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I think the greater daemons are the best models GW makes, straight up. And my favourite of the four is the Lord of Change.

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 H.B.M.C. wrote:
 Snake Tortoise wrote:
Flash gitz are awesome models, and I love their lore.
Not only are they great models, they're excellently designed models. The way each gun is basically a skeleton, and you can put three parts onto it from a whole host of random Orky gubbinz. You could build 30 of them with little to no repeats in their set up. Such a clever design.

Then GW released 6 Ork Buggies that have zero options, cannot be built differently ever, and will always be the same. And people still wonder why I keep bringing that up.

 Snake Tortoise wrote:
I can see why GW are reluctant to have units without models because of third party producers, but I can't see why it would stop them doing kits like the chaos terminator lord.
Because a kit like the Chaos Lord, or the Space Marine Captain, have options. And we can't have options now can we. That might encourage those dastardly third parties even though to use the parts from those thieving third parties people still have to buy GW minis...

Yeah, I don't think many people would agree that a zero option/monopose kit is the ideal option. Indeed in a bunch of cases it's the ability to repose/kitbash/convert models that pushes GW's products forward. Really hope the next batch of kits Orks get give more options for fun posing and weapon swaps.
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Bush? No, Eldar Ranger

SpaceOrk wrote:
I think the greater daemons are the best models GW makes, straight up. And my favourite of the four is the Lord of Change.

I don't see myself ever making one, but if I ever did end up doing chaos, I'd definitely get a big nurgle guy or one of the bloodthirsters, they're pretty imposing!

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