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Made in gb
Pious Palatine

Cool stuff. Loving the chaos dudes and the Brets, that grim reaper on the banner is amazing. Top job!

Made in gb
Bounding Black Templar Assault Marine

Hi all,

Quick update: Working on a 1500 slayer themed list for my Disspossed. Using a collection of models from Scibor Miniatures, and Avatars of War.

My resin bases and hero models arrived the other day. Yet to get the slayers. Just working on my battle-lines for the time being, as unfortunately I can't get a slayer specific list.

Many thanks,

Made in us
Revving Ravenwing Biker

Pittsburgh PA, USA

Those bases look awesome. looking forward to the end product. It's amazing how much of a difference a base can make

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Made in gb
Pious Palatine

Looking good, looks to be some cool models there and the base look magnificent.

Made in gb
Bounding Black Templar Assault Marine

Thanks guys.

I was thinking of doing some OSL on the runes, and doing more of a snow frozen base as it will contrast really well with the light cyan colour of Kharak Draka's main colour.

The Scibor miniatures have a ton of character. Can't wait to get stuck into them. They are definitely slightly larger than the GW dwarfs, but as hero characters I think that should be ok.

I played a 1v1 Gift from The Heavens with my Freeguild list. I was taking on a Daughters of Khaine list.

My List: 1680 Points

Empire General
Grey Battle Mage -Mistifying Miasma
Master Engineer
Gryph Hound
x20 Greatswords
2 x10 Sword Guard
x20 Handgunners
x2 Great Cannons
Celestial Hurricanum

My deployment.

Aelve Deployment

Aelves advance.

I targeted the cauldron of blood as soon as I could. It buffs the witches something chronic. Unfortunately I did not roll high on my D6 dmg from the great cannons so it took two turns. A few snipes from Long Rifles and it went down.

The witches win priority turn 3 and charge on in. I don't mind this to be honest, as my Handgunners have the Stand and Shoot reaction. 19 shots hitting on 2's and wounding on 2's is simply crazy with a -1. That's insta dead witches. I target the Executioners however as they are more of a threat.

The ensuing combat sees me lose, 5 Swordsmen from my left most unit, 1 from the right, and 1 Greatsword. By the end of my turn 2 I completely wipe all of the aelves, and due to battleshock they take heavy losses. The executioners go down to three models atleast.

I also managed to get off the Mystifying Miasma onto the executioners negating their double damage mortal wounds on 6's to hit. This turns out to be mega otherwise I would have lost 16 greatswords due to his rolls. Instead I retain a save of 2+. 4+ basic, +1 for mystic shield, and +1 for being behind the wall.

Lessons Learnt:

Its incredibly hard to win scenarios that rely on VP to win the games. You have to really consider your deployment and placement with what is a very static army. The general premise is to bunker up nice and tight and let your Great Cannons snipe scary things, or solo characters to stop them capping Objectives. In larger games at 2k, you could take four great cannons which is awesome.

Combat armies are going to have to come to you. I've yet to play verses a shooting list, like Savage orcs but even they have a relatively short range.

Many thanks,

Made in gb
Bounding Black Templar Assault Marine

Hi all,

I'm playing in an apocalypse style AoS game tomorrow at my local GW. We are rounding off our store campaign.

Here's the list I will be taking!

x2 Bloodthirsers - IR "Kharvin Ulshilirilan & Kan'nuk Soeii" 1 28 560 x2 Leader, Behemoth
Khorne Lord on Juggernaught- "Vharak Khovar" 1 8 140 General, Leader
"Sayl" the Faithless - 1 6 160 Leader
Be'lakor - 1 1 240 Leader
x2 Bloodsecrator - "Borsi Rhchakssch", "Jiroth Zanath" 1 10 240 Leader
Bloodstoker - "Eg'ghhul Vorn" 1 5 80 Leader
Warshrine - "Kytoth Kaldas - The Gore Covered" 1 12 200 Behemoth
x2 Mighty Skullcrushers - "Kroni Mara" 6 30 320
Khorgorath - 1 8 80
x3 Skullreapers- "Dyrass the collector" 15 45 420
x2 Wrathmongers - "Savagarr Loc" 10 30 360
x3 Bloodletters - 30 30 300 1x Battleline
Bloodletters - 10 10 100 1x Battleline
Bloodletters - 10 10 100 1x Battleline
x4 Khorne Marauders - "Demaroq Svobar" 40 40 240 1x Battleline
Hellcannon - 1 10 300

130 models 283 wounds 3840 points

Will try to capture as many pictures as possible!

happy weekend gaming!

