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Codex Exodites


Author’s Note:

Exodites have existed in the 40K background almost as long as the Eldar themselves. Attempting to remain as true to the fluff as I could I created a codex for these “backwoods” Eldar and create a competitive codex for them. Lacking the resources and technology available to the other Eldar cultures, the exodites rely on their unsurpassed skill at guerrilla warfare, exploitation of terrain, and of course the dragons who live upon their worlds.

This is a rather long term project for me as I plan to convert several models I already have constructed and primed a megasaur, carnosaur, and a wayseer. With a decent amount rangers and guardians proxies; I have a reasonable force already. I’m currently working on a gun-beast, a warrior squad, and a dragon knight squad. I will add/update images as I progress.

Eldar Exodites

When the Eldar race was slipping further and further into debauchery, some recognize the dangers of such hedonism. They left the Eldar civilization in order to make a new start free of the vices corrupting the Eldar species. The Eldar adopted the name Exodite, and settled the primitive worlds early in their Terra-forming process.

The exodites are directly connected to their worlds as they house the spirits of their ancestors the same manner a craftworld houses the spirits of the craftworld eldar. This causes the exodites to be directly linked to the worlds and to abandon a world is tantamount to abandoning their ancestors. One effect of this relationship is that the spirits of the fallen exodites are an ever-present influence on the world affecting both the fauna and flora of the planet.

Like other eldar, the exodites make heavy use of the webway. Often exodite worlds and those of neighboring system are riddled with hidden webway gates. This allows the exodite to move from point to point on their worlds and those within their region of space. An exodite army could use the webway to march between continents on their worlds, attack an enemy occupied planet, to encircle an invading army, or even to walk onto another world.

Exodites, when compared to the craftworld eldar, can be seen as primitive. They lack the resources of the craftworlds and must make do with what their worlds provide for them. A noteworthy absence of the machines of the craftworlds, exodites use beast of burden to assist their labors. Some superior technology that makes craftworld eldar such viscous opponents can be found on the exodite worlds, but it is at a much reduce capacity. Lasblasters are favored over the shuriken catapult as they are easier to maintain and equip on the primitive setting of the exodite worlds. Other evidence of their advance technology is demonstrated by their force fields, mesh armor, weaponry and limited anti-gravity devices such as levitating platforms. Other than those items exodite culture is rather devoid of the machinery of the craftworld elder.

The eldar are a psychic race and the exodites are no exception. While the craftworld cousins develop their potential in the hopes of furthering their bond with their worlds and shielding them against harm rather then scribing the future as the farseers of the craftworlds. Wayseers are individuals who have completely dedicated themselves to using developing their psychic potential in for the benefit of exodite society. They use their abilities to tie their psyche with that of their worlds and fellow exodites. The exodites also benefit from possessing warlocks. These individuals use their abilities with less subtlety than the wayseers and often lead squads of exodites into war. Exodites make heavy use of dragon handlers, eldar who use their abilities to interact with the fauna of the exodite worlds. These individual are able to bond with the dragons through a combination of psychic projection and their innate ability to empathize with the reptiles; they fill a necessary role in utilizing the dragons that inhabit the exodite worlds.

The young and violent worlds of the exodite worlds house an array of the species of vicious reptiles. Dragon is a general term that refers to these lizards, the eldar often utilize these creatures both in their daily labors and as instruments of war when necessary. The smaller species of dragon are used as mounts by the exodites, these pack dragons are as much at home in the forested worlds as the exodites themselves and are able to speed an exodite through the trees or plains with ease. The large carnosaur is a cunning predator that uses its speed and stealth to stalk and overpower the larger herbivores that they prey upon, in times of war the carnosaurs can be coax to the lend their serves to the exodites’ cause. The Horned Dragon is a type of bulking herbivore with a thick hide it is often used for its strength and durability and are consider the workhorse of exodite society. A beast of burden during normal operations, during war they are fitted with heavy weapons and become a living, snorting tank of hide, horn, and muscle. When the world spirit is enraged by the intrusion of despoilers the exodites may find a megasaur aligning itself with them against a common enemy. Megasaurs are huge carnivores that rule the exodite worlds as apex predators; towering over enemy armies they are able to inflict massive destruction. Little can stand in the way of a charging megasaur, who are capable of turning over tanks and demolishing squads of infantry. Another noteworthy species of dragon are the gargantuan thunder beasts. These herbivores are the largest land creatures to walk the exodite worlds and they shake the ground with their footfalls. These dragons are able to house numerous exodites who construct structures upon their backs.

