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Dominating Dominatrix

Piercing the heavens


still don't know how to link stuff right.
I'll just tell you what I've read so far:
-Caine can have elite gunmages who shoot in close combat
-Feora has pyro-like skills, can control fire and draw focus from it
-Epic Butcher has elite Doomreavers
-Epic Magnus can be used as a Skorne Warlock
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Regular Dakkanaut

Bellevue, WA

All of the epics look positively awesome.

ECaine's spellstorm pistols have ROF infinity, as well as an AOE chain attack.

Caine's feat looks like it makes it so every time he hits with a spellstorm pistol he gets +1 POW. It's cumulative. Someone on that thread worked it out, but apparently he can pump like 4 POW17 shots into a caster with his feat. He can also fire the Spellstorms in melee.
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Madrak Ironhide

Ta-da! Linky!

Just don't use the editor. It hates us.

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Wilmington DE

Looking good. E-Butcher and Magnus just got a big bump in my book.

Multiple Doom reavers for E Butcher? Well, it'll be hilarious, if nothing else.

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