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Made in gb
Bounding Black Templar Assault Marine

Morning all,

I won the campaign battle! Turns out it was not quite the Apocalypse scale we expected. With only a total of 12K on the table. It was a close run thing to the end though. 7 VPs to Khorne & 6 VPs to Mousillion. 5 VPs to Order, and possibly 3 VPs for Destruction.

The last contested tile on turn 4 came down to a shared wound amount of 53 between us. -What are the odds!

After the snaps, I've also posted what I'm working on next. In other news my Avatars of War Slayers arrived today! Yay!

Here's the pictures though:

I used Sayl to fly my bloodletters up, completing a subsequent charge into the flanking move from the ork boys and brutes. I have to split some of my attacks, but I take 10 Brutes down to 3. Sniping the banner with the Hellcannon on 6 mortal wounds as well. The boys and the remaining brutes run due to battle shock. Mortal wounds on 5+ to hit is nasty. I think you can make that 4+ to wound as well when combined with the "Lord of War" trait!

Those pesky Grot netters are nutz. My mighty Skullcrushers as a consequence are now hitting on 6's! I'd also charged my wrathmongers into the Gobbos' to give them an extra 30+ attacks back :(

Work on my new Khorne 2k GT list starts!

Rebasing my bloodreavers on 25mms to use as Khorne Marauders. I figure for the same points cost for 10, you lose the rend an Totem buff. But gain a 5+ save, and two ranks fighting instead of the one due to 32mms. With effectively the same benefits.

A quick conversion/bits swap for my sorcerer on mount.

Also I love the army painter spray range... but this is the third can this has happened to me now. Plus its half full! :(

Many thanks,

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Made in gb
Bounding Black Templar Assault Marine

Hi all,

I've been working on a ton of new things at the moment. (I should really dedicate my time to getting one army focused on!)

Scale picture from GW Duradin warriors and AoW Seekers.

My alternate model for Ungrim. A lot bigger for scale, but I don't mind that.

Also doing some minor conversion work on my Bloodreavers into Marauders!

First concept for my Kraka Drak slayers

Really love the new Tzeentch blue paint range.

Would love feedback on the slayer. Really want the runes to pop more on the base, but not sure what colour to use.

Many thanks,

Made in gb
Bounding Black Templar Assault Marine

60 Bloodletters... that took a lot longer than I expected to build. Soooo many mould lines, and on almost every sub-part. #NeverAgain

Made in gb
Bounding Black Templar Assault Marine

Been a while.

Following an AoS skirmish campaign I started my Dispossessed army in earnest.

Going for a much darker dwarven armour, using a white marble for the basing to make them pop!

Made in gb
Bounding Black Templar Assault Marine

Hi all,

New project incoming!!

I'm starting a 2k GT list for the heat 3 tournament in June of next year!

To get your head around it think Thunder Warriors but in the Age of Sigmar. As such I've written a little context to get myself hyped!

~~++ The Son's of Breton ++~~

The Son's of Breton can be traced (for those that know how to do such things, after all the history of ages and worlds is long lost) back to a time after the elder ages of Dwarf and Elf. A race of man forged by Sigmar's own hand in his mortal form. Yet their story does not truly start there. For if that was so, you would only be eating the lie that ruled the Son's of Breton through the Ages.

Thier truth starts with Lileath, the Maiden. Lileath was the High Elf goddess of dreams, magic energy, innocence, and fortune. She was the daughter of Isha and Kurnous, and thus was the older sister to the entire Elf race.

In the death throws of the Old World Lileath, was also known as another by the Son's of Breton. She was known as The Lady.

Lileath strove to create a new world, a rebirthed Old World. Born among the Age of Myth. She spent her efforts and power strengthening her daughter by Araloth, to open a portal to a world innocent of Chaos' touch. With the last of her strength, she imbued Araloth with deific energies and sent him through the portal, there to join their child and guardian spirits, fashioned from the souls of Bretonnia's greatest knights.

However the vampire lord Mannfred was freed from his prison by Be'lakor in exchange for exposing Lileath's true form. For an elven Goddess is far to tempting for a prince such as Be'lakor to turn from. Be'lakor tracked her down,and discovering her plan, destroys the re-birthed Old World, resulting in the Age of Sigmar.

