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You know, I think it's the height of irony (yet again) that GW has these nifty looking buildings for CoD, and then they go and put them on MDF bases.  Sure, it looks pretty, but take a look at the finished modular layout galleries in the second link.  Every one of them makes a layout that doesn't comport with the building placement guidelines in the CoD book.  Each layout is as wide open as the terrain that I have seen in most standard games of 40k.  At that point, why even bother with CoD rules?

EDIT ==>  I'm not saying don't use a base.  I just saying, don't make it so big that it thwarts the intent of terrain placement between 2" and 6" apart.

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The best solution to modular building would be to have each tile have a 3-4" border edge from the building centered in the middle of the tile so each building would be 6-8 inches apart no matter how you layed down the tiles. Not as much variety but would be within the rules.

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I'm not sure why you would want to do that as at MOST CoD buildings are 6" apart. Anything greater isn't for that rule set.

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