The exodites use dragon handlers to interact with these creatures. While influenced by the world spirit the many types dragons such as the carnosaur and megasaur are not anyway submissive to the exodites and often enough threaten the exodites and their herds. Handlers ride upon these dragons guiding them in warfare so that the beasts operation with cohesion with the exodite army. The exceptions are the smaller horse sized dragon mounts used by the exodites, which are known to exhibit a kinship with their rider independent of the handler’s influence.

The exodites use their innate skill at tracking and stealth to ambush and cut off their enemies. Often lacking significant numbers compared to their opponents the exodites rely on their superior skills, tactics and dragons to win their conflicts. Hit and run guerilla tactics are used to disorientate the opponents who are tormented until they find themselves in a precarious situation, which the exodites can exploit with a devastating assault utilizing their dragons and weaponry.

Not all planet dwelling eldar are all exodites. Some craftworlds are actively colonizing the galaxy and many corsair fleets settle down on a world after achieving their fill of plundering and adventure. Many of these colonies are influenced by the exodites and many exodite communities are adapting more and more of craftworld culture. There are cases where it if difficult to distinguish a craftworld colony influenced by the exodites or an exodite tribe adapting craftworld technology. Some exodite worlds have even taken up the practice of manufacturing craftworld tanks, but most are satisfied to keep the influence of foreign eldar culture to a minimum.

Army Special Rules:

World Weary: Exodites are very connected to their worlds and possess an innate knowledge of terrain and how to exploit it to their advantage.

All exodites possess the Stealth and Move Through Cover universal rules.

Encircle: When the exodites wage war they use their skill at utilizing the terrain and webgates to encircle and cut off the enemy. They are even able to utilize this form of warfare when attacking enemy worlds – to the enemy it seems that the exodites are vanishing and reappearing to exploit new avenues to prey upon them, and thanks to the webway that is likely the case.

Before deployment assign a number to all the table edges disregarding any table edges that the exodites can fully use as their deployment zone. Randomly assign one of the table edges to the exodites. When calling reserves the exodites may enter from either their deployment zone as normal or from the table edge they rolled.

Dragon Riders: Handlers ride mounted on top of monstrous dragons. These individuals use their connection to the creature to guide its actions on the battlefield. In addition to the handlers some dragons have other exodites riding upon them, typically manning the heavy weapons affixed to the creatures. The dragon will instinctively protect these riders with their body and there are systems such as a force-damping field similar to those used by craftworld warwalkers to protect the exodites riding a dragon with the monstrous creature trait. This system goes not completely guarantee the their safety.

Any ballistic shot that has a strength of 6 or greater that strikes the dragon will kill a rider on a wounding roll of a 6. Take an armor save for the dragon as usually to see if it receives a wound. If the handler is slain the dragon will adapt the universal rules for Rage. If a gunner is slain then the gun they were manning will no longer function. Units that have the sniper rule may attempt to target a rider, declare this before firing. Treat such shots as if they were strength 6 or higher, but the dragon is not wounded by the hit as the sniper has directed their shot against the rider and not the beast.

Craftworld Allies

Craftworld eldar are quick to defend the exodites and take up their causes. An exodite force may possess a craftworld presence due to their shared interest; the army may contain the following selections from Codex Craftworld Eldar:

0-2 Troop selections (These due not count towards compulsory choices)
0-1 Elites (Only if two units of craftworld troops are taken)
0-1 Fast (Only if two units of craftworld troops are taken)
0-1 Heavy (Only if two units of craftworld troops are taken)


Single Hand:
Laser lance: 20 points
Power sword: 10 points
Shuriken pistol: 1 points

Two Hand:
Fusion gun: 10 points
Lasblaster: 2 points
Shuriken catapult: 2 points
Web Caster: 10 points

Dragon Mount: 25 points
Haywire Grenades: 3 points
Plasma Grenades: 3 points

Wayseer equipment:
Upgrade witchblade to singing spear: 3 points
Upgrade witchblade to tuning staff: 5 points

Rune of Warding: 15 points
Runes of Witnessing: 10 points
Spirit Stones: 20 points

Wayseer powers:
Weaken Resolve: 10 points
Hated Prey: 20 points
Guided Blows: 25 points
Mind War: 20 points
Protection: 10 points



Lord 0-1:

This individual is the accepted leader and military commander of the exodite force. He guides the exodite tribe both in times of peace and war. Often hailing from a monarchy this individual is an important figurehead to the exodites.