Lileath in turn is discovered by Jerrod, Last Duke of Quenelles. Whilst defending her from Be'lakor he decides to abandon Lileath with her lies, and die attempting to return home to Gilles le Breton & Abhorash with the Red Duke in tow; rather than participate in the final battle at Middenhiem.

Lileath is shortly sacrificed by Teclis at her request, and so ends her hold on Bretonnia. it is most likely she has been captured by Slaneesh! This would more than explain his absence, whilst he toys with a Goddess of such power.

Unbeknownst to Lileath, Sigmar did not sit idle. His sons, and warriors he fought shoulder to shoulder with to defend the Old World would have their ancestry left to despair or consumed by Chaos. Risen to the Godly Pantheon Sigmar plucked the guardian spirits from the ether and smote them into the first true Stormhost. The Son's of Breton....

The Son's unlike most of Sigmar's Stormhost's were given a mighty gift. The power of memories. This is bother their curse and blessing. For each time a Son is reforged from battle another precious memory is lost to them. In turn the fight all the harder for a God that they truly believe in, whilst to protect thier memories of ages forgotten.

~~++ The Son's of Breton Army List ++~~

~~++ The Son's of Breton Concept ++~~

This was my first concept, but I'm actually going to stick with individual heraldry on each model!

Humble Beginnings


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Made in gb
Bounding Black Templar Assault Marine

Work continues:

10 Liberators I

10 Liberators II

5 Liberators

Paladin Decimators

Paladin Retributors

Paladin Protectors I

Longstrike Vanguard


Long way to go. Namely the base coats!

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Made in gb
Bounding Black Templar Assault Marine

Hi all,

Quick update as I'm working on a concept for the main colour scheme. Work In Progress at the moment.

Liberator with *Grandhammer:

The main thing I was struggling with is what to paint the bracken to create a good contrast. Ideally I wanted a similar theme to the guys who work on The Dark Age of Sigmar so nice and swampy/gritty.

Water effects, moss, and reeds yet to come!


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Made in gb
Bounding Black Templar Assault Marine

Hi all,

A brief battle report from last nights *Errantry War*

I've been testing out the new tweaks to my list following an absolute pounding playing a 3x30 Tzangorr list!

This one went much better for me, and the new mobility/alpha is an absolute godsend!

We rolled the mission with two objectives, of which only Hero's and Behemoths can capture. Playing on a 4x4 does restrict things, but I'm looking to get a 6x4 soon!

Deployment, plus first turn.

I deployed most of my army behind a 10 man Protector shield. Unfortunately the terrain I was standing in was mystical and everyone passed the befuddlement apart from my front rank. Meaning my movement was very limited. I then failed my Relictor Pray so couldn't move them that way either.

In the end it was an advantage to me, as it gave my opponent the misdirection to advance towards me, and my Longstrikes!

Here you can see me winning priority for turn two, and maximizing the use of my Hammerstrike Battalion. My Decimators make a 12" charge that sees them into the bulk of the skele spear unit and the archers in the back-line. My Retributors smash into the chariots flank. My Relictor prays go off, and whilst my Protectors fail their befuddled roll I move them up with the pray instead.

Seems I missed a snap from the ensuing combat from here. As you can see it advanced quite a bit. My Decimators make short work of the Skeletons but start to take wounds, especially from the stalkers that come up on turn 3. A second stalker unit charges my liberators on my right flank.

My Retributors make a charge into the Sphinx, and my Paladins now not befuddled make a charge into the second chariot unit.

My Longstrikes come into play and nuke a casket of souls, trimming wounds of chariots and Sphinx as they go. ~These guys are straight savages!

Afraid that's all I took from there, but I learnt a hell of a lot. Next time I'm asking my opponents to take GT orientated and bent lists so that I practice against tough armies.


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Made in gb
Bounding Black Templar Assault Marine

Hi all,

Quick update, getting my base coats down!


