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Made in sg
Been Around the Block

Hi all,

Been playing quite a few games with my IG, and I've grown to love all the suicide 5-men squads/ cannon fodder/ speedbumps/ whatever-you-call-them.

And I've also come to love having my opponent's heavy weapons plink away at my army 1 puny guardsmen at a time.

And rough riders rock! There's nothing quite like slamming them into a unit of expensive termies and watching those tin-men go down...

So I've modified my list a little, dropping all tanks and bringing as many small 5-men squads as possible, and came up with this.

- Iron discipline
- special weapons squads
- veterans
- rough riders
- drop troops

Command HQ                                 
- Junior officer with H/O, ID, vet with CO standard            81

Special weapons squad, 2 meltas, demolition charge           75
Special weapons squad, 2 meltas, demolition charge           75

5 Veterans, 3 plasmas                                                        75
5 Veterans, 3 plasmas                                                        75
5 Veterans, 3 plasmas                                                        75

Infantry platoon 1                                                               283
JO squad with 2 flamers, ID
2 las/plas squads
remnants with flamer

Infantry platoon 2                                                               283
JO squad with 2 flamers, ID
2 las/plas squads
remnants with flamer

Infantry platoon 3                                                                255
JO squad with 2 meltas, ID
2 las/plas squads

6 rough riders, vet serg, hunting lances                                 72
6 rough riders, vet serg, hunting lances                                 72
6 rough riders, vet serg, hunting lances                                 72

Total points 1493
total no. of models 135
6 lascannons
6 flamers for some anti-horde
6 meltas
15 plasmas
0 vehicles

How's the list? Think I'm going to have fun deep-striking all those small squads all over the place and pushing them forward as speedbumps. But is the list competitive?

And how will I fare against podders? I figured with so many potential DS units, some are bound to come down after the podders land, and with so many small squads, podders can at most take them out on a 1-for-1 basis, which usually means I will have squads left to shoot them after they're done.

Any feedback/comments/criticisms?

Thanks in advance!
Made in us
Automated Rubric Marine of Tzeentch

I've played a similar list and while the speedbumps are fun and all, they go down too fast to any decent shooty enemy because of scatter and their weak saves. Any close combat enemy will obviosuly eat them for breakfast. While it may be fun once or twice the ineffectiveness of the non concentrated fire will soon become apparent to your opponents. I'd say stick with only one or to max speedbumps, it looks like you really only have the two remnants, and use them to hide in table quarter missions to draw away a unit, don't actually get them in the open. The rest of the list looks pretty good though.

FYI dropping the platoon squads with 4 plasmas is about the same price and effectiveness as the vet squads, plus you have already paid half the price for them up front. I'd drop two of the vet squads and make all three platoon squads 4 plasma, and have one or two dropping melta vet squads, better BS for the meltas. Now you have two antitank vet squads at BS 4, three anti heavy infantry command squads to drop, then replace the Special Weapon squad meltas with flamers and use them for anti infantry. you've got enough anti tank in the line squads anyway

Made in us
Fixture of Dakka

Moore, Ok.

my first impression is not enough Heavy Weapons.

and not much anti-horde, IMHO.

"But i'm more than just a little curious, how you're planning to go about making your amends, to the dead?" -The Noose-APC

"Little angel go away
Come again some other day
The devil has my ear today
I'll never hear a word you say" Weak and Powerless - APC

Made in sg
Been Around the Block


Hmmm... Actually I kind of disagree, but then again I'm just a relatively inexperienced player...

But I personally feel that the great thing about all those 5-men squads is that they are completely expendable, and yet the enemy ignores them at his own risk. Sure, they will die if you so much as stare at them, but they don't cost that much. I'll rather lose a small 5-men squad to all those rapid-fire nastiness (tau, SoB, podders etc) then a whole 10-men line squad with a heavy weapon.

It makes a lot of shooting directed against them overkill. I would love to have for example termies shoot at them, cos the maximum number of guys all their stormbolters and donkey cannons can EVER kill in a single shooting phase is 5.

The only "true" speedbumps in the list are the remnant squads. The other small 5-men units are more like nasty little thorns in your side. A single vet squad with 3 plasmas can quite easily put some major hurt on MEQ/termie units. You can spend time wasting them, but each of your nasty, tooled up squad can only kill 1 5-men squad at a time, and while you are chasing them (especially if they DS behind enemy lines), it buys all the more time for my 6 line squads to fire.

And as for CC armies eating them for breakfast, that's the whole point! It is so much easier for the enemy to wipe out or overrun a small 5-men unit than say a 10-men line squad. And when they do, it leaves them open to shooting the next turn. Conversely, if they assault a 10-men line squad and stay in combat, they are safe from return fire during my turn. Sometimes less is better ya?

As for vets using plasma or meltas, I may be totally wrong here, but I kinda thought it may be better to use a rapid fire weapon than an assault 1 weapon, as it means more shots to make full use of the better BS. And anyway, my special weapons squads can't take plasmas, so my vets will have to take them.

I thought 6 lascannons is a pretty decent number for a 1.5k list. And who needs heavy weapons when deep-striking flamers, plasmas and meltasdoes the job as well? hee hee...

And as for not enough anti-horde, that was my concern too. I'm not sure if 6 flamers are enough.

I love flamers. Given my lousy die rolls, not having to roll to hit and for models partially under the template is great stuff. And I'm never a huge fan of heavy bolters. They are great anti-infantry weapons, but only if you take them en-masse. With only say 2-3 of them in line squads, they won;t do much given the speed of assault units and the lack of firelanes when facing podders (all those pods blocking LOS).

To bring enough HBs without compromising the number of lascannona in my line squads, I would have to
1. rely on tanks with HBs, but then I will lose the advantage of playing a full infantry list
2. rely on heavy weapons platoons, but they will be picked out as prority targets unless I bring an entire army of weapon weapons squads

Either way seems to not be an option, so I thought, screw the HB, just stick with flamers for anti-horde. Plopping down 4-5 templates should hurt anyone, even MEQs....

That's just my thoughts when I was building the list. Am I completely wrong, and will this list roll over and die in comparison to other competitive IG lists?

Please keep the feedback coming!
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