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AgeOfEgos Legio Custodes

Legio Custodes

The Adeptus Custodes are the guardians of the Emperor. They are a small, elite force that are similar in physical appearance to a Space Marine (Although their superior in physical combat). Unlike a Space Marine, Custodes are created by a unique, 'one off' process that is more time intensive than a traditional Space Marine. Due to this and their training, Custodes are more independent in their fighting style and martial prowess--whereas a traditional Space Marine fights better as part of a unit.

My Legio Custodes represent the Legion at the time of the Heresy and are led by the Emperor (Of course!).

Unit Photos

The Emperor of Mankind: The Sovereign of the Imperium of Man and defender of Holy Terra.

Codicer Tyloss Rubio: The First Grey Knight Librarian

Adeptus Custodes Kataphract Squad Mysia---Led by Augustus Tatium

Adeptus Custodes Kataphract Squad Galatia---Led by Vitus Spirum

Adeptus Custodes Kataphract Reserves

Custodes Envoy Squad

Custodes Envoys often work alone, spreading the Emperor's will among the stars through infiltration and subterfuge. When called to battle, they often form the Vanguard for the Adeptus Custodes---riding swiftly into the front lines in the Emperor's Gift and sowing panic among the enemy.

Custodes Jetbike Squad

Adeptus Custodes Ancient Timon

Adeptus Custodes Ancient Erastos

Adeptus Custodes Ancient Atilius

Adeptus Custodes Thunderhawk "The Mortuus Ventus"

Adeptus Custodes Land Raider

Army List


  1. The Emperor
  2. Codicer Tyloss Rubio (One of the first Grey Knights)


  1. Adeptus Custodes Envoy Squad with the Emperor's Gift transport
  2. Adeptus Custodes Kataphract Squad Mysia---Led by Augustus Tatium
  3. Adeptus Custodes Kataphract Squad Galatia--Led by Vitus Spirum
  4. Adeptus Custodes Kataphract Reserver (Four members)

Fast Attack:

  1. Adeptus Custodes Jetbike Squad

Heavy Support:

  1. Adeptus Custodes Ancient Erastos
  2. Adeptus Custodes Ancient Timon
  3. Adeptus Ancient Atilius


  1. Adeptus Custodes Thunderhawk---The Mortuus Ventus
  2. Adeptus Custodes Land Raider

Why I Started This Army

Ever since I got into 40k, I was always drawn to the Heresy--and specifically the Custodes. I like the way they are portrayed to have more personality and unique character attributes as opposed to normal Marines.


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