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Basilisk vs Medusa
BasiliskMedusa (std shot)Medusa (BB shot)ColossusManticore
Hits VehicleSide armourTarget facingTarget facingSide armourSide armour
Penetration:S9 OrdnanceS10 OrdnanceS10 "Melta"S6 OrdnanceS10 Ordnance
Damage Table:+0+1+2+0+0
Maybe bypass cover:YesNoNoNo cover saves allowedYes
Avg scatter:4" in LOS and 36"+
7" otherwise
4"4"4" in LOS and 24"+
7" otherwise
4" in LOS and 24"+
7" otherwise
Template:5"5"3"5"D3 x 5"
LOS required:NoYesYesNoNo
AP:3 (TEQ safe-ish)2 (++ saves only)1 (++ saves only)3 (TEQ safe-ish)4 (TEQ/MEQ safe-ish)
Instant Death:Many modelsAll but toughestAll but toughestGEQ and weakerAll but toughest
  • BB = Bastion Breacher
  • I won't include point costs to avoid breaking forum rules, but the spread is 35pts.
  • "Maybe bypass cover" does not mean "Ignores Cover". It means whether cover between the firer and target can be negated because of the Barrage rule.
  • "Avg scatter" is only relevant if the scatter dice does not role "On Target".
Chance To Penetrate AV
AVS6S9S10S6 OrdnanceS9 OrdnanceS10 OrdnanceS10 “Melta”


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