Made in us

Albany, NY

The Reforged Brets are looking good, and I like the concept quite a bit. I also appreciate that you keep blogging these despite the lack of replies - I've got next to no interest in AOS these days, but I do enjoy your modeling and desire to do cool things and tell us about it

- Salvage

Made in gb
Bounding Black Templar Assault Marine

 Boss Salvage wrote:
The Reforged Brets are looking good, and I like the concept quite a bit. I also appreciate that you keep blogging these despite the lack of replies - I've got next to no interest in AOS these days, but I do enjoy your modeling and desire to do cool things and tell us about it

- Salvage

Thanks Salvage,

I've been quite inconsistent with which army to stick with, but I see the Son's of Breton leading into my future for sometime. Hopefully that generates some consistency for the viewers, and something to comment on!

I couldn't stop myself last night, and whilst the model is a WIP I went ahead and did a test base.

Heavy inspiration from James Cameron's Avatar. I wanted to improve upon the typical dark swampland and add a little magical hit.

Its still drying when I took the picture but heres my first pass:


Made in gb
Bounding Black Templar Assault Marine

Hi boys.

Calling him pretty much done.

Wondering about adding some green OSL to pop from his greatblade?

Had a nightmare with the water effects. Found out the resin base was a little to thin so it leaked. Will have to tape it off and do it again.


Made in gb
Bounding Black Templar Assault Marine

Hi all,

Next battle report for you!

I replayed my first opponent, the Tzaangor army I mentioned previously. This time the game match was Knife to the Heart instead of Starstrike.

I got my ass kicked from like 28 VP - 0 last time. With a few lessons learnt and tweaks things went differently:

My deployment. 9" away from enemy deployment zone. 18" gap. That means I'm safe surely!

Enemy deployment. Yes that's 90 Tzaangor!

Tzaangor get first turn and advance across the line. Apart from the third unit in the rear.

Whats this? Oh that's a 4 on their advance and move roll. Whilst still needing a 9/10 to make it in for a charge. Two destiny dice later and both units are in my face turn 1.

The paladin protectors take a solid beating. Losing all but two, and subsequently running. My flanking liberators also take losses. That hurt!

The tide starts to turn with the Hammerstrike Battalion coming down. My Retributors hit hard and fast, whilst my Decimators are caught before they can swing and lose a few. My Longstrikes and prosecutors take out the supporting Gaunt Summoner and shaman. That reduces the Gors ability to wound now on 4+ from 3's.

The thinning out of the horde continues.

Starkly reminded of the third unit yet to come!

My opponent wins the second priority turn and advances his third unit. There's not enough destiny dice to make their charge this time around though! They are left out in the open.

At this stage I mop up the remaining Gors, and we move into turn three. I looked to achieve a Major Victory, but even with the Lightning Storm pray going off I cant get close enough to contest his objective.

As such I go for the Minor Victory (Kill points). In the end there was a solid difference of 300 points in my favour which would easily turn to 700 after taking out the handful of Gors left in the third unit.

We ended the game there as a Minor to me!

Made in gb
Bounding Black Templar Assault Marine

Hi all,

Next practice game coming up.

This time against the new Maggotkin Battletome!

Burgle has turn one due to a smaller amount of drops than me. I'm generally content with that as my force is slow moving/reactionary and making the best out of enemy dispositions.

However 20 Blightkings with Gutrot Sprume turning up in my face and outside of 9" was not a fun prospect!

I decided to back up. Which upon realisation was probably the worst thing I can do! I think the mission is duality of death or something of that nature. Which means only hero's or behemoths can capture the two objectives. I handicapped myself as I moved away from the objectives. Despite what might be a fight I don't want to get stuck into, I actually need to advance and get more board control.

The Blightkings make a 6 on their advance roll, practically all by guaranteeing a subsequent charge. I get hammered across my line. Most vitally losing my Prosecutors as I moved them off to the flank.

The aftermath of the grind. I can only get my protectors in so close to the Glottkin due to closer enemy units. Their pretty much useless out where they are. I also use the lightning chariot to get my Decimators onto the left flank to support the Retributors that have come down in order to contest the left most objective. Or atleast kick off the enemy hero.

At the start of turn 3 the Glottkin gets closer and shoot of my Lord Relictor with his 2D6 damage tentacle shooting attack. It's at this point I realise there is no way back. I know don't have the mobility to get my characters anywhere near the objectives to contest them and start winning VPs to the 10 that my opponent will already have.

I conceded it at the end of my turn 3.

Lessons Learnt:
Even if the enemy is bigger, scarier, and smellier. Get stuck in early and maximise mobility around the objectives. VPs win games, atleast initially, until kill points comes into play.

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