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Toowoomba, Australia

Got my issue of Australian WD 320 today (6 days early).

*I'm assuming GW has been using new printers for awhile because to be honest the paper (especially the covers) is woeful. The old mags had really robust pages but now it has the feel of one of the cheap womens magazines... and fr the second month in a row the covers don't come to the end of the pages, i.e. the pages stick out the side....*

ALSO: Thank you to GW for bringing back turn by turn 'maps' to show what is going on in the battle reports. The new format was driving me nuts and its good to get back to the tried and tested format.

Editorial: Bit of drivel form the 'White Dwarf' about the LOTR releases.

New releases: 18 pages of LOTR. The ONLY interesting one in there for me is the new plastic balrog because I want the wings.... and they even show the sprue for it... without the wings.


News: Waaagh The Orcs, out in October: New models Spider riders, couple of gobbo heroes and the new plastic warboss/BSB modeled up as a boar rider. Also the cover of the new book and several pages INCLUDING the description of how WAAAGH magic works, part of the miscast table is obscured.


Legions of middle earth: Goes through roughly whats in the book (list of armies, and there is heaps) and 5 example 500pt lists from different forces.

Battle report: Domination of Osgiliath- Can't really comment on this as I don't play LOTR.

Citadel Toolbox: 1 page on how to get different water effects. Helpful to those that want water bases.

More LOTR: 'Journey': Describes the two towers adventures of the fellowship and new models to help 'tell' i.e. play the story/games. Of note is the Isenguard troll who is particularly sweet.

Standard bearer: Jervis' editorial: 2 pages on the new edition of WHFB without acctually telling us anything. Get to see the old covers of WHFB and I've been playing since 3rd ed... and still have all the books.

Forces of Lustria: Lizzies... Beginner style intro to lizardmen (still think the Slaan is one of the best models in the WHFB line, and the kroxigor and salamanders 2 of the worst). 2 army list: A skink based, Min/maxed magic heavy (8 levels) list, the sort that drives opponents nuts, and a more well rounded list that acctually includes a slaan mage priest (4th gen of course).


40k Battle report: Death Stalks Machavius: Ultramarines vs Necrons city fight style.

1: Armies laid out with upgrades, points values and pics of the units. Check.

2: Goofy pics of the players (Alessio and Matt) Check.

3: Alessio taking 2 assault cannons in his 5 man termie squad, on on a land speeder and 1 on a dread and Matt taking not one but 2 resurection orbs. Check.

4: Return of the tactical maps: Check.

Decent battle report helped by harder than normal WD armies.


'Eavy Metal: Elves of ulthuan: For about the 1000th time in the last ten years they tell us how to paint gems (and mine still never come out like theirs). Some great inspiration though. However a little (read 'a lot') more detail would help.

Index Xenos: Eldar rangers: 3 pages on eldar rangers... fluff, pics, drawings.

Australian Army Showcase (one of the best parts of WD): Dwarf army by Joe Pell manager of the Sydney store.

Painting Workshop: Sebastian archer, Oz Slayer Sword winner gives a run down on how to paint metallics by painting on a bright metal and then dirtying it with multiple 'dirty' glazes. I watched him earlier in the year use this technique over about 12 hours (2 days) to paint the armour of one model and the effect on the ork nob he got with 5 glaze layers is fantastic. He also describes how to paint ork skin (looks much better than almost any ork I've seen, and how to do checks). THIS is what GW needs to have as a painting guide in WD. Equivalent to the Cry Havoc (Confrontation's mag) painting articles. 10/10 and the best article in the mag.

French golden daemon showcase: Beautiful models, lots of close ups and multiple angles. Excellent.

Army Showcase: Vampire Counts (Jake Landis from the USWD): Great article on how he made his undead brettonian army. Lots of great ideas and modelling tips.

Australian Battle report: Laurentus mines Incursion: Troy Forster's Tau (seen here in development) http://oz.games-workshop.com/games/40k/tau/articles/rawhobby/default.htm vs Luke Yates' Death guard:


Same format as per the other 40k battle report, even down to the goofy pics. Someone however got a hold of photoshop and the inserted pics have been 'modified' In one it look like the kroot and deathguard are fighting in a sauna thanks to what I assume is supposed to be smoke but looks like steam.

Much, much longer than the UK battle report, more detail and better structured. I can only hope the OZWD battle reports keep coming. Great work guys.

STOP PRESS: Man with goofy sideburns working for games workshop on page 137!!!! Looks like he took a chunk out of the one that's visible whilst shaving. 9/10 for guts. 2/10 for fashion...

Then several pages on exclusive releases and GW services.


OVERALL: Much better than the recent WDs.

Top articles: Sebastian's painting guide by miles, then the OZ battle report.

Good to see: The old battle report format.

Bad to see: The overall quality of the paper.


And that Chris is how to write a review without breaking dakka rule 1...

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Made in ca
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Hey being Canadian, we don't have access to some of the Articles available in OZ, but I was wondering if someone could scan the Water Bases one and forward it to me?

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And I would like to see the article on painting by Sebastian Archer if anyone wants to help out. I have the American WD 319, but their painting article wasn't nearly as good.

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