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Made in gb
Noble Knight of the Realm

I feel like most of them have been sat at a basecoat and wash level for months on end. To be fair most of them have.

I keep getting distracted by more things to add to them. Or just a painting block!

I was not really impressed that much by Morathi. She didn't seem to do to much, but sat on an arcane ruin for that +1 to spell casting. Maybe new model syndrome for my opponent though.

Thanks for stopping by!

Made in gb
Noble Knight of the Realm

The next installment in GT practice games!

This one hurt, and felt like a real step back in terms of progress. But lessons were learnt, and mistakes will hopefully not be repeated!

Battle for The Pass Vs Maggotkin of Nurgle

Opening battleline.

My intention was to string my forces out to a degree in order to throw out the enemy deployment. In true Nurgle fashion though. That really didn't make a difference. The Blightkings take the strong center, with Plaguebearers either side, stretched along the front line.

You'll notice I kept my 10 man liberators unit slightly further back as I was not getting first turn and I've seen how quickly Nurgle can move these days. I also set my Prosecutors off to the far right flank hoping to bunny hop the Plaugebearers and get in close to the Glottkin.

Both my Relictor's were on the flanks, in case I wanted to Lightning Chariot a unit over to an opposite flank in order to overwhelm on one side.

Now this is were I start to go wrong. At the start of my first turn no less :(

Nurgle advances in true fashion claiming the VPs on either flank. Utilising the GUO Bell, the Cycle of Corruption (Unnatural Vitality), the Gnarlmaws and run rolls. Practically doubling the Plaugebearers movement.

I felt at the time like I could take advantage of this advance though, and focus down one flank. Of course it was the Plaugebearers with Fleshy Abundance however. I had an 11" charge with the Stardrake, but was blocked by my own Prosecutors so could not swing around further onto the flank. I equally did not want to charge my Prosecutors in just yet either.

We start to trade wounds, taking the majority from mortals wounds due to "Blades of Putrefaction". Looking back I possibly should have brought in my Paladins turn one, to guarantee putting them down where I wanted them. I just didn't want them tangled up with those Plaguebearers.

The Prosecutors and Stardrake do relativity well on shooting though and knock some wounds off the Glottkin.

Turn 2.

Nurgle wins priority. Again a steady advance occurs across the board. The only saving grace is that his far right flank of 30 Plaugebearers remains put on Objective.

The Glottkin and GUO make way their way up the line. Which I had not anticipated, but was happy they were coming closer to my Prosecutors!

The Glottkin charges my Prosecutors, killing them off, whilst still in range of the Stardrake to batter him about to. The Blightkiings make a charge into my far left liberator unit, with Relictor in support.

Without the Prosecutors I had a few choices. My Stardrake was running low on wounds, and the Glottkin himself was down to 4 or so remaining. In hindsight, what I should have done here, is deepstrike onto his home objective with the Retributors, as only the Pox Scrivener was back there. Whilst deepstriking in with my Protectors, but behind the Glottkin not in front of him towards my deployment.

As it happens I fail both charges with my Paladins, and realise how high and dry they are out there.

My 10 man Liberator unit fails its charge into the Plaugebearers and so I decide to pull them into the Blightkings as my flank was taking a beating over there and I did not want them taking my home objective.

Current VP's sit at 10 v 2 in favour of Nurgle.

Turn 3.

Nurgle wins priority again and decides to pull back both the Glottkin and GUO. Making that Paladin gap even bigger.

In a form of small mercy, I got warding lantern on my Stardrake, and due to the Plaguebearers lack of rend I heal back a large amount of wounds from his attacks.

Blades of Putrefaction then hits me like a brick. Specifically my Stardrake. Taking 12 mortal wounds and knocking him out of the game. Without support I left him tanking far too much.

I have consolation charges with my Paladins into the Plaugebearers but at this stage the game is shot and I concede.

Ending VP's of 19 V 2 in favour of Nurgle.

