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Craftworld Tian-Bing

Army List

I've been playing Eldar since the twilight of Second Edition, so I have a fairly complete force built exclusively from the Second Edition models.

Craftworld Tian-Bing "Heaven's Warriors"

HQ Avatar Asurmen, Baharroth, Fuegan, Jain Zar, Karandaras, & Maugan Ra Eldrad, 2 Farseers, 5 Warlocks

Elite 2x 6 Wraithguard 2x 10 Harlequins 2x 8 Fire Dragons 2x 8 Howling Banshees 2x 10 Striking Scorpions

Troops 2x 10 Dire Avengers 4x 9 Rangers 2x 10 Guardians

Transport 4 Wave Serpents

Fast 3x 5 Swooping Hawks 2x 8 Warp Spiders

Heavy 4x 5 Dark Reapers 2 War Walkers 6 Wraithlords 2 Falcons 1 Fire Prism / 3rd Falcon

I'm waiting for new Jetbikes and Vypers to come out and then I'll have "everything".

Full Army Photo

Las Vegas RTT version

Unit Photos

Farseer with Singing Spear

4 Wraithlords!

Why I Started This Army

When I first got into 40k, I liked Jes Goodwin's aesthetic Eldar, and selected them as my first army. I was so enamored of the Eldar, I bought, built and painted the bulk of this army within the first year or so. Crazy, but true.


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