Lord 6 6 3 3 3 7 3 9 4+/5++ 60

independent, Fleet, Commander, Exodite

Commander: This respected leader is the tactical mind that governs the exodites when they wage war. He is able to direct them to reposition with a simple gesture or embolden them with a hard glance.

Any unit that has line of sight to the Lord may retake leadership tests whether they passed or failed.

Dragon Affiliations: Any lord that is mounted on a dragon may be upgraded to either a Knight Lord or a Scout Lord.

Knight Lord: This lord favors the aggressive methods of the dragon knights.

The lord gains the furious charge universal rule and the skilled lancers rule (see dragon knights). Dragon knights may now be selected as troops. 15 points

Scout Lord: This lord values the use of stealth and opportunistic tactics employed by the dragon scouts.

The lord gains the Skilled Riders, Hit and Run, Universal rules and the Native Gunners and Agile Retreat rules (see dragons scouts). Dragon scouts may now be used as troops. 15 points

Equipment: Lasblast pistol, close combat weapon, and refractor field (save included in profile). The lord may take addition equipment from the exodite armory.

Way Seer:

An exodite who has completely dedicated themselves to developing their psychic potential for the betterment of their people and their worlds. Similar to the farseers of the craftworlds, wayseers are eldar who fully embrace their psychic path. These individual focus their powers on linking their psychic self to their environment and people. A wayseer can feel invaders traveling across their world in similar manner that a being may feel a string of small insects walk over their bare skin.

Wayseer 5 5 3 3 3 5 1 10 4++55

Independent, Fleet, Rune Armor, pysker, Exodite

Weapons: witchblade, shuriken pistol

Options: The wayseer must take at least one and up to 5 abilities from the Warseer powers table. The wayseer may purchase from the warseer equipment table. The wayseer may also purchase a dragon mount for 25 points.

Exodite Warlock:

Like the craftworld eldar, exodites explore their psychic potential to aid their brethren in warfare. These warlocks assign themselves to units of exodites and use their abilities to enhance their companions.

Warlock 4 4 3 3 1 4 1 8 4++ 26

Fleet, Rune armor, pysker, Exodite

Weapons: witchblade, lasblast pistol

Options: The warlock may upgrade their witchblade to a singing spear for 3 points. They may purchase warlock powers from codex craftworld eldar using the rules and prices provided in that codex.

Assignment: The exodite warlocks do not take up a section on the force organization chart and as many exodites warlocks can be taken as long as there are viable squads for them to be placed with. Warlocks are assigned to squads of exodite warriors, platform teams, dragon knights, and dragon squads in which case they are treated as a squad upgrade, only one warlock may be placed in a squad. When assigned to dragon knights and dragon scout units the warlock must purchase a dragon mount for 25 points. Warlocks will gain all the rules used by the squad in which they are assigned.

Phoenix Lords:

The Phoenix Lords are dedicated protectors of the eldar race. Constantly seeking out the enemies of the eldar people the Phoenix Lords are likely to intervene on behalf of the exodites. Typically traveling with a host of their acolytes a Phoenix Lord often appears at the moment of need to provide assistance to the exodites in destroying the enemies of the eldar.

If a Phoenix Lord is taken a single unit of that lord’s aspect warriors may also taken in the exodite army counting as troops.

Rules: see codex craftworld eldar.


Exodite Warriors:

When the exodites wage war many of their numbers mobilize against their enemies. Commonly arranged in squads and given the title of warrior, these eldar are hardy survivalist armed with the same weapons they use to hunt and defend themselves on their dangerous worlds.

Warriors 4 4 3 3 1 5 1 8 5+ 10

Fleet, Exodite

unit 5-15

Weapons: lasblaster, close combat weapon.