Main Lessons Learnt:

Get Gud

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Made in gb
Noble Knight of the Realm

I started on my Stardrake's mouth last night:

Can't wait to work on the rest of the face, accentuating the scars, oh and the horns. So many options for the horns!

Made in gb
Noble Knight of the Realm

So after watching Heat 2 over the last weekend on the Warhammer Twicth channel. I decided to update my list.

Can anyone tell what is new?

A little close up:

Can't wait to get paint on them!

Made in us
Enigmatic Exalted Daemon

Albany, NY


Didn't post earlier, but diggin' the stardrake's head progress. Said as a person who spends too much time painting tiny monsters' teeth :|

- Salvage

Made in gb
Noble Knight of the Realm

Where would Bretonnia reforged be, without its knights hey Salv!?

Doesn't hurt that they perform well on the charge either!

Oooo tiny teeth, are we talking Nurgling sized?

Made in gb
Noble Knight of the Realm

Hi all,

Another update following this weekends work! Despite the tempting 28 degrees here in the UK this weekend, I persevered and kept at the painting station!

My main objective was to get my new additions up and running. Or at least to the same stages as the rest of the army.

I also focused on bringing my Hero's up to a better standard. Including a small conversation to a Celestant, to a Castellant. Debating swapping the sword out for a halberd to make it more obvious.

Back to the full army shot:

Next step for me is predominately edge highlights, but I do have some core colour layers to get down. The white in particular. I'm tempted to skip ahead and finish my basing and pouring in the water effect. I can dirty up the boots and greaves so I don't have to worry so much about getting my edge highlights in at the bottom of the SCEs.


Made in gb
Noble Knight of the Realm

Next installment of a GT practice game. Running with a newly tweaked list:

Lord Celestant on Stardrake - Mirrorshield / Keen Clawed / Staunch Defender
x2 Lord Castellants
x2 Lord Relictors - Lightning Chariot
2x2 Fulminators
1x5 Paladin Protectors
2x5 Liberators
1x10 Liberators

SCE Vs Sylvaneth - Duality of Death

This was a real slogging fest. Within the GT tournaments you only have 2.5 hours to wrap up the last round for both players. Best case we started at 20:00 and played through til 23:00. So we did overrun in order to finish turn 4. (Must get quicker!)

Opening deployment. Take note of the Wildwood placed in front of the left most objective. I decided to go relatively defensive in that area, and focus on the right flank with my hard hitters. Considering the Treelord was also stationed on the their left flank. Predicting the Kuranoth would also join him.

Slyvaneth get the first turn due to a 2 army drop. Utilising the Gnarlroot battalion and wargrove? Without surprise the dryads zip through the woods and appear in the Wildwood on the left flank. They fail to get mystic shield on then, however the sisters of the thorn do get their spell on them. The Kuranoth hunters both pop up on a newly created wood of the far right objective. The branchwitch also goes through the woods to capture the left most objective.

The Treelord moves to support the Kuranoth, whilst the sisters and eternal guard inch forwards.

My turn arrives. The Stardrake doesn't like the look of the Kuranoth and ideally I don't want to charge him, to benefit from staunch defender. The Dracoth's on the other hand go in, looking to benefit from their 3 damage on the charge. Whilst I also drop in my Protectors behind the Treelord. (In hindsight here, I should have waited to position better for charges.) A 9" charge on the Protectors is always a risk, and I feed in my Liberators and Dracoths piece meal. I shouldn't have worried about being charged, as really Slyvaneth was looking to bunker on the Objective.

I fail the Protectors charge, and my Dracoths do well, but the Kuranoth make thier 4+ rerolling saves! #ChargeBlunted. My Liberators as a supporting action charged in and take heavy losses, eventually running to battleshock.

End of my turn One. Slyvaneth wins priority.

The Eternal Guard decided to charge my left most Fulminators and close the gap on the objective. At the time my opponent forgot the terrain was deadly, losing 5 models! A new unit of 10 Dryads also comes up in a new wood in the middle of the board. Threatening the Protectors or to hold up the Fulminators again.

