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Panic's Eldar (iyanden'ish)
Panics Eldar

When I started this Army I wanted something different to My Nurgle Army... something clean! I liked the fluff of the Iyanden craftworlds SpiritWarriors, but didn't like the colours scheme. So i decided to make a Counts as using the Iyanden List in Codex Eldar Craftworlds. Making my Army simply another as yet unnamed dying craftworld dependant on it's dead to fight in battle. The new codex does allow you to field Wraithguard as troops but only in 400pt! 10 man squads with a spiritseer!!! Add to this that in 5th Ed only troops count as scoring units, this army becomes almost unplayable due to a lack of viable troops options...


  • 1 x Farseer with 2 x warlocks


  • 9 x WarpSpiders (inc exarch)
  • 6 x StrikingScorpions (inc exarch)
  • 5 x WraithGuard plus warlock in WaveSerpent
  • 5 x WraithGuard plus warlock in WaveSerpent


  • 10 x WraithGuard plus warlock
  • 10 x WraithGuard plus warlock
  • 5 x Rangers/pathfinders
  • 5 x Rangers/pathfinders


  • 2 x Falcon
  • 3 x WarWalkers
  • 11 x DarkREapers (inc exarch)

Here they are defending their Home Turf...!? Some Eldar Terrain (that also needs finnishing)


My FarSeer and his Warlock Bodyguard is my only HQ choice! this guy sees action every game. He's always useful. Mindwar killing individual problem models in big units, guiding reapers shoots or providing the wraith guard with with a reroll on the few saves that make it past their T6 armour, there are lots of nasty tricks up this guys sleaves a supportive leader if ever there was one... and he's no push over either!


I've got 10 jetbikes half painted they will hopefully breath some life into this army.

WraithGuard. I love these models and on paper These guys are where it's at! they can kill anything they don't care about toughness or Armour values. But in reality the big 10 man squad on foot are easy to avoid! the 12" range of their canons is pathetic! T6 is great but with only 1 attack each they are easy to bog down in combat... Fact is they cost too much for what you get. Amazing models though!

I'll use these older figures as Rangers when I Paint up the 10 of the newer models which will be used as Pathfinders. Pathfinders are hard to kill in cover having a 2+ cover save scouting and infiltrating they can quickly sit on objectives or sit on a table edge and become a pain in the ass, that diverts the enemies attention...


I often use some of the Wraithguard groups of five WraithGuard with WaveSerpents (but I have no picture)

WarpSpiders... these always seem to die, I think they are either rubbish or I'm using them Wrong. But they have cool models and they always see a game!

Striking Scorpions these guys are great and I have another squad waiting to be painted.

Fast Attack

I have no Fast attack painted yet! I have 3 vipers and one squad of SwoopingHawks... I need some Fast Attack!!!!!!!!!!!!

Heavy Support

A Iyanden List with No WraithLords! haha ... I had three and they worked wonders in the old craftword List they sat in Troops slots in the Force organisation Chart, meaning you could take three and still have falcons and reapers. When I saw the new WraithLord model I loved it and before it hit the shelves I sold my 3 old ones! In the new Codex they compete for a Slot with all this other stuff in the heavys I don't think I'll ever field three! I bought two but have not got around to building them yet...

DarkReapers are the buisness! MEQ hate them with good reason they carry reapers heavy 2 hitting on 3 killing on 3 a 5man reaper squad can easily kill 5-7 marines a turn!!! plus you can add A Exach whos tempest launchers templates scatters -5" due to his BS5 and with crack shot he rerolls to wound... he's a 5th edition killer. A nearby farseer with guide and doom makes these squads so good it's silly.

WarWalkers (magnatised weapons) these always get hammered... In 4th edition you could stick these guys in some area terrain at the back and let them shoot all game long, 5th ed TLOS sight makes them easy to see and they rarely find cover that provides the 50% coverage needed, they'll be lucky if they see turn 3.

Grav-Tanks Rule! I have two Falcons shown here with the armys WaveSerpents, are they the Best Tanks in the Game?


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