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Fixture of Dakka

Arakasi wrote:I've been following along on my phone, but wanted to wait until I could better inspect the images before commenting, and now I suspect it will be a monologue...

That's great, I like monologues! Partly because I enjoy the honest discussion about my work but mainly because it means a lot that you would take the time to write on the subject.

Arakasi wrote:So, to begin with, I went back and checked out your first post updates. Deadlines work for some, though I find there is nothing more demoralising than missing them (or realising you can't meet them...). Basically, there is no right or wrong way to approach the hobby, only your way - so do what works for you!

Good point, everyone has to find out what works for them personally. For me, no deadlines and lots of projects keeps me going because it combats what I'll admit is basically me being lazy. For others, deadlines might provide focus. Something I discussed with Dark_Gear is the method he is starting to use where he times himself. His biggest delay is thinking he doesn't have enough time, keeping a record of how long tasks take gets him into action instead of procrastinating.

Arakasi wrote:"Floating terrain" warrior is again, very dynamic - I really feel you are catching the fluid, organic movements of the Aliens films, which (again) makes for a very novel and interesting force. It doesn't hurt that the implementation looks very promising too Are you going to put water (sludge?) on that base? It would seem to make more sense to me than solid ground...

I don't think I ever intended to draw on Alien for inspiration but Tyranid fluff, particularly the stuff I'm using, is heavily based on those creatures. I'm really glad that the floating terrain has worked, I haven't seen anyone else do it before and I have many more ideas for it. As for the base, I have a few ideas but I'm undecided, I'll keep sludge in mind.

Arakasi wrote:The Dakka auto-adjust is just a generic light level balancer I think - I don't tend to use it unless the difference is significant. I think the problem is that you are taking landscape photos when you should be doing portraits - there is a lot of wasted space to the left and right of the model, and the default display shrinks the pic to fit the display. The detail when zooming in in the Gallery appears fine - I just never go to the gallery on my phone, and rarely unless I'm particularly interested on my desktop.

I thought the detail was being lost but now I'm thinking it's because I'm using my phones mobile internet connection. That's good to know. And I agree about taking the pictures in landscape, I took a few and then felt tied in, I'll swap back now though.

Arakasi wrote:Also - nothing wrong in my mind with drip feeding blog content. The only issue to watch out for is when a comment comes in that you can't act on due to having progressed past the point that would make it relevant Otherwise, long post dumps are impressive, but then you only really get comments on the highlights of the dump...

Haha yeh good points, it shouldn't be an issue from now on anyway, when I'm working on this blog I'll be posting what I've done pretty much as I go. One thing I want to do is limit the number of posts that I make where I don't have an update. One in two or three is probably the plan now. So there will be an update Iof some kind next time I post. It might just be a sketch or a snippet of fluff but it'll be something.

Arakasi wrote:Re: bending plastic - I've heard use of a salt (I think...) bath - ie laying the piece to bend in heated salt. I haven't tried it (or anything else except hairdryers on resin), and I can't remember where I saw that technique now... maybe something else to look into?

Definitely something I'll look into, if it allows me to bend larger more complex components, which it sounds like it might, that'd be really useful. I'll do some research and post my findings.

Arakasi wrote:Nice drawings of the Mycetic Spores. Where are the bio guns? I generally find drawings more interesting once I start seeing the implementation, so I wait with baited breath for those (let's see how dynamic you can make an alien egg! I guess the real challenge is to make it organic and fluid without being forced...)

I'm thinking I'm only going to run Cluster Spines and the Ripper Tentacles. I have designs for them which will be in my next drawings. And I have ideas for dynamic spore 'poses' which I hope work out. I also have a lot of designs which won't make much difference to the models, how the eggs are grown, deployed and such. I've taken steering, and slowed planetfall into account too, among other things.

Arakasi wrote:I tell ya, if I ever did a Nid army (unlikely), I would certainly be back here for inspiration

slice'n'dice wrote:You've inspired me to get back into my Nids

This means a lot guys. If my work is a source of inspiration then I know I'm doing something right and I like to be able to take a 'pass it along' attitude. Dark_Gear's Blog inspired me enough to start this project so it makes me happy to know I'm inspiring you to get back to yours.

Arakasi wrote:Hive Tyrant - I think I totally underestimated how big that statue is! Dare I say it's almost too much distraction from the Tyrant? The Tyrant itself is looking suitably bad-ass - the pose is well chosen, and might only be improved by an open mouthed screaming head...

Damnation. You're right. You're totally, totally right. I always wanted the terrain in the project to be a secondary focus but the statue is just too much. Never fear, I had some work I wanted to do to it anyway and if I expand upon that I can bring the size down quite a lot. Phew!

slice'n'dice wrote:Great looking Nids - I particularly like the warrior poses

Look forward to seeing more!

Thanks, dude! I hope I can continue to give you a little inspiration. Now I'm off to find your blog and get some back!

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Sneaky Striking Scorpion

Peoria, Illinois

Arakasi wrote - The Tyrant itself is looking suitably bad-ass - the pose is well chosen, and might only be improved by an open mouthed screaming head...

And i agree with him. i'm always looking at nid stuff to see ways that i might improve my own nids, and i saw your blog link in your siggie and decided to take a look see. I'm glad i did, as i think we will both have relevant ideas for each other, you right now are contributing to the creation of my own Ymgarl stealers. i have my broodlord, but not the rest of them.
linkie-->Broodlord Gallery Pics
i built this guy for a fantasy chaos army that i have since sold, but could not bear to part with this model. i decided to use him as the Ymgarl lord because to me he just oozes character and mutability.

getting back to the your hive tyrant, with the pose you have given this guy, leaning forward on the statue, arms swept backwards, and wings spread out, it seems to me that he is screaming a challenge to someone. Much like you see dragons or dinosaurs, even daemons bellowing, that's what this guy suggests to me. i understand your going for more of the Ymgarl fluff in your models, but honestly the Ymggarl fluff doesn't cover everything, so there's no reason you can't have a mouth that's bellowing and have the tendrils stuck out sideways from his head. like this:

as for the statue, i'd cut the statue not quite in half from top to bottom, and then make it look as if it's partially buried in the ground. this will make the statue less prominent on the base, and will give you extra parts to use on other bases as well. now if only my greenstuff skills were anywhere near where yours are, i'd be a happy camper. hope this helps some.

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