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BeefyG's Nightmare on Sesame Street Blood Bowl Team

Inception and Theme

My cool idea is the use of a parody between Freddy Kruger’s “Nightmare on Elm Street” series and “Sesame Street”. This team idea came about during roster construction for the largest BB gathering in the southern hemisphere “Eucalyptus Bowl” played in July in Sydney Australia.

I wanted to use the Count Luthor Von Drakenburg star player in my line-up and decided to use the undead team as the best place for him. This is a resurrection tournament (insert a link into resurrection tournament structure here) so the same team is used over the course of the tournament with it resetting each game.

Thus “The Count” can be used in the Sesame Street connotation as “The Count”. Including my ability to count touchdowns that he scores in the appropriate: “One…Ahhh ahhh ahhhh” voice. The rest of the undead team will be given positions appropriate to their importance in the Sesame Street series.


Well the tournament that I am building the team for uses a 1250K gold limit, with normal skills able to be purchased at one per player adding 20K each to their value.

The roster:

Name: Position: Skills: Cost:

  • Count Luthor Star Player Loner, Block, Dodge, Hypnotic Gaze 390K
  • Big Bird Mummy Mighty Blow, Regenerate, Guard 130K
  • Snuffleupagus Mummy Mighty Blow, Regenerate, Guard 130K
  • Bert Wight Block, Regenerate, Guard 110K
  • Ernie Wight Block, Regenerate, Tackle 110K
  • Elmo Ghoul Dodge, Block 90K
  • Oscar The Grouch Ghoul Dodge, Block 90K
  • Cookie Monster Zombie 40K
  • Grover Skeleton 30K
  • Telly Skeleton 30K
  • Yip Yip Skeleton 30K

Team Rerolls: 1 70K

Total value of team: 1250K

Tournament Results

Well the count didn't do himself proud on many occasions, double skulling at least once in every single game.

First round we faced orcs and ground our way up field not causing any casualties and suffering two (which regenerated). The count scored in turn 8. In the second half the count face planted on a simple dodge (2+ with reroll) and let the opposition get into a good position). The count then proceeded to double skull on next turns blitz which let the orcs make a break down the side. Luckily the orc player also failed a block and didn't have much support. My defense slowed him down and in the end it came down to the count to save us. He dodged into 3 tackle zones, then 2, then 1 then open, then went for it twice to blitz the ball carrier down and seal the win against the orcs 1-0 with 1 casualties to 3 against.

Second game against wood elves saw the count being even more vital to the team for ball security. The count managed 3 consecutive double 1's trying to dodge and also failed a 2+ to pick up the ball within the space of 5 turns. We lost this game 1 - 2 and didn't even cause many casualties 2 - 1.

Third game was a slightly better one than the second facing a chaos pact team with the count double skulling to drop the ball again early on. This allowed the opposition to score against early. I had some more bad dice only needed a 4+ with a re-roll to counter score with a ghoul at the end of the half but failed this also. In this half the chaos pact big guys decided to follow the counts lead and failed miserably at a lot of stuff which allowed the team to get a draw. 1-1 with 2 casualties to 1.

so a win, loss and draw after the first day of play. Not too bad.

Second day saw a mirror match against another undead team in the pouring rain.

I lost the kick roll and also lost a ghoul to a rock at the kick off...which didn't bode well. He managed a good run of play and scored after 3 turns. Things turned around however with 2 players taken out in quick succession and a KO scored on an opponents mummy (which stuck for the whole match basically). Things went downhill for the opposition from there in terms of casualties and Ko's with only the count's double skull blitz to score the equaliser at the end of the half to cheer things up. The second half saw an early touch down to the count after 2 turns, and saw more Ko's and casualties. At one point the opponent had 3 players face down on the pitch. Which sped things up considerably..waltzing in for the 2nd TD before the siren.

End result was 2-1 win 5-1 casualties.

5th game was against another wood elf team with some more extreme failure from the count...but was a bit luckier this time with the ball scattering into several of my tackle zones. Not much to say here but the dice finally evened out for me (well actually rolled average) and I scored another win 2-1 but again was embarrassed against the wood elves only barely evening out the casualty count in the last turn 3-3.

last game was against khemri.

This guy walked away with the toughest defence award for the tourney only allowing 4 TD's scored against him the whole time. Luckily 1 of them was mine. It got quite tense with the count falling over and KO'ing himself on a go for it to prevent his touch down in the first half. The first person in the whole tourney to get him off the pitch at least. Luckily he came back at half time and scored an equaliser at turn 4 in the second half. We only just managed to defend against the khemri offense to keep it to a 1-1 draw casualties were 1-3 against.

I ended up taking out 10th position out of a field of 58, scored 4th highest in sportsmanship and equal 5th in the painting which I was most impressed with. I take that away as the best thing as my painting has been abysmal until recently. Its amazing what a bit more effort and preparation do for your miniatures.

A great tourney experience and I look forwards to the next one.

Pictures of the completed team:

Some work in progress shots:


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