The combat goes badly for the Eternal Guard, with only 2 to 3 remaining after taking heavy losses and bad bravery checks. The combats roll forward on the right flank, with the Kuranoth dishing out more hurt, my Liberators try to tank what they can!

My Stardrake makes its charge. At this stage I want him to focus on the Treelord due to only Heros/Behemoths being able to capture objectives. I just can't get through his armour save though and the Treelord tanks the Drake easily. My Paladins fail their charge again!

I decide to commit on my left flank as I want to pull the Dryads away from the Objective as best as possible and let my Fulminators at the Bracnchwych.

I decide not to hit the Dyrads, again due to math reasons, but atleast I've dragged half of them away from the Objective.

Seeing my Lord Relictor and Castellant behind the Liberator line, the Slyvaneth use the new 10man Dryad unit to charge and tie them up. They take no casualties charging through the deadly terrain.

The combat progress on the right flank, but I just cant put a decent enough dent into the Kuranoth and Treelord. They either heal back up due to Regrowth, or Kuranoths come back to life, even after eating them! What was odd, is that the Treelord is able to stomp on my Stardrake and make him -1 to hit, as hes fallen over!? The Protectors get 4 wounds through on 6's, however the Treelord saves them all >_<

After dealing with the Dryads on the left flank I finally have an opening to charge in and take hold of the left objective. Having killed both the Branchwitch and Wraith with Rain of Stars, plus some Lightning Storms.

It's just to late though. Whilst I capture that objective to take me to 4 VP's to my opponents 9. A unit of Tree Revenants come up behind my Stardrake, and make a 12" charge. Despite me eating the Treelord finally after enough damage on turn 4, I can't get out of combat with the Kuranoth and now the Revenants in order to get close to the objective and cap. Our time was also run out before being able to start turn 5, so I had no hoping of making back the points, despite Slyvaneth no longer having any heros on the table anymore.

Duality of Death is a real tough nut to crack if your not going first, and come up against superb bunker armies.

Lesson's learnt, and I think I played most things as I should have done. Whilst I could have timed my charges better on the right flank, the saves on Kuranoth and Treelords in Wildwoods are just too damn good to shift!

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Made in gb
Noble Knight of the Realm


I've tweaked my list again, and this is what I want to try out. Trying to focus on synergies as much as possible with my Dracoth Cav.


Made in gb
Noble Knight of the Realm

Hi all,

Current work over the last weekend focused on bringing my additional two Dracoth's up to scratch.

I didn't get them quite there, but a half decent way at least.

I also focused on some conversions to make my army a little more unique, specifically on my Hereos. I also start work afresh on a "Battle-Damsel".

Whilst rummaging through my bitz box, as I couldn't find the Dracoth riders torso, and cape, I came across so many little things I decided to make up some Objective markers. Wanted these to reflect holy places for my SCE or even the free-peoples they protect.

Current Army Shot:

Objective Markers:

Lord Castellant Conversion:

Knight Heraldor Conversion:

Amber Battle-Damsel:


Made in us
Enigmatic Exalted Daemon

Albany, NY

 Luvvo wrote:
I've tweaked my list again ...
You crazy

That aside, looks like you're pulling off the late additions just fine Normally I would lament the inclusion of more dracoths (I really hate the dragon-ponies' heads, and that when they were released I assumed they were Auto-Include levels of Obviously Good, given how strong the dracoth hero was), but I really do feel they fit with the Bret thing. Pity that more of them means fewer foot knights (your headswaps really bring the Stormies to life), yet so it goes. Damsel is looking solid too.

Also dig the spreadsheet with role breakdowns and what not

- Salvage

Made in gb
Noble Knight of the Realm

Next practice game is up!

I was not really looking forward to this match up. With Disciples of Tzeentch being the hard-counter to my list with the mortal wound output, and my small model count.

My opponent was only into his second game with his list himself, so there were plenty of things probably missed, or opportunities not taken. He's a great competitive 40K player, but just needs more time to understand the list capabilities.

