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Made in us
Agile Revenant Titan

Fayetteville NC

I'm a bit curious to what some of you think of the list I'm running for a local RTT this weekend. I've tried to incorporate 'fluff' elements so if would be distinctive as Word Bearers while also trying to build a cohesive list that can still take all comers.

-Lord, MoCU, Term Armor, Combi Melta, Cursed Crozius, D. Rune, D. Essence, D. Resilience (205)

-LT, MoCU, Lightning Claws, Frags, Teleport Homer, Icon, D. Flight (116)

-2 Obliterators (140)

-2 x 6 Marines, MoCU, Lascannon, Tank Hunter (123 ea)

-2 x 6 Demonettes (90 ea)

-8 Bloodletters (208)

-6 Marines, MoCU, Asp Chmpn, Powerfist, Icon, Infiltrate, 2xMelta Guns (156)

-6 Marines, MoCU, Asp Chmpn, Powerfist, Icon, Infiltrate, 2xPlasma Guns (156)

-6 Mounted Demonettes (168)

-5 Furies (90)

-Defiler, Mutated Hull, IF, Twin Link LC (235) I modelled the LC which is why I'm paying for it

-6 Havocs, 4x Autocannon, Tank Hunter, Infiltrate (200)


I've had a lot of luck in the past with a bit more min/maxed Word Bearers list, but I've also taken hits on comp. This is me trying strike a balance of Word Bearer flavor and simply making an effective list. Once the RTT is done, I'll post up the battle report (and pics if I can figure out how to put them up).


Comments and criticisms welcome.


Have I really been playing 40K for nearly 30 years? 
Made in us
Fresh-Faced New User

Just a question on tactics. How do you handle the Tau, Eldar and any other mech heavy lists? I am curious because I was thinking of using a similar list to yours. Thanks
Made in us
Agile Revenant Titan

Fayetteville NC

Two tank hunting las cannons that may end up being set up after heavy support tank choices; Obliterators that can either shoot from afar or Deep Strike near heavy armor; tank hunting/infiltrating Havocs (8 shots at S8 vs. non Monolith vehicles tend to make short work of them). Then, if my opponent gets lazy about it, 2 PG and 2 MG that infiltrate. The last resort are the Demonettes. They can do it, but I'd rather them be going after infantry.

Finally, praying for a 5 and a 6 on the Glance chart vs. tooled up Falcons

Have I really been playing 40K for nearly 30 years? 
Made in us
Agile Revenant Titan

Fayetteville NC

Well, I suppose the list was ok for dakka standards. I'll put up a battle report and (hopefully) pics sometime this weekend.

Have I really been playing 40K for nearly 30 years? 
Made in nl
Lesser Daemon of Chaos

Groningen, The Netherlands

Hi Sarigar,

I wanted to reply to this listed earlier but have been rather busy lately. Beter late then never, so heres some advice.

I recently played in a 2000 point Megabattle and used the following:

Lord: Stature, Flight, MoCU, Pers Icon, 2 CCW

Lieut: Bike, Melta, Dark Blade, MoCU, Pers Icon

5 CSM: Las/Plas, MoCU, Icon, Infiltrate

5 CSM: Las/Plas, MoCU, Icon, Infiltrate

5 CSM: AutoC/Flam, MoCU, Icon, Infiltrate

8 Bloodletters

6 Daemonettes

6 Daemonettes

6 Daemonettes

8 Furies

6 Mounted Daemonettes

4 Bikers: Plas/Flam, MoCU, Icon

Defiler: Indirect

Defiler: Indirect

Spined Chaos Beast: Speed

2000 points, 64 models, 12 scoring units

My point in posting my list? Just a reference...

Some remarks @ your list:

- 5 Furies cost 75. For 90 points you get 6!

