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40K Talk: Unbound and the Game Balance by SMG's Chaos Pat

Unbound and Game Balance by Chaos Pat South Mississippi Gamers

Link to SMG Wargaming Article - http://southmsgamers.blogspot.com/2014/06/40k-talk-unbound-and-game-balance.html

Hello everybody! it's Chaos Pat once again, did you miss me? No? That's Understandable. I'm here today to give everyone my opinion on unbound, and why it's balanced. With 7th edition we gained two types of ways to play, battle forged and unbound. Please be aware that I am a tournament-going, competitive player, so my opinions are those of a tournament-going competitive player.

Battle forged grants your troops 'objective secured', which is the ability to not be contested except by other units with that special rule, all at the cost of simply following the force organization chart. Another nifty benefit is you get to re-roll your warlord trait, which is nice since you get it for free. All in all battle forged is a solid route that helps prevent those pesky seer councils from contesting your objectives.

Unbound on the other hand offers no restrictions, as in it says simply take whatever models you want. The only disadvantage to this is your troops don't get objective secured and you cannot re-roll your warlord trait.

So you're probably asking yourself why on earth would I take battleforged when I can just take all the powerful units that I want and just table my opponent so I don't need to contest or hold objectives thus rendering 'objective secured' worthless? Well, because completely wiping out a moderately competent opponent is incredibly hard to do, and they will just play to the objective while you try (and fail) to table them, which will result in your loss.

This is speaking from experience, I've played a few unbound games, both against and with unbound, and my experience is that objective secured completely and utterly makes up for the fact that some a-hole brought ten riptides.

While unbound can bring some really dumb lists, so can battleforged. My answer to ten riptides is two-hundred and ten plague zombies, good luck wiping that off my objectives! Another answer is bring some flyers, with ten riptides only a couple of them will have skyfire. This is only one scenario but the concept remains the same, every list will have a weakness, simply exploit that weakness to win.

But what if you don't have the tools to exploit the weakness? Play to the objective fool! Spread out and go to ground in some ruins every turn, he will not table you unless your dice fail you, and him failing to table you will most likely result in the unbound players loss.

My advice is to try unbound before you ban it in your club, since you will never know how good or bad something is until you try it. If you choose to ban it after you have played it a good deal, then at least you were open minded enough to try it. But if you simply ban it without trying it, then you will struggle to adapt to any of the changes that 7th brings to the table. Good luck out there!


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