Mission Type: Scorched Earth

I win the first drop, but have a higher drop count. I did win the roll off however so choose the side of the board that does not have the Mystical terrain square in the middle of the battleline.

A closer look at my opponents list and deployment. The small farmhouse and its stone wall represented the mystical terrain.

Tzeentch has first turn, which is relatively uneventful due to me being out of range and all. The mystical terrain does prove to be difficult however, and he rolls a 1 for both the Tzaangor and the Lord of Change.

I decide on my first turn to try and take his weaker flanks and stay away from the main bulk of his army as best as possible. I know how quickly those Tzaangor can move, and how hard they can hit with the greatblades.

I get quite lucky and make an 8.5" charge on the far right flank. Crashing into the acolytes and chewing through them. Bringing me just in range of the objective. I debated holding it, but with the Lord of Change looming over me I decided to raze it. I get lucky again and burn it for 3 VPs.

Taking me to 6 - 3 VPs end of Turn 1.

I win priority for turn 2 and decide to try and repeat the same success but on my right flank.

He decided to move the acolytes back, whilst still capturing the objective. In the hope I fail my charge. At this stage my Dracoth Cav are in range of the mortal wound output though and take heavy hits. At least 12-13 mortal wounds hit my 4 Dracoth unit, with another 8 on my 2 Dracoth unit still out on my far right flank.

Tzeentch was being fickle again however and the Tzaan and LoC both get beffuddled again.

I think I missed Tzeentch turn 3, but he wins priority. The mortal wounds come pouring out again. By some luck two Dracoth's survive, the Skyfires target them aswell and with a few lucky heals I manage to barely keep the two alive. However this allowed time for my Stardrake and the loan Dracoth to wipe the Acolytes clear of the left most objective. I again decide to raze it, as the mortal wound output can get nasty, so didn't fancy staying around.

It was fortunate that I did, as the end of turn 3 he had outright killed my Stardrake. In a way I think it was still worth it, as I was able to hold up the Tzaangor again, whilst ensuring I take the left most objective.

Without getting befuddled this time the Tzeentch army moves up.Surprisingly the Skyfires move off to the hill with my remaining Dracoth. I think he had forgotten that I had raised the objective. The Tzaangor target my supporting hero blob, targetting the battlemage first. However he was not able to get a great deal into combat as he was conga lining the unit back from the central objective to keep it capped.

I was really expecting the Skyfires to jump over them and harass my middle objective attempting to then charge and burn it to catch up on VP's. Think this was a case of knowing the list capabilities though.

The combat continues with the Hero blob.

With only 10 minutes left on the clock we conclude my turn 4 and the end of the game. With a last Heraldor terrain blast, to kill off more Skyfires, the Gaunt summoner, and wound Kairos further.

Total VPs were 14 to 8 to myself if I remember correctly.

Lesson Learnt:

Mortal wounds hurt me like hell.
Pick weaker units, and use my mobility to get around the 18" MW threat range.

Made in gb
Noble Knight of the Realm

Latest painting situation with only two weeks to go until the AoS GT Heat 3!

Thoughts or any tips to make them better? Stardrake's wings are very much a WIP still!

Made in gb
Noble Knight of the Realm

Can anyone spot the latest list additions following AoS 2.0 list tweaking!? They are not easy to spot

I hope to provide some detailed reports on my experience of Warhammer World and the AoS GT Heat 3 back in June!

Simply I have qualified for the final and now I'm preparing for that in October!

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Made in us
Enigmatic Exalted Daemon

Albany, NY

Dropped support heroes to double down on wizard knights then? Seems legit. Also I never noticed that Steelheart's crew had snuck into your army, plus Blacktalon! Good stuff

- Salvage

Made in gb
Noble Knight of the Realm

So AoS 2.0!

Here is my first match in the new edition. Up against Nighthaunt no less!

Matched play, 2k, no assigned realm, playing "Better Part of Valour" battleplan.

My new list!