Options: Any model can exchange their lasblaster for a lasblaster of lasblast pistol for free. Up to three models may be equipped with specialized weaponry. Two may form a platform team with the equip with a bright lance for 30 points; eldar missile launcher for 20 points; scatter laser for 15 points; shuriken cannon for 5; or a starcannon for 25 points. Any of the three not part of a platform team may be equipped with a fusion gun for 8 points; web caster for 10 points; or power weapon for 5 points.


Rangers commonly frequent the exodite worlds and are welcome members of exodite society. When the exodites mass for war rangers often lend their assistance.

Rules: See codex Craftworld Eldar


Dragon Knights:

Dragon knights are skilled warriors armed with laser lances and mounted on carnivorous reptiles. Having developed their skill by besting the megasaurs of their worlds, they are an impressive force on the battlefield. When an enemy army needs to be routed or a raging dinosaur has to be driven off the exodites turn to the their dragon knights.

Dragon Knights 4 4 3 (4) 3 1 5 1 (2) 8 4+ 25

Calvary, Furious Charge, Skilled lancers, Exodite

unit 3-10

Weapons: laser lances, close combat weapon.

Skilled lancers: The exodite knights have been riding their mounts and fending off monsters with their lances for most of their careers. Their skill with this weapon is legendary. The dragon knights can fire their lances even if they used fleet during their movement phase.

Harlequin Troupes:

The harlequins visit the exodite planets just as they visit the craftworlds. The harlequins will mobilize to assist the exodites in their endeavors.

Rules: see harlequin rules



This creature is a snarling and hissing predator the size of a vehicle. Only the handler, an exodite trained to psychically manage the creature, is capable of suppressing the creature’s natural instinct to prey upon all living creatures in its vicinity. In an exodite army these creatures complete with the armored vehicles of their opponents.

Carnosaur 5 0 7 6 5 5 5 9 4+ 140

Monstrous Creature, Calvary, Exodite

1-3 carnosaurs may be taken as a single fast selection.

Riders: 1 Handler

Devouring Jaws: The carnosaur hunts downs and slays the herbivore dragons that dwarf even this giant killer. The carnosaur is able to tear apart these creatures despite the their difference in size due to their adapted traits and vicious temperament, when faced with human sided opponents, carnosaurs have been know to swallow exalted characters in an single chomp with only a minimum of chewing.

When rolling to hit a unit if the creature scores 4 or more hits it can exchange all its hits for D3 auto wounds on a single selected target in base contact with the carnosaur; the dragon may only use devouring jaws against the unit it scored the 4 hits against. These wounds ignore both armor and invulnerable saves, as the target is literal taken in up into the creature’s mouth and devoured. Treat the wounds as being inflicted by a strength 10 attack for calculating insta death. These wounds prohibit any form of regeneration as the target or a least chucks of them is now resting in the carnosaurs stomach. Only a single target can be the recipient of this attack and excess wounds will not carry through to a squad.

Dragon Scouts:

These exodites are often the first line of defense the exodites employ against invaders. They are in constant patrol on the exodite worlds guarding against threats from both foreign and domestic. These exodites exemplify the exodites skill as guerilla fighters and they possess and demonstrate abilities at exploiting the terrain and mastering marksmanship that only an exodite hunter can manage.

Dragon Scouts 4 4 3 (4) 3 1 5 1 (2) 8 3+ 25

Calvary, Exodite, Scouts, Skilled Riders, Hit and Run, Native Gunners, Agile Retreat

unit 3-10

Weapons: Lasblaster, close combat weapons.

Options: One out of every three may exchange their lasblaster either for a shuriken cannon for 10 points, fusion gun for 8 points, or web caster for 10 points. Any model may replace their lasblaster for a ranger long rifle for 5 points. The entire unit can purchase haywire grenades for 20 points.

Agile Retreat: The dragon scouts are famed at their ability to strike and reposition thus avoiding return fire. During the assault phase, instead of assaulting normally the dragon scouts may make a 6 inch assault move in any direction.

Native Gunners: Skilled at hunting in dense terrain these eldar are able to mitigate some of the obstruction cause by cover when targeting their victims. In addition the bond between the rider and steed is so well established that the eldar can focus his full attention on acquiring a target while the dragon guides itself in the correct course.

When firing at a unit that receives a cover save subtract 1 from their normal save. In addition sniper rifles can be fired by the unit even if it moved in its movement phase. The unit still may not assault if it fired its sniper rifles, but may make use of the Agile Retreat rule.


