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South Pasadena

I came across this link and the product looks great but I want to know if anyone here has tried them, and if so, how did they work?  I want to use them for Land speeders, Raiders and Ravagers.


I have never heard of Ninja Magic, but I like the looks of these adapters.


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Milwaukee, Wisconsin

I used 1/4" rare earth magnets that I had epoxied to the base of my BFG ships and the posts, as well as my Land Speeders and their bases.  It worked well and I got far more magnets for the same amount of money.

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Yep, I use magnets as well, bought on the internet in large quantity, much cheaper.

My Carnifexes (4) are all going to be completely seperable .

legs, tail, body, heads, and all weapon options. It takes some work but is great for storage, army building and your enemy can even shoot off an arm (wound marker?)

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Longtime Dakkanaut

Suggest you google RARE EARTH MAGNETS. I have dealt with several companies, and all were good. I now get all my neodymium magnets from Indigo Instruments.

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Those adapters look pretty sweet. I particularly like the toothed bit for keeping the ship where you point it.

That being said, you can easily make your own by just buying the magnets themselves and making your own base. I use amazingmagnets.com. They are fast, inexpensive, and high quality.

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