The Nighthaunt opponent. A Small x3 spirit host unit is located on the far left flank, and a further 5 man Hexwraith unit is on the far right.

Deployment takes place. Nighthaunt decides to take the first turn, made very easily by only having 3 drops thanks to two battalions and taking an extra CP! - We had discussed mid deployment that he would give me the first turn, but as that changed I did alter my deployment in the center slightly.

The ghostly advance!

Liberators, wishing they were Sequitors right now.

Devastating for my center! - My opponent also decides to burn his 3 home objectives, due to my reserves potential! Was not expecting that at all. Its now 3 VP to 0 in Nighthaunt's favour at the end of his turn 1.

The reserves come down!

And fail all of their charges, including the re-rolls. That 9" charge is not making me feel too comfortable about now!

The Dracoth's receive the Hexwraith charge! Delighted they're atleast -1 to hit! Most of the Nighthaunt at this stage bounce off, although the Drakesworn does take 6 damage.

My turn two and I use the Celestial Vindicator +1 attack CP on the Evocators and they obliterate what was a proxied Black Coach & Hero. Before even making their MW rolls!

Before this happens though, spirit hosts from the center charge against my far left Liberators, and the smaller x3 spirit host is setup 9" away from my back right objective. Both Protected by 5man liberators squads. One of which is in Mystical terrain on my right. The charge goes well and both units make it it. Doing enough MW's to the far left Liberators that the objective is immediately burned down. Whilst the charge is made by the smaller spirit hosts into my right flank, and by the supporting Hexwraiths. The middle objective is also burnt, before my turn two charge. Taking Nighthaunt to 5 VPs to my 0.

Things start to look really grim, when I now only have the last remaining objective on the table, and its only just out of contention by one model! A new spirit host unit is setup ready to charge though! Luckily for me, it does not make its 9". Still in the game... just!

From this point onwards, it was now really mopping up for me. I charges the Drakesworn into the spirit hosts to delay them, and everything else into whatever was left in the middle of the table. The damage output of x4 Dracoths and x10 Evocators with +1 attack is simply brutal. All whilst my rend was negated aswell!

The Drakesworn does go down by mortal wounds, but he had done his job and kept the Nighthaunt there.

I win turn 4 priority and make the charge with my Dracoth cavalry to wipe the remaining spirit hosts.

Giving me a very tight victory of 8VPs to 5 VPs due to holding the one objective consecutively for what would have been 5 turns, and wiping the enemy from the table.

Really enjoyed the game. Really felt the difference with the new priority roles. I had two times when we both rolled the same, and lost out for two double turns so I suppose that balances things in a way. Could really have done with them though!

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Made in us
Enigmatic Exalted Daemon

Albany, NY

Sweet report, nice pics! Your crew looks great on the table, and I dig the colors on them airbrush undead.

What's the actual list you're using, out of curiosity? Mostly wondering about artefacts and such.

- Salvage

Made in gb
Noble Knight of the Realm

Heya Salvage!

Glad you like it.

I have two versions of the list, at its core:

Celestial Vindicator Stormhost

General - Drakesworn Templar
Stormlance & Stormrage Blade
Single-minded Fury
Keen Clawed


3x5 Liberators

10 Evocators

4 Fulminators

2 Fulminators

It's second iteration is very similar but replaces the smaller Fulminator unit in lieu or better charge potential when entering as scions of the storm:

+ Lord Arcanum on foot.
+ Cogs
- 2 Fulminators

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Made in gb
Noble Knight of the Realm

Hi all,

Latest battle report coming up!

2k Matched Played, Focal Points Battleplan, GT final practice. This time vs Clan Skyre!

First up though, a conversion I have done for a Knight-Incantor/Lord-Arcanum on foot.


Skaven deployment, verminlord and stormvermin, x2 doomwheel and some other skvan gubins is in reserve!

Winning the first turn I decide to take it and go all out to push the front skaven line back, away from the objectives. Looking to capture all 5 in one hit!

