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Made in ca
Fresh-Faced New User

Master commander 130pts
-2x lightning claws
-terminator armour

Dreadnought 160pts
-extra armour
Drop pod

Terminator assault squad 5x 215pts
-Furious charge
-2xLightning claws
-Furious charge
-power weapon
-storm bolter

Terminator squad 5x 200pts
-storm bolter
-power fist
-Storm bolter
-power weapon

(6x) Scouts squad 5x 108pts
-Sniper rifle
-sniper rifle
-Terminator Honours
-Teleport homer

(2x) land speeder squadron 1x 80pts
-Assault cannon
-Heavy bolter

Whirlwind 85pts
-whirlwind missile launcher (vengeance)

Predator annihilator136pts
-twin linked lascannon
-heavy bolter 2x
-extra armour

Predator destructor 116pts
-heavy bolter 2x
-extra armour

1850 / 1850pts

Made in ca
Fresh-Faced New User

Any comments about this army list?
Made in us
Rampaging Carnifex

Assault termies with no delivery, a swarm of sniper scouts, a few vehicles but not enough for total target saturation. No sir, I don't like it.

Seems kind of scattered and without any cohesive concept to me.
Made in us
Longtime Dakkanaut

Cherry Hill, NJ

If you are going the scout sniper rout or if you would like to go that rout I would suggest taking more terrmies than anything and give each vet sgt in the scout squads a teleport homer. For fast attack think about taking bikes rather than speeders as they will function as a delivery system for your terminators. As Longshot said it seems as if you put this list together with little regard for units supporting each other.

And put that commander with a command squad.
Made in ca
Fresh-Faced New User

Well, first of all, all the scouts got already a teleport homer to help bring the termies.

I tought putting the commander with the power fist termies squad, but the fact that he will not be on the table before the second turn, and leave all the scout with a leadership of 8 is suicidal as the scout will probably fall back and then won't be able to shoot the annemy afterward and will call the termies farther away of the enemy. So i'll opt for putting him in a corner of the table and maybe, if he come to near, use him as a bait to protect the vehicule.

As i dont like the marine with a save of 3+ i choose the speeder in the fast. They got a great mobility, got a great fire power and can wisthand some fire before collapsing.

The whirlwind will use his own guessing fire so i woulnd put him under enemy fire. As for the 2 predator, they'll serve as bot anti-tank and anti-personnal fire, all depending on the opposite army composition.

The dreadnought and 2termie squad will arrive inside the ennemy line and shoot. They'll probably get into HtH the turn they arrive and that's the real use they got. If the squad with the power fist are not in close combat, they'll serve as tank hunter if any vehicule are hiding themselve.

Made in us
Regular Dakkanaut

Why would you give your predator annihilator 2 heavy bolters? If you want him to bust some tanks, he won't do it very well, and if you want him to attack troops it will only be moderate. 3 lascannons with one being twin linked is rather necessary, you don't have much tank busting otherwise. (he'll also be good at blasting tough units/monstrous creatures.

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