- I see you're putting Tank Hunters on the Las/Plas squads... I'd advice against taking Tank Hunters on the CSM squads, the Infiltrate option is way to important IMHO. You need to get the Daemons in close; they're not good at surviving enemy shooting. The Havocs with TH and Inf in stead of Icons is good since you have enough Icons.

- Your modelcount is good.

- I feel 6 model squads are too whimpy for an Aspiring Champ. Besides, you need to specialise more; the Daemonsquads get the opponent in CC. The CSM lend firesupport and Infiltrating Icons. I'd get rid of the Aspiring Champs.

- I think your Lord is too slow. You have an assault oriented army, I'd give both the Lord and the Lieut movement upgrades. If you want the Term armour Lord I'd give him a Kai Gun so he has some long range threat. The Lieut I'm using is the best unit in my army, give it a try. It's a very good unit.

- Never pay 235 points for one vehicle! Defilers should have nothing, IF or Mutated Hull.

- Give your Lieut infiltrate if it has flight/speed...

- Reconsider Bikes, the are very nasty. You have a lot of CSM. Maybe drop one squad for a 4 man Biker squad. If you want an Aspiring Champ with powerfist; put it in the Biker squad!

- The Spined Chaos Beast with Speed is a lot of fun (IA update 2005). Can't use it? Again, I'd take the Bikers, or an extra Obliterator.

Good luck with your list, let us know how you're doing with it.

Cilithan out...

Fiery the angels fell; deep thunder rolled around their shores; burning with the fires of Orc.

Daemons: 5000+ points
CSM/Black Legion: 5000+ points
Deathwatch/Knights: 5000 points
Made in us
Agile Revenant Titan

Fayetteville NC

Well, I must say it was a lesson on what not to do tactically and inherent weaknesses found this past weekend.

Things that worked: Demonettes on Steeds, Demonettes if they didn't get summoned too far away from assault; Defiler; Obliterators.

Things that didn't work: Me using Infiltrate. I screw this up a lot and end up stranding units that end up destroyed. Dice-Game 1, the Furies never made it out. Game 3, no demon came out before losing all my Icons. I rolled a huge number of '1' on the glancing chart, especially vs. Eldar. Tactics- I blew this horribly (ex: leaving my Lt w/ Icon to be the closest unit to a Falcon= dead Lt.) Deep Striking the Lord whom I thought could withstand some firepower. 1st Game he Deep Striked right on top of a Land Raider. Game 3 he landed next to a Wave Serpent (no bonus d6) and rolled a 1 on the glance chart. Then the Wraithguard came out...

I honestly have to say I'm lowering the amount of Infiltrate I take. I'll probably use just one unit as a counter unit for my opponents. It's not that infiltrate is bad, I'm just bad at using it. I'm also going to model the free icons on my las squads (I thought having 4 would suffice). The Lord is not forgotten. I'm going to add more Teleport Homers. He will come down to boost areas that are in trouble. Not dive down head long into the enemy hoping to kill armor (in the lines of a single Tau Crisis Suit w/ Melta weapon).

The 15 points I overspent on Furies would have been another Marine, oh well. Also, I agree that 6 man squads that are medium to short range threats are two small. I'm thinking of combining the two into one (this may be my infiltrate unit as well).

I'm completely sold on Demonettes on Steeds. They look pretty good on the table and can dish out some serious hurt. I've got another 6 in blisters that I may build. Two squads may be better than one (they may replace my slow moving Bloodletters).

Bloodletters gets everyone's ire. They are pretty tough in assault, but so much gets thrown at them, they tend to not survive very long.

We used certain COD strategems during this tourney. I took the reroll to hit, so my one squad w/ Tank Hunting Las cannon did quite well. The +1 pen helped a few times vs. a 2 Land Raider army I faced in game 1.

Overall, 1-1-1. Not a good showing, but it got me to finish painting a few new units and I learned a bit more on the do's and don'ts of my demonbomb. I also didn't lose any comp points this time...

Thanks for the input.

Have I really been playing 40K for nearly 30 years? 
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