the store in Gabe's area. Most of our games are at 2000pts. I do recommend finding out how the armies have changed with the new version before buying all your models. As for the recomendation for infantry, wed nights we field tank companies to speed up the game since we are on a time constraint. As for Sundays I am not sure since i usually work. The above list is pretty good, the only problem i see with it will be facing lots of V.2 artillery or planes. so keep them spread out.  and with your extra points put shurzen on a few tanks.  just in case you need to assault infantry.

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Fresh-Faced New User

i am excited, and also wanna have it.
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