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Chaos Space Marines - 5th Edition Fandex - By Just Dave

The Codex

This is an article about the full Chaos Space Marine Fandex, as created by Just Dave.

To gain access to the Downloadable PDF Version of the Chaos Space Marine Codex, click HERE

If you choose to reply to this (please do), then check the last post on the thread to avoid thread necromancy. If it's too old, ask for permission (from whom I don't know), comment in the article discussions forum, PM Just Dave or email the author at justdave@dakkadakka.com


I created this Codex as a way of alleviating some of the problems that some Chaos Space Marine players have experienced with the recent Chaos Space Marine Codex, by providing a full, characterful, up-to-date Codex that represents Chaos and it's own character, but without being overwhelming and overly complex as I feel many Chaos Space Marine Fandex's have and as I believe the 3.5th edition Codex was.

Whilst presented in a different format (thanks Majortom), it's very similar in design (in my opinion) to many of the Games Workshop Codices, providing the player with suitable options and characters, but without going overboard or making it too complicated, which doesn't fit with the more 'streamlined' design of the Codices. It also doesn't rely on special characters as force multipliers.

More to come later...


This PDF Document contains everything the player needs - outside of the models and 40K Rule-book of course - to use the Chaos Space Marine Fandex in the game, including:

  1. Full Army List including Unit Entries.
  2. Special Rules Glossary.
  3. Special Rules descriptions next to the individual unit to which they apply.
  4. Pretty(?!) Pictures.
  5. Background descriptions for new additions.
  6. Wargear Section, including:
    1. Psychic Powers
    2. Ranged Weapons Glossary
    3. Close Combat Weapons
    4. Equipment of Chaos - Such as Gifts, Marks, Icons etc.
    5. Wargear
    6. Vehicle Armory

Please note, that except for many of the new additions, background isn't included as it's included in the existing books, it's not needed to play the game and I frankly couldn't be bothered!

Army List

The army list of the Codex Contains:

- HQ -

  1. Abaddon the Despoiler
  2. Ahriman
  3. Kharn the Betrayer
  4. Typhus
  5. Lucius the Eternal
  6. Huron Blackheart
  7. Lord Vahlinhurst
  8. Chaos Lord
  9. Daemon Prince
  10. Chaos Sorcerer
  11. Greater Daemon

- Elites -

  1. Chaos Terminators
  2. Possessed Chaos Space Marines
  3. Chosen Chaos Space Marines
    1. Cypher the Fallen
  4. Fabius Bile
  5. Chaos Dreadnought
  6. Chaos Dreadnought Magnate
  7. Sorcerers Warcoven*

- Troops -

  1. Chaos Space Marines
  2. Heretics
  3. Khorne Berzerkers
  4. Noise Marines
  5. Plague Marines
  6. Rubric Marines
  7. Operatives*
  8. Lesser Daemons

- Dedicated Transport -

  1. Rhino

- Fast Attack -

  1. Chaos Bikers
  2. Raptors
  3. Hell Talon Dive-bomber
  4. Chaos Space

- Heavy Support -

  1. Havoc Squad
  2. Chaos Predator
  3. Chaos Vindicator
  4. Obliterators
  5. Chaos Land Raider
  6. Land Raider Marauder
  7. Defiler
  8. Basilisk*

Please, check out my Chaos Space Marine Codex by clicking on the link above and please provide feedback too. Of course, you are fully welcome to recommend it to others, use it in games etc. too.

Thanks, Just Dave.


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