My Lord Arcanum with the Drakesworns help, manages to get Cogs off on the 7!

I get some great charges off. Unfortunately I did not tag the Stormfiends on the left charge with the Dracoth Cav, but I did tag the Rat Ogres on the right flank with the Evocators. Just the clanrats to burn through first!

The charges do their bit. The Evocators smash through the Clanrats, killing them outright. With their mortal wounds targeting the Rat Ogres, as I tagged them with a pile in and doing 13 mortal wounds!

The Dracoths as expected on the charge, smush the other clanrat unit, but without being able to tag the Stormfiends, are about ready to take some mortal wound shooting!

I end my turn on 8 VPs, for capturing all 5 objectives.

The start of Skaven turn 1, sees a few minor spells go off that I can't recollect. But one was focus around bravery.

Shooting takes my Fulminator's down to 2 and 1 on 1 wound. I only barley survive thanks to Mystical terrain getting me a 6+ save on two of them.

The Verminlord and stormvermin bodyguard eye up the center objective and my Drakesworn Templar. Not liking my chances here, with the Verminlords 5 damage weapon!

Clanrats move up to support the Stormfiends, and block a subsequent charge from me.

Further shooting also saw the Doomwheel, knakker 4.5 Liberators on the southern objective. Good shooting there Tex!

The Verminlord and stormvermin make their charges into the Drakesworn.

He takes 5 wounds, but this serves to piss him off, and rolls 2 unmodified 6's on his hit rolls which equates to 11 mortal wounds thanks to his Stormlance targetting the Verminlord. Killing it outright.
D6MW+1 with no saves or wound rolls needed is brutal! Thanks to Stormrage blade adding 2 attacks, the 1/6 chance of getting that six is much improved.

Skaven turn ends with 3 VPs to my 8.

I win the second turn after drawing a 2 on the priority roll.

Allowing me to move my Evocators in to support my overwhelmed Fulminators. Cogs is also still up at this point so their movement is 6" with +2" to their charge. Which really helps footslogging paladins!

I move in more units to support the Drakesworn, as the Stormvermin are able to chip it down to 5 wounds remaining. A con of the Stormrageblade is I got to a 4+ save, turned to a 5+ with the Stormvermin. I get very lucky on my saves, but that should have been a dead Stardrake.

Before this occurs though, I do get some great Rain of Stars rolls, and snipe most of the remaining characters off the board. Including the Greyseer hiding atop his tower.

The second Evocator charge is once again brutal, killing all the Sormfiends, the 2 Clanrats, and tagging the last foot hero on the extended Evocator on the right. These guys won back 800 points, form their cost of 400!

The only reason I'm not taking another unit in place of the Fulminators, is I want more of an Anvil unit with the Fulminators 3+ rr 1's to allowing the hammer blow to come down.

I finish up my turn on 13VPs to Skavens 3. No the 13 did not go unnoticed by the Skaven player!

Thoroughly enjoyed this game. The addition of Cogs, and the Lord-Arcanum allows me to benefit from my combat list so much more than failing 9" rr charges! Losing 2 Fulminators is worth it in my opinion now. Still risky needing Cogs on a 6+ with no rr, but meh worth it.

Thanks all,

Made in us
Enigmatic Exalted Daemon

Albany, NY

 Luvvo wrote:
He takes 5 wounds, but this serves to piss him off, and rolls 2 unmodified 6's on his hit rolls which equates to 11 mortal wounds thanks to his Stormlance targetting the Verminlord. Killing it outright.

Cheers for another good report, also impressed by the damage output of the Evocators ... although looking at their warscroll right now I can see I shouldn't be surprised, those are some great rules Smart use of lightning on your part to reach across to the Rogres waiting behind the clan bois.

Also thanks for posting the list!

- Salvage

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Made in gb
Noble Knight of the Realm

Heya Salvage,

I've gone and done it again. Mainly after that 10 man Evocator units performance!!

Notice anything new in the list?

Oh yes that's right.... more Evocators!

