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I have 4-5000 points of Eldar models... but nary a one painted. It's too imtimidating. They're *way* beyond my ability to paint.
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This is a tough question for me because I'm terrible about buying and building stuff. I currently own Loyalist Marines, Mono-Slannesh, Custodes, and Tyranids, and outside of a three or four year hiatus after I sold all of my Warmachine stuff I haven't owned this few armies since I was 20. I think at the high-water mark I owned twelve armies.

Never done SoB. Those are some beautiful models right there.

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Niiru wrote:
Space Marines.

Mostly because they're so... boring/uniform. But they get all the new toys.

So I keep looking for an "out there" option that is playable, and would allow for fun / cool model conversions.

Considering Legion of the Damned atm, or samurai marines. Or outcasts.

Don't know if it's the same for you but Minotaurs and Emperor's Spears were the chapters that got me on the marine train. The vibe is too cool and plenty of room for conversions and additions.
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Night Lords; very cool models, just haven't got around to it yet, too many other projects.

I originally wanted 2-4 armies, started 40k with tau, then IG, then drukhari, orks; my IG expanded exponentially, got IK, then expand my IG with some inquisition, then DW, GSC, chaos renegades. This is on top of terrain and some WHFB armies(brets/DE) I intended to restart.
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Chaos Space Marines.

I really like them a lot but can't decide which side of them I like most. On the one hand I like the not so chaotic legions like Iron Warriors and Nightlords, at the same time I love the religious fanatical Word Bearers.
Same thing with the Legions and Renegades: Love the well established Legions, but renegades like Red Corsairs, Brazen Beasts or the Scourged have something going for them, too.

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