Gun Beast:

Large and powerful these creatures are typically found in exodite tended herds. Often used by the exodites as beast of burden, these violent herbivores are well suited to provide stable gun platforms for the exodites. The beasts bony, horned crest and dim mind make it well suited to tolerate the return volleys of the enemy; and anyone foolish enough to attempt to silence the heavy weapons with an assault will have to deal with an ill-tempered living battering ram.

Gun Beast 4 (4) 6 6 6 2 3 9 3+ 100

Monstrous Creature, Rampage, Exodite

1-3 Gun Beast can be taken as a single heavy selection.

Riders: 1 Handler, 2 Gunners

Guns: Each gunner must purchase one of the following heavy weapons, a bright lance for 30 points; eldar missile launcher for 20 points; scatter laser for 15 points; shuriken cannon for 5; or a starcannon for 25 points.

Rampage: When threatened the dragon charges headlong in a snarling snorting rage. The beast falling back upon it primal instincts and swings its horn head back and forth gouging and shearing bodies.

Instead of running, roll 2D6 and move the dragon forward this amount in inches. Moving non-vehicles out of the way of the dragon, but keep track of all models displaced. Each model must pass an initiative test or receive a strength 5 hit that ignores armor saves. A foolish model may make a death or gory attack against the dragon and must kill the creature to stop its rampage. The model is removed if it fails to slay the creature. If the dragon hits a vehicle it will come to a stop with the vehicle and the dragon receiving a strength 8 hit. The hit against the dragon will ignore its armor save. Skimmers may attempt to evade just as if a tank was attempting to ram them.


One of the largest land predators found on Exodite planets, the megasaur reigns as supreme killer among the savage worlds of the eldar. These mega-beasts topple trees when they wade through the forest hunting lesser beings. The exodites are able to form a cooperative relationship with one of these creatures only when the planet itself is seeks vengeance upon the enemy. Only when the world spirit is so enraged at the violation of invaders will a megasaur consent to be ridden by a handler.

Megasaur 6 0 8 7 6 3 6 9 3+ 200

Monstrous Creature, Fleet, Devastating Chomp, Crushing Bulk, Exodite

Rider: one handler

Devastating Chomp: The megasaur’s huge jaws are capable of tearing a ton of meat off a leviathan or swallowing a mighty hero in a single bite.

When rolling to hit a unit if the creature scores 4 or more it hits can exchange all its hits for D6 auto wounds on a single selected target in base contact with the megasaur; the dragon may only use devastating chomp against the unit it scored the 4 hits against. These wounds ignore both armor and invulnerable saves, as the target is literal taken up into the creature’s mouth and devoured. Treat the wounds as being inflicted by a strength 10 attack for calculating insta death. These wounds prohibit regeneration as the target, or a least chucks of them, are now resting in the megasaur’s stomach. Only a single target can be the recipient of this attack and excess wounds will not carry through to a squad.

Crushing Bulk: When in an assault with a megasaur it is not the merely the claws and jaws of the colossal beast that threatens the puny figures hacking at the monster’s feet. The shear size of the creature means that it wades through lesser creatures stomping and crushing with its talons and sending the broken bodies of its enemy flying through the air by the casual whipping of its tail.

Any unit that is combat with the megasaur will receive D6 strength 4 hits at an initiative of 1. Distribute as shooting hits, models will only be struck once by this attack, excess hits are lost if there are less models in a unit than hits assigned to it.

Platform Team:

Lacking the vehicles used by the craftworld the exodites use weapon platforms to provided the heavy firepower to the exodite armies. A warrior band will take up several platforms to achieve a high level of ballistics.

Warrior 4 4 3 3 1 5 1 8 5+ 10

Fleet, Exodite

Weapons: lasblaster, close combat weapon.

Unit 5-15

Options: Two out of every three corsairs may be placed into a heavy weapon platform. A platform team most be equip with a bright lance for 30 points; eldar missile launcher for 20 points; scatter laser for 15 points; shuriken cannon for 5; or a starcannon for 25 points.

Wayseer Abilities:

Weaken Resolve: Those who set an unwelcome foot upon the exodite worlds are in a precarious situation. If feels as if the every breeze and every sound carries extreme danger. The wayseer magnifies these feelings while stripping away all the units securities and mental fortitudes.

