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Chaos Space Marines in Spearhead

Thanks to the CSMs' wide range of anti-tank weapons and tanks, they are a great army to use in spearhead, if you use them correctly. A poorly made army can be destroyed in a matter of minutes! This Article will give some guide lines on how to constuct a good army of CSMs for Spearhead.

Spearheads - What to and What not to use

Some spearheads, CSMs excel at using, others, they are total no-hopers. In this section we'll look at which spearheads to use. (Note:Super Heavy Spearhead isn't included in this list)

Excellent Spearhads to use:

  1. Armoured Spearhead
  2. Ambush Spearhead
  3. Mechanised Spearhead
  4. Tank Hunter Spearhead
  5. Archeotech Spearhead
  6. Destroyer Spearhead

Moderately Good Spearheads to use:

  1. Outrider Spearhead
  2. Mass Attack Spearhead
  3. Seek and Destroy Spearhead
  4. Crusher Spearhed

No-Hoper Spearheads (can't use):

  1. Skystorm Spearhead
  2. Skyfall Spearhead
  3. Monstrous Spearhead (Note: While CSMs Have MCs, they are HQ choices)

Infantry units to use - The Good, The Bad, and The Worse

This section will focus on the infantry units of the CSMs strengths. First up, Anti-Tank

Anti-tank - The Good:

  1. Sorcerer of Tzeentch
  2. Chaos Lord
  3. Terminators
  4. Thousand Sons Marines
  5. Obliterators
  6. Havocs

Anti-tank - The Bad:

  1. Other Sorcerers
  2. Chaos Space Marines
  3. Noise Marines
  4. Khorne Berzerkers
  5. Possessed
  6. Chaos Chosen

Anti-tank - The Worse:

  1. Plague Marines

Now on to Anti-MC

Anti-MC - The Good:

  1. Chaos Socerers
  2. Chaos Lords of Nurgle
  3. Havocs
  4. Obliterators
  5. Thousand Son Marines
  6. Chaos Terminators
  7. Chaos Chosen

Anti-MC - The Bad:

  1. Noise Marines
  2. Chaos Space Marines
  3. Other Chaos Lords
  4. Plague Marines

Anti-MC - The Worse:

  1. Khorne Berzerkers
  2. Possessed

Spearhead Examples

Now on to Spearhead Examples.

Destroyer Spearhead:

There is only one vehicle in the CSM army that suits the destroyer spearhead, the vindicator.

3x Chaos Vindicator 450pts

Tank Hunter Spearhead:

3x Chaos Dreadnoughts w/ Multi-melta 360pts

Don't let them into each other's LoS and range, or fire frenzy could very well ruin your day.

Mechanised Assault Spearhead:

3x Rhinos w/ Dozer Blades and Daemonic Possession 3x 10 strong Possessed 390pts

Can someone insert tactics and an army list here?


That conludes this Article, go out and make your own army to rule the universe!


My mathhammer was in sleep mode when I original made this artcle


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