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Category:Eldar Army Profile

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Featured Eldar Army Profiles
Craftworld Im-Bolc: Redbeard's Eldar

There is no set army list for Craftworld Im-Bolc. The only set rule is that Craftworld Im-Bolc does not send its civilians into battle. As such, we do not use guardians, weapon platforms, or war walkers. This army is the first that I finished where I was overall very happy with the results. I need a few more conversions in order to complete checklists at some tournaments, but I've won a number of appearance awards with it at RTTs.


albinoork's Exodite army

While looking for my Eldar codex I came across a Wood Elf army book (the current version). I started thumbing through it and thought, “Now there is an army I would like to paint”. Then the idea struck me. Eldar … Wood Elves … Wood Eldar. It was a win-win scenario. Here were a bunch of models that would be fun to convert, assemble, and paint than I could use them as an Eldar army to play 40k!


Panic's Eldar (iyanden'ish)

When I started this Army I wanted something different to My Nurgle Army... something clean! I liked the fluff of the Iyanden craftworlds SpiritWarriors, but didn't like the colours scheme. So I decided to make a Counts as using the Iyanden List in Codex Eldar Craftworlds. Making my Army simply another as yet unnamed dying craftworld dependant on it's dead to fight in battle. The new codex does allow you to field Wraithguard as troops but only in 400pt! 10 man squads with a spiritseer!!!


Felix's Alaitoc Eldar

The Path is rigidly adhered to on the Alaitoc craftworld. Many of their Eldar chafe and bridle at the structure and turn to the Path of the Outcast and the places between stars to find new Paths to follow. Whenever the Alaitoc battle, Rangers and Pathfinders appear like ghosts, rising to defend their brethren. They appear, they fight, and then they are gone again. They come from every world and sector of the Galaxy. When their spirit stones are lost, their brethren go to gather them. And when they are found, they share their paths with the Craftworld. This is how the Alaitoc survive.


Centurian99's Altansar Eldar

Well, last year I managed to win the 'Ard Boyz semi-finals at Pandemonium in Detroit. As a result, I got to pick an army, for which GW would assemble roughly 3000 points worth and send to me. I chose Eldar. I hope to have a 1750 point army painted by July, for a mini-Tournament Series going on here in Michigan. The trick is, that since the tournament series starts in June, it will use 40K 4 rules throughout, even though 5th Ed. will be released in July. I figure I'll use my Stealer Shock in the June events, and then switch to Eldar as soon as they're done.


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