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I'm an old time gamer and have dug up my old warhammer collection. I came upon some unusual orks from a small army I used to have. In it are a group of orks dressed smartly like 2nd world war german troopers. I vaguely remember at the time reading that a group of younger orks modelled themselves this way to the despair of their crazed elders. Does anyone else know what these guys are called, and if they are still used by modern ork armies?

Also what is the going rate for squats? I have small army of about 50 pieces.

Best wishes Mick

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The Orks you speak of are called Stormboyz, and they have transmorgified (tm) into the modern game as a jump pack unit.

GW (sadly, but wisely) dropped the whole young Orks who dress like Germans theme and they are now just Orks with Rokkits strapped to their backs.

As for the going rate on Squats I'd suggest taking a gander at Ebay.

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yeah, the old stormboyz looked funny, but you just can't do stuff like that anymore....hey, wait! isn't this what IG does all the time...
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