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I bought a Warhound Titan off of fordgeworld, and read up on how to start to paint it. Well I knew to use degrease to get the oily film off the parts, so I scrubbed it down, then after that, I used hot soapy water, then rinsed it. Well after priming the Model Red I noticed that the paint did not stick after all that. In most spots I would just flake off when I set the part down. I used "The Army Painter" for my red primer. I would like to know what others have used to removed this oily film used to remove the resin parts from the mold. Also what works and what doesnt for removing paint from the resin parts that have primer on it already. I dont know if it will react any differently then the normal plastic parts.

This is what happens when you gently rub your nail against the parts.

My Black(on the left) and Red(right) primers that I used

Paint flaking off again, had to scratch a litter harder for the Black. I am not sure if that just bonds better, or if it was just cleaner then the other parts.

The Feet are the only part that turned out the best. Nothing was flaking off.

My first attempt at doing plasma, this was going well, but after holding it for so long the paint would stick to my fingers when I repositioned to paint more.

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