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40k Shots - Get Drunk to a Theme

Shamelessly taken from various sources on a temporary thread at 4chan. Possibly originally sourced from elsewhere.

The Emperor's Will

Equal parts vodka and apple juice, shaken and chilled. Garnish with a chunk of fresh ginger.

Nurgle's Rot

1 measure of lime cordial, 1 measure of southern comfort, 6 measures of lemonade. Drizzle at least 1 measure of Bailey's on top for curdled, boogery appearance. Do not stir.


Bloody Mary in a very large glass without celery. Optional - add 1 measure of drippings from rare hamburger.

Just as Planned

Cuervo Margarita with an extra shot of Blue Curaco, frozen.

Imperial Guardsman

Near Beer (Act Drunk as you pass by people with your manly Near Beer)


Tequila and Habanero hot sauce (If your man enough,or suicidal, mix in ground up Ghost Chillies)

The Greater Good

Diet Virgin Cuba Libre (Coke and rum, with no rum, just diet coke,designated drivers; serving the greater good in the greatest way...)


1 shot of goddamn everything in a very big frosty mug.

The Warp

Espresso, Vodka, and Vicodin.

Ulthwe's Tears

1 measure Tia Maria, 1 measure Creme de Cacao, 1 shot Espresso, topped with double cream.

The Dreadnought

6 shots Jack Daniels, 4 shots Jim Beam, 3 shots Crown Royal, 2 shots Jim Walker. "EVEN IN DEATH (hic), I'M STILL DRUNK!"

The Green Tide

Glass of leftover beer from St. Patrick's day with 2 shots of bourbon, and add green dye to the mix.

The Monolith

2 shots gin, 1 shot lime juice, 1 shot vermouth

The Inquisition

10 Shots of Jack Daniels, 2 ounces of orange juice, 2 ounces of grenadine

Purge The Liver!

The Bolter Bitch

1 shot amaretto, 1 shot vodka, Add cranberry juice to taste (4-6 ounces). Pour 1 shot cola over top.

Angry Eldar

1 shot white rum, 1 shot triple sec, 1 shot gin, 1 shot gold tequila. Pour into glass of iced Fresca.

Melta Bomb

3 shots Midori Melon liqueur, 1 shot DeKuyper Sour Apple, 1 shot rum, 1 shot sweet and sour.

Gets Hot!

Shot of Bacardi 411, lit on fire. Drink without extinguishing.

Slaaneshi Whore

(all measures are EXACT. You should obsess over this drink as you make it.) 4 oz of citrus fruit flavored schnapps, 4 oz creme de menthe, 4 oz sprite OR 2 oz club soda and 2 oz citrus juice of choice, 4 oz Ever-clear, insert long handled spoon, lightly drizzle godiva chocolate liquor on top, stir SLOWLY exactly 4 times, making a spiral pattern with the liquor, CAREFULLY remove the spoon, garnish 1 sprig of mint with exactly 4 leaves in the center of the spiral. consume. Repeat until it's perfect, or your liver fails.

The Chaos Spawn

Pour one jigger each of vodka, whiskey, and orange bitters into a glass. Ask bartender to add a shot of "something else" into the mix - do not specify what.

Genestealer surprise

1oz. Peach Schnapps, 1 tsp. Bailey's Irish Cream, 2 drops Grenadine, 1 tsp. Black Opalline Liquor, Heat until it's right at your pain tolerance, Drink quickly.

The Hammerhead

2 shots Absynthe, 1 shot Creme de Menth

Deep Strike

2 shots Jägermeister, 2 shots Cinnamon Schnapps.

Face Eater Squig

1 part Vodka, 2 parts Tabasco sauce, Rimmed glass with Jagged Sea Salt to get the Toothy Look

Red Ones go Fasta

4 ounces Red Bull, 1 ounce cheap Red Wine, 1/4 ounce Red Cherry Liqueur and 4 ounces johnny walker red blended in ice with 5 ounces of Fanta red.

Properly orky version: Beer with red paint.


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