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I've noticed in the past few UK WD battlereports (since the change of style a few months back), that the army composition pages actually feature repeats of the same miniature. For those of you not familiar, rather than photographing the minis en masse on a table, there are now seperate photos of each squad, vehicle etc. with no back-drop.

The odd thing is that many of the troopers who make up the squads are actually in featured in the pictures of other squads. During battles, the 'action shots' (ie close ups of individual events) only need to feature a few minis, and these photos are taken after the battle has been played anyway.

This basically begs the question, are GW actually bothering to create entire armies for their studio any more? If so, they're basically giving the two fingered salute to evreyone out there who collects the models, and is spurred on by the company to produce well painted, well 'balanced', and, to this end, expensive armies.

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I dont read WD, but it wouldnt surprise me.
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They're not very well paid and probably can't afford to build up whole armies.

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The Eavy Metal team just paints one army with not many options. And the game designers usually use them because they are just better painted as their own ones. It could be that the point size decrased in the last years but I don't like to check all my white dwarfs for any evidence. But the battlereports are just for show anyways so why should we care?

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Hmm, i can think of a couple of egregious examples of photoshopping in white dwarf, though I can't think of a battle report that suffered it lately. 

1) The zombie pirates regiment from last summer only had two ranks converted, the rest was all photoshopped in.
2) The sample 1500 pt vostroyon army from this spring had duplicate squads in it.  They didn't even reshuffle the squad and take a new picture, the two squads looked identical.  I'm pretty sure this army was used in a battle report.
3) Not from white dwarf, but the infamous Cadian 6th picture from Codex: Imperial Guard.  Though even the bitterest foe of GW has to let that one slide.

This months battle report showed a "team photo" with backdrop, so I'm pretty confident that they're legitimate.  Don't forget that battle reports exist to provide a narrative, they in no way represent an actual game of warhammer.  I guess the closest comparision I can think of is that nobody complains that the Harlem Globetrotters win every game.  They enjoy watching an entertaining event, and even if there is little drama, the artistry makes up for it.  Heck, people watch pro wrestling, and that's basically a soap opera for adolescent men.  I love WD battle reports because they show interesting looking armies, and are written well with plenty of photos.

I agree that there is a certain level of contempt towards gamers in advertising their product, and not even buying a lot for their demos.  I think that at least with Vostroyans, there was never a serious attempt to get people to build entire armies of them.  Virtually all sales have been for inducted guardsmen/grenadiers/veterans/command squads/etc. 

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Yeah, they probably play other games like WM, Dark Ages and Confrontation.  They are all "closet" players.

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If you got to paid to play with minis someone else built and painted would you bother to collect and paint more yourself? Personally, I'd just go home and night and spend more time doing something more productive than modeling.
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