It left me with 120 points, and I figured a Lord-Castellant was the best fit. Makes the Drakesworn a little tankier early from Turn 1, and once the Evocators come down I can go along an buff them up too.

Wanted a Venator, but the new Look Out Sir, rules put me off. Besides that a Relictor, may be a good shout, to again support the Stardrake.

Made in gb
Noble Knight of the Realm

Hi all,

Third practice game under my belt and a few army tweaks from lessons learn't. I'm playing against my first Nighthaunt player again, but both of us have changed it up.

My List:

Celestial Vindicators Stormhost
Drakesworn Templar w/ Stormlance & Stormrage Blade
Lord Castellant w/ Gryph
Knight Incantor
Knight Vexillor w/ Meteoric Standard
3x5 Liberators
2x10 Evocators w/ Granstaves


Battleplan: 2K Matched Play - Shifting Objectives

My deployment. Vexillor & 2x10 Evocators are in the sky.

Nighthaunt deployment. A 3 base Spirit Host unit is in reserve. The far right to middle are Grimghast Reaper proxies. Ending with the unit of chainrasps in the middle.

Nighthaunt wins turn one with minimal drops and advances across the board. Snagging 5 VPs, with the primary objective being in the center. An endless spell is cast and placed in the center, its used to heal as opposed to do MWs.

I place the Warding Lantern on the Drakesworn, and cast Cogs from the Incantor. Making use of the arcane terrain as well, as arcane lineage. I decide to taper my movement on one flank rather than splitting my Evocator units up. The Vexillor comes down in between them both. Whilst bunkering my far right Liberators in the arcane terrain, and bubble-wrapping the Knight-Incantor.

I make all of my 7" charges thanks to cogs. But I did need the Vexillor's re-roll on one of the Evocator units. I hate to *waste 120 points on the Evocator, but when he all but guarantee's them not losing a round of combat, its worth it to me.

I use my 1 CP on the closest Evocator unit to give them +1 attack. Splitting most of my attacks, but focussing on taking out the Guardian of Souls, Knight of Shrouds, and another NH hero. Whilst also doing damage to the larger reaper unit. I also place my MW roll's onto the large reaper unit. Killing a total of 13/20. Killing the Knight of Shrouds, as well as the 3rd hero. #Brutal.

The stardrake also dives into the smaller reaper unit, takes a few wounds in return, but kills half of the unit.

The chainrasp unit in the middle takes a ton of casualties also from my second Evocator unit. But is made immune to battleshock to keep them on the center objective.

I only score 1 VP as i'm just out of reach to contest the middle objective.

The new primary objective lands and it on my left flank. The spirit hosts advance upon my liberators.

& make their charges.

The liberators are thinned out, but my Incantor goes untouched. Out of shot in the bottom right the 3 based spirit host units also came up behind me, but failed their charge.

My turn 2, and I move in to mop up the spirit hosts.

End of my turn 2. At this point my opponent wanted to concede the match, as despite *playing out where the third primary objective may land and it being on his flank, we projected that I would table his army in that same turn, and over take on objective by the end of my turn 3.

Lessons Learnt:

Evocator Alpha Strike is brutal. It's a hard investment of 1120 points to pull off, with other synergies, but it allows you to take out that many points in as much as turn 1. An enemy being down by half their force in turn 1, is a much weaker prospect. We did concede that perhaps the NH player should have bubble wrapped his heroes better, and probably would have been covered in a torno game.

Getting cogs off on a 6+ still scares me for my opener, as it leaves the rest of my army open, but it's a risk I will have to carry. If there is any arcane terrain on setup I'm defo taking that deployment zone!

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Afraid no battle report this week. My opponent was ill. Next weeks installment I come up against my most hated foe!

Flesh Eater Courts!

In the meantime, I used the free time to batch up my Evocators. Still a way to go, but getting there!

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The final army's really shaping up! I gotta get myself some Evocators too, they look too good to pass on. What do you think of Sequitors instead of Liberators? I'm thinking of phasing out my Libs for Sequitors just because of how more effective I find them. It might be about finding a balance just in case I find myself with almost too low of a model count.

