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Adding Cygnar Heavies

While you might want to field Captain E. Dominic Darius when Supporting Cygnar Warjacks, there are other options available to the discerning Cygnar player. This list gives you a different warcaster you can use, various heavy warjack options, and a little bit of solo support to get you on your way.

Supercharging Warcaster

Nemo can stack up the bonuses on a single warjack. Disruption Field increases its Strength on all its melee attacks and Locomotion allows Nemo to move the warjack out of turn to position it for a charge on the enemy commander. Finally, Supercharging this warjack with 5 focus means that whatever it touches will die.

He can also reliably cast Chain Lightning once or twice against Infantry targets, or even use it two or three times when targeting a low Defense model in range of enemy targets. He could even target his own heavy warjacks in order to clear out nearby infantry before activating the warjack to go crazy on something more useful. Even with infantry formations existing within a command bubble, the 4" leaping of damage from model to model should cause enough trouble. Leaping attacks are auto-hits and ignore defense and stealth.

Finally, his feat, weapons, and Voltaic snare all disrupt warjacks in his control area, giving him extra anti-'jack capabilities.

Of Knockdown and Hammers

With two high two high Strength attacks (as opposed to a high strength right arm and weak left arm), the Hammersmith delivers the big beat down. Anything that increases its strength or damage output will almost certainly be extra damage against high armor targets.

Though it has slow base SPD (only 4" a turn, 8" running) its extra abilities give it additional movement where it counts in combat. Each swing of a hammer can move the 'jack from Beat Back and its chain attack slam.

Use a Hammersmith to control parts of the table from heavy warjacks and warbeasts and to otherwise annoy high ARM models by forcing them to stand up after a knockdown.

Two Fisted Covering Fire

  • Cyclone
  • PIP 31062 (Plastic warjack kit)

The Cyclone adds versatility to your heavy warjack lineup. With both rapid fire ranged attacks and two open fists, the Cyclone has options for dealing with both infantry and warjacks.

As a special action, the Cyclone can protect your front lines with two templates of covering fire. Models entering or ending activation in those templates immediately take damage, bypassing high DEF and ARM values completely.

Thunderclapping Warjack

Extra 'Jack Support

  • Journeyman
  • PIP 31016
  • PIP 31049 (Alternate Female Model)


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