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... and 360 degree revolutions of three Epic Warcasters we heven't seen yet.

First of all, the information on the units from TGN.

Local Warmachine gamer and superlative painter Chad Lascelles has passed along some information about the upcoming Superiority expansion for Warmachine that has been circulating on the French Warmachine forums. It is based on information published in Ravage magazine. These rumours haven?t been confirmed. The following is translated from the original french.

I dug this out of a french WM forum, apparently it is some info on some of the new models coming in superiority, it is a mix of stuff, but at least we know that everyone is getting a new 1) weapon attachment 2) officer attachment 3) another non-character solo.

Cygnar has a Trencher with rifle grenade, that gives him and other trencher in base contact an AOE 3 to their rifle attack.

Khador has a Winterguard with a primitive rocket launcher that can shoot only 3 rocket during a game with a 3d6 +12 POW

The Cryx officer attachment, is a Satyxis witch. She has a mini-feat that give +1d6 in damage at her Satyxis unit for 1
turn. She has a special order that grants a ripost ability like Ashlyn d?Elyse. She gives pathfinder and camouflage to her unit and she has 2 other special abilities, but Ravage Magazine is not divulging that information.

The Protectorate solo, is a Reclaimer. He can generate soul tokens when a Protectorate model dies and he can use to
cast 3 spells
- one that boosts his armor
- one that is a PoW 12 magic attack.
- one to give one focus to warjack.

The Mercenary solo is a sniper (named Kell Bailoch). He has AD, dig in, and can fire twice with his rifle (POW 10 RNG 14).

And the pics of Khador Epic Warcaster Kommander Orsus Zoktavir, Epic Warcaster Feora, Protector of the Flame and Mercenary Epic Warcaster Magnus the Warlord

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Calgary Alberta

The original TGN article is here.

I do have to say that its really poor form to just repost our news like this.
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Soviet Kanukistan

I hope the rifle grenade doesn't combine with CRA.
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Madrak Ironhide

I think if it did, you could add the rifle grenade to the trenchers but
not vice versa.

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Reclaimers at last?!!? Oh my god do I need to see those. and Feora looks amazing on that base, but Magnus is the biggest pimp of the lot.
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