Great progress

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 WarbossDakka wrote:
The final army's really shaping up! I gotta get myself some Evocators too, they look too good to pass on. What do you think of Sequitors instead of Liberators? I'm thinking of phasing out my Libs for Sequitors just because of how more effective I find them. It might be about finding a balance just in case I find myself with almost too low of a model count.

Great progress

Hi Warboss,

Thanks man. The Evocators are very strong, not to mention nice models as well. Few extra details to set them apart, plus robes add more options than you would have thought for paint schemes.

Sequitors are miles better than Liberators, and for only an extra 20 points! I have gone for a real min/max list so they don't feature in mine, as the Lord-Arcanum on foot is a 180 investment, to make them battle line. For my list that was an extra 20pts I couldn't fit in, and then have no spare for upgrading the Liberators anyway.

However in alternative list Sequitors beat out Liberators. Fo sho.

Thanks for stopping by.

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Quick hobby update:

Evocators getting there.

A slight conversion to Gavriel Sureheart for an upcoming doubles tournament. "Ride The Lightning". Need to tilt him more in the direction of fall, but want it to look as if he is coming down from scions of the storm.

So this time around I came across the battle-plan that completely screws with my army list.

Total Commitment. i.e No reserves are allowed. All units must be deployed on the table, or count as slain on turn one. Needless to say, I was not ready for this at all!

Initial deployment.

Ohh soo many Crypt Horrors! 18 to be exact.

A Varghulf appears to threaten my far right flank. Whilst a Ghoul courtier snaps up his far left objective. Keeping it warm.

My turn one, after the court advances. Translocation did not go off, so I could not zip across the board to take early advantage, or pressure the objectives.

The Vexillor banner and rain of stars but down quite a few wounds, but nothing that wont be healed back from the Courtiers, or the zombie dragon.

I win turn two priority, and get Translocation off. I fail to cast Cogs however, leaving my furthest Evocators out the back a little stranded needing a 9" charge.

The closest Evocators however, have no problem chewing through the 30 crpyt ghouls, whilst being within 3" of the Zombie dragon, and causing 16 mortal wounds!

I didn't get as many pictures beyond or in between these points, as I was to busy trying to figure out if there was anyway to win the match.

Unseen on my far right flank, the Varghulf had annihilated my liberator unit, and took an early lead on VPs. The quickest unit I had to counter it was actually my Stardrake, which was over kill, but w/o Cogs or Translocation, it was the only thing that could get there quick enough.

In terms of lessons learnt, I really need a dedicated plan for this battleplan. It hard counters my alpha strike and main purpose of the list. Which is effectively, somewhat regardless of objectives to reduce my enemies effectiveness to cover for my lack of flexibility.

Back to the drawing board in terms of approach, but took me by surprise from GW. Although I do like it as its made me question my list, and thought about making it more generic to cover multiple missions types.

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I really don't like those missions since it doesn't affect all armies fairly. The idea of the battle is fine, but not every army uses deep strike, but the ones that do are heavily affected. I really hope they give it a think over for next year.

Anyway, love how those Evocators are shaping up, they are looking strong! I gotta get through my Sacrosaint a bit faster, we'll have another chamber by the time I finish at this rate

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The Green Knight reforged! - Still a work in progress, namely the base as well! Excited about the fluff this adds to the army!

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That's a brilliant idea. Nice work on getting the green looking right, the blends are really well done. Hope he does well for ya!

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Hey all,

I was super stoked to qualify and play in the AoS GT final this weekend.

Was even happier when I received a Best Army nomination after falling short in heat 3.

Had awesome games across the weekend, and even though it was the final every opponent was impeccable and made for an even better experience!

Ended up ranked 26th, missing out on rank 10 due to an awesome, slog-fest of a match vs Ian's Bonesplittaz in game 6!

Can't wait for the next heats, and the doubles in a few weeks time.


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