During the shooting phase the wayseer can target a unit within 24 inches, line of sight not required. The unit has its leadership reduce by 2 and will treat every ballistic attack as if it causes pinning. This effect last until the end of the exodite shooting phase.

Hated Prey: The exodites are impassioned when bringing retribution to their enemies. The wayseer channels and focuses this universal amenity upon a particular group while uses his empathic abilities to scribed them. The wayseer projects these sentiments and insight to the exodites. The results of this that the exodites have tremendous degree of intuitivation upon group while feeling a strong desire for their destruction.

Target a single enemy unit within 12” of the warseer can be targeted during the exodites turn. The effect is the an exodite firing upon that unit counts its weapons as twin-linked and during the assault phase all exodites count as if they have the furious assault and preferred enemy when assaulting this particular unit. The effects last until the start of the next exodite player’s turn.

Guided Blows: The wayseer tunes into the minds of a near by squad and enhances their perceptions and abilities. When under these effects the corsairs see the enemy with new eyes, their weaknesses stand in blaring obviousness and their blows are enchanted with latent psychic power.

At the start of the exodite players turn the wayseer can enhance one unit within 6 inches. This units weapons now count as rendering in close combat and when firing upon a unit within 12 inches from them.

Mind War: See codex craftworld eldar

Protection: The wayseer creates a sphere of protection from foreign powers.

The warseer casts this power at the start of the exodite’s turn. Any friendly unit within 12 inches of the wayseers receives a 4 save against psychic powers. If an enemy pysker has a power nullified by this save they suffer a perils of the warp attack. Any daemons that enter from reserve within this sphere will take damage as if they suffer a perils of the warp attack. This lasts until the start of the exodite’s next turn.


Brightlance: See Craftworld Eldar codex. Dragon Mount: Ridden by the exodites these beasts are as much a threat as the knights they carry.

Taking a dragon mount gives the eldar a plus one to their attacks and strength characteristics, and lowers their armor save by one. The character now counts as cavalry.

Eldar Missile Launcher: See Craftworld Eldar codex.

Fusion gun: See Craftworld Eldar codex.

Haywire Grenades: See Craftworld Eldar codex.

Lasblaster: A highly efficient laser weapon utilized by the eldar. Far superior to the human lasgun the lasblaster is able to produce a high rate of fire while maintaining accuracy at high range. The lasblaster also produces more refined shot that can negate the effect of flak armor. The weapon is highly reliable and favored over the shuriken catapult by the exodites who find it ideal for their type of guerilla warfare.
Range: 24” Strength: 3 AP: 5 Assault 2

Lasblast pistol: A pistol form of the lasblaster the lasblast pistol is a highly favored side arm of the exodites do to its high reliability and rate of fire.
Range 12” Strength: 3 AP: 5 Assault 2, Pistol

Laser lance: See craftworld eldar codex. In addition the laser lance is a specialized weapon that won’t receive an addition attack if combined with a pistol or close combat weapon.

Ranger long rifle: See Craftworld Eldar codex.

Rune of Warding: See Craftworld Eldar codex.

Runes of Witnessing: See Craftworld Eldar codex.

Scatter laser: See Craftworld Eldar codex.

Singing spear: See Craftworld Eldar codex.

Shadow Weaver: See Craftworld Eldar codex.

Shuriken Catapult: See Craftworld Eldar codex.

Shuriken Pistol: See Craftworld Eldar codex.

Spirit Stones: See Craftworld Eldar codex.

Tuning Staff: This instrument is used by the wayseers to speak to the spirits of fallen exodites that inhabit their worlds. The staff enhances the empathetic capabilities of the wayseer allowing them to use spirit echo of their surroundings to gain increase perception when focusing their abilities.

The tuning staff counts as a two-handed witch blade. The staff also increases the range of the wayseer’s psychic power by 12 inches.

Web Caster: A common instrument to the exodite people. Loaded with a constricting net that restrains while releasing tranquilizers into the target's system. Often used to knock out reengage creatures or recapture an escape herd animal. When dealing with the Mon-Keith that would threaten their worlds that exodite are not as merciful and the web casters are altered to fire mono-filament wire that constricts upon its victims reducing them to segments as the wire closes around them.

Range 12” Strength 6 AP - Assault 1, Blast, pinning

Witchblade: See Craftworld Eldar codex.


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