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Battlefoam Shield Bag Review


Battle Foam has released a great bag to appeal to the gamer on a budget, the Shield Bag. It’s an affordable alternative to their pricier P.A.C.K. line of bags. The Shield Bag features two side pockets and two front pockets. There’s a carrying handle on the top and an optional shoulder strap that clips to the sides of the bag. When ordering the bag, there are three load outs: an empty Shield Bag that you can add custom trays to for 34.99$; a Standard load out that includes a 55 troop tray, a 29 large model tray, and a pluck foam tray for 59.99$. The last load out is an all pluck foam bag also for 59.99$.

The Bag

The Shield Bag has 4 pockets, 2 on the side and 2 in front. The pocket at the very front of the bag is smaller and can hold dice or other small items. In the pocket behind it I was able to fit both my Space Marine and Eldar codices in it and the compartment still shut as normal. The two side pockets won’t fit a codex, but I found them useful for fitting my mini 40k rulebook, FAQs, and army lists. The downside to these pockets is that the hooks for the shoulder strap may get in the way if you have a larger book inside them. They aren’t very wide either, so only thinner books or templates fit. The bag zippers open at the top to get into the bag’s main compartment for foam. The main compartment does not fit the standard Battle Foam tray size; it fits the Games Workshop sized foam. Fortunately, Battle Foam has a custom tray creator for the GW sized trays. The Foam

The foam trays included with the Standard load out give the bag a surprisingly strong shape, despite lacking the P.A.C.K. line’s plastic inner shell. The 55 troop tray fits 11 taller models, about the size of a Space Marine with a banner and 44 cutouts that fit a regular Space Marine. The second tray is a 29 large model tray. The cutouts will fit a model that is the size of a Terminator or Eldar Guardian Support Weapon. The final tray is a pluck foam tray. As I was plucking the foam to fit my vehicles, I was worried that I might damage the tray by pulling the long pluck pieces too hard; however, the tray is very easy to customize to fit your larger models.


Battle Foam has released a great affordable product, and gives you an awesome 1-year warranty on the bag and a lifetime warranty on the foam trays. Along with this, the custom tray creator allows you to easily swap out trays for different armies. I give this bag a 5/5 rating for its price and great storage for books and other extras along with your models.


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