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Battle Report Craftworld Litha vs Cobalt Consuls


Crusade Campaign: Fourth Tyrannic War! Game 3.

Army Lists

Attacking we have the Eldar of Craftworld Litha, defending we have the Marines of the Cobalt Consuls Chapter.

Player A Army List

Ailsana, spiritseer, fate's messenger     80
Maeve, wayleaper autarch                  80   [+1D +1 WS star glaive] 
Hands of Isha, 10 wraithguard, cannons    310  [6+ fnp] [rr1 hit vs veh]
5 wraithguard, cannons                    155  [9" scout] [rr1 hit vs veh]
10 guardians, bright lance                110  
Void Screamers, 5 warp spiders            100  [9" scout]
wraithlord, 2 bright lances               160  [+1A +1 BS bright lance] [thunderous blows] [TWV k:0/10]

Player B Army List

Gravis Captain 80
10 heavy intercessors 220
5 desolators 170
5 desolators 170
5 scout snipers
Predator Destructor, lascannons, SB, HKM
Predator Destructor, lascannons, SB, HKM

Game On!

Turn 1

Turn 2

Turn 3

At this point the store closed and we took images to hash out the rest of the battle online. The second half of turn 3, the Marines killed the Autarch and warp spider Exarch. The death of the Exarch with the objective means the Eldar now have to capture a new objective and/or prevent the Marines from scoring the objectives held by the scouts or next to the surviving Desolators. Shooting into wraithguard triggers them to return fire and they destroy the 3 desolators with some luck, re-rolls on hits and wounds, and Eldar fate dice. 10 wraithguard punched the Gravis Captain to death and freed themselves up to avenge the Exarch and Autarch.

Turn 4

First half of turn 4, the surviving total 11 wraithguard destroy the predator which has 1 wound remaining and fail to harm the fleeing scouts. Second half of turn 4, the scouts attempt to snipe out the spiritseer but barely fail.

Turn 5

Turn 5, Eldar destroy the remainder of the scouts and claim the objective the Desolators were near, closing the game out with an Eldar victory.


Craftworld Litha wins by destroying all Cobalt Consuls units and claiming one objective and the fully painted +10 bonus for a total of 25-0 score.

Closing Statements

Extremely close game fought out in overtime!


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