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Austin Texas Gaming Community

Contact Details

Much of the Austin area community uses the Austin Miniatures Minions forum to help organize and run events and campaigns as well as general wargaming forum discussions from Tournament Talk to Painting and Modeling and just about everything in between.

Where to Play in the Austin Area

Google Map of Austin Area Wargaming Stores

Battleforge Games

Battleforge Games

(512) 323-9600

2700 West Anderson Lane

Suit 402

Austin, TX 78757

Dragons Lair

Dragons Lair

(512) 454-2399

6111 Burnet Road

Austin, TX 78757

Local Wargaming Blogs

Bell of Lost Souls BoLS Tumblr Zen 40,000 40kology Bushido Goatboy 40k The Painting Corps Ultramarine Blues

Dakka Members in the Area

Aventine Cadaver CrusherJoe GoatboyBBMA Jhagadurn mkerr neal realgenius Darkwynn


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