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Regular Dakkanaut

Which GW publication contains the current version of the rules for Chaos drop pods?
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Regular Dakkanaut

Los Angeles

Imperial Armour Update 2006 I believe (which is available for pre-order from Forge World as it's not been released yet).

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Ave Dominus Nox 
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Ancient Chaos Terminator

South Pasadena

You can actually get the rules for "Dreadclaws" in IA 2005. I would LOVE to use them in an RTT. The thought of having my Berzerkers assault out of dreadclaws almost brings me tears of joy.


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Longtime Dakkanaut

Getting my broom incase there is shenanigans.

I am surprized that there was not dreadclaw drop pods at the Adepticon Gladiator touney.

Since it is no-holds-barred, I thought a demonbomb army would be great falling from the sky.

But no one tried it. I wonder how many points they are?

Made in us

Amongst the Stars, In the Night

I think Dreadclaws are 60-70 points each and can only carry 10 marines... (goes to look...) Ah, 65 points, can carry 10 CSM's, 5 in terminator armor or one Dread, AND doesn't count as immobilized, as it can take off again. It's also harder to kill (AV12 and not open topped). At least that's what the IA I have says...

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Made in us
Regular Dakkanaut

Hmmm... you know, at 65 points that's a hell of a lot better deal than a rhino that usually gets popped open before it's halfway across the table. Does anyone know if the homemade drop pods that guy is always selling in the Buy/Sell/Swap forums are any good?
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